Peter Parker and the Dream Walkers: 2nd Edition

August 8, 2013|
Peter Parker and the Dream Walkers: 2nd Edition
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When you are sleeping do you dream? Or are you dream walking? What if while sleeping you dreamed you were fighting a race of dog head people, and you won the battle. Upon awaking you say “Wow what a dream”, but then you see a real sword in the corner of your room. The same one you use in your dream. What if in a dream you went to Canada, and had breakfast. Giving the waitress $20 in American money and got back $9.50. Later that day you buy lunch and find all you have is $9.50 in Canadian currency. What if you fell in love in a dream with a person a billion miles from home? And upon awaking you found, a love ball, a token of their love, on your dresser. Dog headed people, four foot gray aliens, a three hundred pound spider, coal burning cars and a talking cat, are some elements of Dream Walkers. When the characters go to sleep they have an out of body experience. They literally walk in the spirit, and have many exciting adventures. The subject of out of body experiences has never been more popular than today. The movie “Avatar” comes to mind, because out of the body experience is one of its main themes. This book combines 75 percent fact and 25 percent fiction into an entertaining, satirizing, timely adventure for readers of all ages. Teen and pre-teens will identify with the characters and their adventures. Older readers will understand all the allegories and nuances, of the story.

Title:Peter Parker and the Dream Walkers: 2nd Edition
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 8, 2013
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781483505893

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