Past Climate Variability through Europe and Africa by Richard W. BattarbeePast Climate Variability through Europe and Africa by Richard W. Battarbee

Past Climate Variability through Europe and Africa

EditorRichard W. Battarbee, Françoise Gasse, Catherine E. Stickley

Paperback | October 28, 2010

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This book focuses on two complementary time-scales, the Holocene (approximately the last 11,500 years) and the last glacial-interglacial cycle (approximately the last 130,000 years) to synthesize evidence of climate variability at the regional and continental scale across Europe and Africa. This is the first examination of historical climate variations at such a scale, and thus sets a benchmark for future research.
Title:Past Climate Variability through Europe and AfricaFormat:PaperbackDimensions:664 pages, 9.45 × 6.3 × 0 inPublished:October 28, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction; F. Gasse and R.W. Battarbee 2. Archives and Proxies along the PEP III Transect; F. Oldfield and R. Thompson 3. Oceanic Climate Variability at Millennial Time-Scales: Models of Climate Connections; L. Vidal and H. Arz 4. Between Agulhas and Benguela: responses of Southern African climates of the Late Pleistocene to current fluxes, orbital precession and the extent of the Circum-Antarctic vortex; T.C. Partridge, L. Scott and R.R. Schneider 5. Holocene climatic trends and rhythms in southern Africa; L. Scott and J.A. Lee-Thorp 6. Diatom productivity in Northern Lake Malawi during the past 25,000 years: implications for the position of the intertropical convergence zone at millennial and shorter time scales; T.C. Johnson, E.T. Brown, and J. McManus 7. Late Quaternary climatic variability in intertropical Africa; P. Barker, M.R. Talbot, F.A. Street-Perrott, F. Marret, J. Scourse and E. Odada 8. Decadal and century-scale climate variability in tropical Africa during the past 2000 years; D. Verschuren 9. Late Quaternary climate changes in the Horn of Africa; M. Umer, D. Legesse, F. Gasse, R. Bonnefille, H.F. Lamb, M.J. Leng and A. Lamb 10. Palaeoenvironments, palaeoclimates and landscape development in Atlantic Equatorial Africa: a review of key sites covering the last 25 kyrs; H. Elenga, J. Maley, A. Vincens and I. Farrera 11. Aspects of Nigerian coastal vegetation in the Holocene: some recent insights; M.A. Sowunmi 12. Palaeoenvironmental changes in the arid and sub arid belt (Sahara-Sahel-Arabian Peninsula) from 150 kyr to present; P. Hoelzmann, F.Gasse, L.M. Dupont, U. Salzmann, M. Staubwasser, D C. Leuschner and F. Sirocko 13. Historical chronology of ENSO and the Nile flood record; L. Ortlieb 14. Groundwater as an archive of climatic and environmental change: Europe to Africa; W.M. Edmunds, A. Dodo, D. Djoret, F. Gasse, C.B. Gaye, I.B. Goni, Y. Travi, K. Zouari and G.M. Zuppi 15. Mediterranean Sea palaeohydrology and pluvial periods during the Late Quaternary; N. Kallel, J. Duplessy, L. Labeyrie, M. Fontugne and M. Paterne 16. Palaeoenvironmental changes in the Mediterranean region 250-10 kyr BP; D. Magri, N. Kallel and B. Narcisi 17. Holocene climate, environment and cultural change in the circum-Mediterranean region; N. Roberts, A.C. Stevenson, B. Davis, R. Cheddadi, S. Brewer and A. Rosen 18. Speleothems as palaeoclimate indicators, a case study from Soreq Cave located in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Israel; M. Bar-Matthews and A. Ayalon 19. Climatic and environmental variability in the Mid-Latitude Europe sector during the last interglacial-glacial cycle; J.J. Vandenberghe, J.J. Lowe, R. Coope, T. Litt and L. Zöller 20. Atlantic to Urals - the Holocene climatic record of Mid-Latitude Europe; K. Barber, B. Zolitschka, P. Tarasov and A.F. Lotter 21. Climate variability during the last interglacial-glacial cycle in NW Eurasia; M. Saarnisto and J.P. Lunkka 22. Holocene climate dynamics in Fennoscandia and the North Atlantic; I. Snowball, A. Korhola, K.R. Briffa and N. Koç 23. Recent developments in Holocene climate modelling; H. Renssen, P. Braconnot, S.F.B. Tett, H. Von Storch and S.L. Weber 24. Evaluation of PMIP coupled ocean-atmosphere simulations of the Mid-Holocene; P. Braconnot, S.P. Harrison, S. Joussaume, C.D. Hewitt, A. Kitoch, J. E. Kutzback, Z. Liu, B. Otto-Bliesner, J. Syktus and S.L.N. Weber 25. Famine, climate and crisis in Western Uganda; P. Robertshaw, D. Taylor, S. Doyle and R. Marchant 26. Palaeo-research in Africa: relevance to sustainable environmental management and significance for the future; D. Olago and E. Odada 27. Holocene climate variability in Europe and Africa: a PAGES-PEP III time-stream I synthesis; D. Verschuren, K.R. Briffa, P. Hoelzmann, K. Barber, P. Barker, L. Scott, I. Snowball, N. Roberts and R.W. Battarbee 28. Climate Variability in Europe and Africa during PAGES-PEP III Time Stream II: A Synthesis; T.C. Partridge et al., J.J. Lowe, P. Barker, P. Hoelzman, D. Magri, M. Saarnisto, J. Vandenberghe, F.A. Street-Perrott and F. Gasse

Editorial Reviews

From the reviews:"This volume presents an impressive overview of the range of ongoing paleoclimate research along the whole Afro-European transect . . This volume represents another highlight of the international efforts on improving our understanding of global change. . Overall, the volume is very well edited, including the figures. . The editors have to be congratulated for their excellent work." (Vera Markgraf, Journal of Paleolimnology, Vol. 36, 2006)