Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life by Lewis VaughnPhilosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life by Lewis Vaughn

Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life

byLewis Vaughn

Paperback | September 29, 2015

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This combination textbook and reader helps students appreciate how philosophy applies to everyday life. Emphasizing philosophical writing and critical thinking throughout, this text brings the subject to life with engaging chapter-ending literary selections, abundant illustrations, and awealth of pedagogical features.
Lewis Vaughn is the author or coauthor of numerous books, including The Power of Critical Thinking, Fifth Edition, (2015), Living Philosophy: A Historical Introduction to Philosophical Ideas (2014), Philosophy: The Quest for Truth, Ninth Edition (2013), The Moral Life, Fifth Edition (2013), and Bioethics: Principles, Issues, and Cases ...
Title:Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday LifeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:480 pages, 10 × 8 × 0.68 inPublished:September 29, 2015Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface1. PHILOSOPHY AND YOU1.1 PHILOSOPHY: THE QUEST FOR UNDERSTANDINGThe Good of PhilosophyPhilosophical Terrain1.2 SOCRATES AND THE EXAMINED LIFEPLATO: The Republic1.3 THINKING PHILOSOPHICALLYReasons and ArgumentsReading PhilosophyFallacious ReasoningArgument ExercisesNarrative: Plato, The Trial and Death of Socrates2. GOD AND RELIGION2.1 OVERVIEW: GOD AND PHILOSOPHYWhy Religion MattersOverview: The Philosopher's QuestBelief and Disbelief2.2 ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GODCosmological ArgumentsAQUINAS: Summa TheologicaCRAIG: Reasonable FaithDesign ArgumentsPALEY: Natural TheologyHUME: Dialogues Concerning Natural ReligionOntological ArgumentsANSELM: ProslogiumKANT: Critique of Pure Reason2.3 GOD AND THE PROBLEM OF EVILRowe's Argument from EvilROWE: Philosophy of ReligionThe Free Will DefenseSWINBURNE: Is There a God?The Soul-Making DefenseHICK: Evil and the God of Love2.4 THEISM AND RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCEST. TERESA OF AVILA: The Life of Teresa of JesusMACKIE: The Miracle of TheismROWE: Philosophy of ReligionSWINBURNE: The Existence of God2.5 BELIEF WITHOUT REASONJames: Pragmatic FaithJAMES: "The Will to Believe"MARTIN: Atheism: A Philosophical JustificationPascal: Betting on GodPASCAL: Pensees and Other Writings2.6 EASTERN RELIGIONSBuddhismSUMEDHO: Buddha-NatureRAHULA: What the Buddha TaughtHinduismDaoismCHUANG TZU: All Things Are OneLAO-TZU: Tao-te chingFiction: Arthur C. Clarke, "The Star"3. MORALITY AND THE MORAL LIFE3.1 OVERVIEW: ETHICS AND THE MORAL DOMAINEthics and MoralityMoral TheoriesReligion and MoralitySHAFER-LANDAU: Whatever Happened to Good and Evil?3.2 MORAL RELATIVISMSubjective RelativismCultural Relativism3.3 MORALITY BASED ON CONSEQUENCESUtilitarianismMILL: "What Utilitarianism Is"Ethical Egoism3.4 MORALITY BASED ON DUTY AND RIGHTSKANT: Groundwork of the Metaphysic of Morals3.5 MORALITY BASED ON CHARACTERARISTOTLE: Nicomachean EthicsSHAFER-LANDAU: The Fundamentals of Ethics3.6 FEMINIST ETHICS AND THE ETHICS OF CAREJAGGAR: "Feminist Ethics"CROSTHWAITE: "Gender and Bioethics"HELD: The Ethics of CareBAIER: "The Need for More Than Justice"3.7 ALBERT CAMUS: AN EXISTENTIALIST VOICECAMUS: The Myth of Sisyphus3.8 CONFUCIANISMCONFUCIUS: