Patriot Son: Battlefront America Book 1, #1

July 19, 2017|
Patriot Son: Battlefront America Book 1, #1


Out of a nuclear-induced EMP, America is shaken as all three of our country's main power grids are destroyed. Trucks, cars, buses, and even trains roll to a permanent halt. Streets and highways appeared as desolate as auto junkyards and major cities became mausoleums of the millions who died from sarin gas bombings.

Foreign superpowers rose up while our nation's leaders fought amongst themselves. Radical nations acquired nuclear ICBM'S and opened the door for a mass assault. Geo-satellite keycodes were sold by our nation's political power brokers; the rest, being strategic military satellites, all hacked and rendered useless.

China and Soviet naval forces back up our nation's shores for radical Islamic forces to invade and round up urban countrymen, women, and children as spoils of slavery to be interned in labor and death camps.

Patriot Son is a Science Fiction Military story of War within our Homeland portraying the human condition in a day to day relationship with the perils of engaging enemy invaders on our American Soil. It's about the human spirit's will to survive beyond all expectations.

This Science Fiction Fantasy story is the first book in a series that lays out most of the backstory to the many adventures that lie ahead.

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Title:Patriot Son: Battlefront America Book 1, #1
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 19, 2017
Publisher:T.A. Walters
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781386789376

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