Perception, Causation, and Objectivity by Johannes RoesslerPerception, Causation, and Objectivity by Johannes Roessler

Perception, Causation, and Objectivity

EditorJohannes Roessler, Hemdat Lerman, Naomi Eilan

Paperback | August 14, 2011

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To be a 'commonsense realist' is to hold that perceptual experience is (in general) an immediate awareness of mind-independent objects, and a source of direct knowledge of what such objects are like. Over the past few centuries this view has faced formidable challenges from epistemology,metaphysics, and, more recently, cognitive science. However, in recent years there has been renewed interest in it, due to new work on perceptual consciousness, objectivity, and causal understanding. This volume collects nineteen original essays by leading philosophers and psychologists on these topics. Questions addressed include: What are the commitments of commonsense realism? Does it entail any particular view of the nature of perceptual experience, or any particular view of the epistemologyof perceptual knowledge? Should we think of commonsense realism as a view held by some philosophers, or is there a sense in which we are pre-theoretically committed to commonsense realism in virtue of the experience we enjoy or the concepts we use or the explanations we give? Is commonsense realismdefensible, and if so how, in the face of the formidable criticism it faces? Specific issues addressed in the philosophical essays include the status of causal requirements on perception, the causal role of perceptual experience, and the relation between objective perception and causal thinking. Thescientific essays present a range of perspectives on the development, phylogenetic and ontogenetic, of the human adult conception of perception.
Johannes Roessler is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Warwick. He is co-editor of Agency and Self-Awareness (OUP), and Joint Attention: Communication and Other Minds (OUP), and the author of papers in the philosophy of mind and action. Hemdat Lerman was a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Philosophy Depa...
Title:Perception, Causation, and ObjectivityFormat:PaperbackDimensions:384 pages, 9.21 × 6.14 × 0.81 inPublished:August 14, 2011Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Johannes Roessler: Introduction2. Quassim Cassam: Tackling Berkeley's Puzzle3. John Campbell: Relational vs Kantian Responses to Berkeley's Puzzle4. Naomi Eilan: Experiential Objectivity5. Bill Brewer: Realism and Explanation in Perception6. James Van Cleve: Epistemic Humility and Causal Structuralism7. Barry Stroud: Seeing What is So8. Johannes Roessler: Causation in Commonsense Realism9. Paul Snowdon: Perceptual Concepts as Non-causal Concepts10. Helen Steward: Perception and the Ontology of Causation11. William Child: Vision and Causal Understanding12. Matthew Soteriou: The Perception of Absence, Space, and Time13. Christoph Hoerl: Perception, Causal Understanding, and Locality14. James Woodward: Causal Perception and Causal Cognition15. Matthew Nudds: Children's understanding of perceptual appearances16. Henrike Moll and Andrew N. Meltzoff: Perspective-Taking and its Foundation in Joint Attention17. Martin Doherty: A Two-Systems Theory of Social Cognition: Engagement and Theory of Mind18. Elizabeth Robinson: Development of understanding of the causal connection between perceptual access and knowledge state19. Jennifer Vonk and Daniel J. Povinelli: Social and Physical Reasoning in Human-reared Chimpanzees: Preliminary Studies