AnalectsNOSS: A History of the World's ReligionsFiction: Ursula K. Le Guin, "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"4. MIND AND BODY4.1 OVERVIEW: THE MIND-BODY PROBLEM4.2 SUBSTANCE DUALISMDESCARTES: Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the ReasonSCHICK: Doing PhilosophyDESCARTES: Meditations on First PhilosophySEARLE: Mind4.3 MIND-BODY IDENTITYSMART: "Sensations and Brain Processes"CHALMERS: The Conscious MindNAGEL: "What Is It Like to Be a Bat?"4.4 THE MIND AS SOFTWAREFODOR: "The Mind-Body Problem"BLOCK: "Troubles with Functionalism"SEARLE: Mind4.5 THE MIND AS PROPERTIESCHALMERS: The Conscious MindFiction: Terry Bisson, "They're Made out of Meat"5. FREE WILL AND DETERMINISM5.1 OVERVIEW: THE FREE WILL PROBLEM5.2 DETERMINISM AND INDETERMINISMD'HOLBACH: "Of the System of Man's Free Agency"JAMES: "The Dilemma of Determinism"5.3 COMPATIBILISMLOCKE: An Essay Concerning Human UnderstandingSTACE: Religion and the Modern MindROWE: "Two Concepts of Freedom"5.4 LIBERTARIANISMVAN INWAGEN: An Essay on Free WillTAYLOR: Metaphysics5.5 SARTRE'S PROFOUND FREEDOMSARTRE: "Existentialism Is a Humanism"Fiction: Thomas D. Davis, "A Little Omniscience Goes a Long Way"6. KNOWLEDGE AND SKEPTICISM6.1 OVERVIEW: THE PROBLEM OF KNOWLEDGE6.2 THE RATIONALIST ROADPlato's RationalismPLATO: MenoDescartes' DoubtDESCARTES: Meditations on First PhilosophyDescartes' CertaintyDESCARTES: Meditations on First Philosophy6.3 THE EMPIRICIST TURNLockeLOCKE: An Essay Concerning Human UnderstandingBerkeleyBERKELEY: Of the Principles of Human KnowledgeHumeHUME: An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding6.4 THE KANTIAN COMPROMISEKANT: Critique of Pure Reason6.5 A FEMINIST PERSPECTIVE ON KNOWLEDGEAINLEY: "Feminist Philosophy"ANTONY: "Embodiment and Epistemology"ANDERSON: "Feminist Epistemology"COLE: Philosophy and Feminist CriticismFiction: Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass7. AESTHETICS (NEW!)7.1 OVERVIEW: PHILOSOPHY OF BEAUTY *7.2 WHAT IS ART? *BELL: Art *7.3 AESTHETIC VALUE *7.4 PLATO, ARISTOTLE, AND HUME *ARISTOTLE: The Poetics *HUME: Of the Standard of Taste *Fiction: Edgar Allan Poe, "The Oval Portrait" *8. THE JUST SOCIETY8.1 OVERVIEW: JUSTICE AND POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY8.2 PLATO'S THEORY: JUSTICE AS MERITPLATO: The Republic8.3 SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORIESHobbesHOBBES: LeviathanLockeLOCKE: Second Treatise of GovernmentRawlsRAWLS: A Theory of Justice8.4 SOCIALIST THEORIESMARX AND ENGELS: Manifesto of the Communist Party8.5 FEMINISM AND SOCIAL JUSTICEOKIN: Justice, Gender, and the FamilyMILLER: Political PhilosophyFiction: William Golding, Lord of the Flies9. THE MEANING OF LIFE9.1 OVERVIEW: PHILOSOPHY AND THE MEANING OF LIFE9.2 PESSIMISM: LIFE HAS NO MEANINGTOLSTOY: My ConfessionSCHOPENHAUER: "On the Sufferings of the World"BAGGINI: What's It All About?9.3 OPTIMISM: LIFE CAN HAVE MEANINGMeaning from AboveTOLSTOY: My ConfessionBAGGINI What's It All About?Meaning from BelowEDWARDS: The Encyclopedia of PhilosophyFiction: Voltaire, "The Good Brahmin"

Editorial Reviews

"With Philosophy Here and Now, students consistently have a contemporary voice to get them interested in the philosophical issues. The text supplements that voice with excerpts from original texts that are manageable and do not overly test the attention of students." --Joseph A. Baltimore, West Virginia University