PENTAGON'S HAMMER: 12 Days to Armageddon by Tino RandallPENTAGON'S HAMMER: 12 Days to Armageddon by Tino Randall

PENTAGON'S HAMMER: 12 Days to Armageddon

byTino RandallOtherLeon Harris Jr, Leon Harris Sr

Paperback | August 1, 2012

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PENTAGON'S HAMMER is played out during a twelve day global event involving the United States, North Korea, India, Pakistan, the Pacific Rim, and, on a peripheral scale, Cuba, China, and Russia. The stage was set with 9/11 on the New York trade center, when Islamic extremists successfully carried out the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Years later, following the outsourcing of critical and sensitive programs by the defense department, vital information for the NSA's most critical, and highly classified satellite system, the ASATs (attack satellites), falls into the hands of the adversary. The adversary, HASAN HAMMAD, principal Jihad antagonist to the Unites States and the free world, by manipulating critical satellites is able to puncture the U.S. defense shield. The earliest indication to the breach is detected by TRACY BAUER, NSA Intel strategist. The protagonist, ALEX BAUER, long time defense analyst and design engineer with DOD and BMO (Ballistics Missiles Office), comes across classified information on EMP and its inherited vulnerability. Whereas EMP, electromagnetic pulsing, is a highly sophisticated process generated by an atomic explosion, it can also be set off through a simple and inexpensive trigger device. What makes it even more detrimental, this science and technology has been hidden from the public eyes since the inception of the atomic bomb. Through vital intelligence leaks and organizational compromises created by current economic conditions, however, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran, and the Jihad have gained knowledge for this once closely guarded secret. The antagonist, manipulating the U.S. defense grid, is setting off a chain of events culminating in a series of confrontations. Our defense and intelligence organizations become intricately involved in the strike, counter strike, retaliation, and reprisal. Each chapter, within the twelve days of global events describe character, initiative, environment, action, reaction, and resolution with strong character support interdependent of each other as presented through the sphere of a global theater. The enemy, in the heart of the nation unleashes a series of assaults through nuclear, chemical and biological means affecting the lives of every citizen across the country. With every defense mechanism rendered ineffective the nation is brought to its knees resulting in an economic Armageddon effecting commerce, power, utilities, communication, banking, finance, Wall Street, transportation, hospital, emergency operation, law enforcement, national defense, government and the military, not to mention the lives of millions of U.S. citizens. What makes the novel unique is the intricate knowledge of the writer in the Intel community, the defense system, and the nation's nuclear strike capability. Furthermore, the story has unique twists not tackled before.

Title:PENTAGON'S HAMMER: 12 Days to ArmageddonFormat:PaperbackDimensions:556 pages, 9 × 6 × 1.24 inPublished:August 1, 2012Publisher:Premier Technologies, Inc.Language:English

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Editorial Reviews

PENTAGON'S HAMMER12 Days to Armageddon$24.99 hardcover, $15.99 paperbackISBN: 978-0985704780; August 1, 2012A cautionary doomsday thriller revolving around a massive terrorist attack against the United States' satellite system that brings all communication and defense systems to a halt.In Tino's debut novel, the first in a proposed trilogy, jihadist mastermind Hasan Hammad, aka the Serpent, embarks on his goal of becoming the supreme leader of the world. With the help of an international coterie of anti-West terrorist cells, he begins by ordering the launch of a nuclear weapon from Pakistan that explodes in space. The reverberations of the detonation create an electromagnetic pulse that renders useless all electronic equipment in the United States-no satellite monitoring, no car ignition systems, no phones. All but mechanical clocks stand still. Add to the chaos a nuclear-tipped missile launched by North Korea targeting San Francisco. Alex Bauer, retired Department of Defenseanalyst, and a small team comprised of his two daughters and Brian Harris, a longtime friend in the National Security Agency, lead the charge to save America from total annihilation in the wake of government and social order torn apart.The novel contains an abundance of complex information detailing the electronic interactions behind the technology that defines modern life. Nonetheless, adventure and romance improve this provocative, action-filled tale that raises some legitimate concerns about the country's disaster readiness and our dependence on a vulnerable energy grid. A gloomy vision of the world fallen into anarchy and mayhem.Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX