Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena III: Proceedings of the 7th International Topical Meeting, Doorwerth, The Netherlands, August 26-30, 1991 by Dane BicanicPhotoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena III: Proceedings of the 7th International Topical Meeting, Doorwerth, The Netherlands, August 26-30, 1991 by Dane Bicanic

Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena III: Proceedings of the 7th International Topical Meeting…

byDane Bicanic

Paperback | October 3, 2013

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Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena III comprises contributions explaining new topics, relevant theories, novel methods, and the developmentof instrumentation in this active research area - information that is otherwise not available in a single volume. Particular emphasis is placed on the variety of applications of photoacoustic and photothermal techniques in disciplines ranging from environmental, agricultural, medical, and biological sciences to spectroscopy, nondestructive evaluation, materials characterization, heat and mass transfer, kinetics (including ultrafast phenomena), and solid-state and surface physics. This volume provides an excellent overview of the spectrum of activities in the photoacoustic and photothermal field worldwide, and thus is suitable both for the specialist and for the newcomer to this multidisciplinary research area.
Title:Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena III: Proceedings of the 7th International Topical Meeting…Format:PaperbackDimensions:732 pagesPublished:October 3, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I Environmental and Trace Analysis, Agricultural, Biological, and Medical Applications.- Exploration of FTIR-Based PAS for On-Site Analysis of Volatile Contaminants in Air.- Photothermal Electrostatics of the Pd-PVDF Photopyroelectric Hydrogen Gas Sensor.- Photoacoustic Spectra of Chlorinated Ethylenes at CO2 Laser Frequencies.- The Photothermal Deflection Technique (PDT): Fast Trace Gas Detection in the Atmosphere.- Photoacoustic Measurement of Vertical Ammonia Gradients in the Atmosphere.- Interfacing Photoacoustic and Photothermal Techniques for New Hyphenated Methodologies and Instrumentation Suitable for Agricultural, Environmental and Medical Applications.- Photoacoustic In Situ Monitoring of Trace Gases in a Rural Environment.- Photoacoustic Field Measurements of Methane.- A Liquid Nitrogen Cooled CO Laser in a Photoacoustic Set-Up Monitors Low Gas Concentrations.- Photothennal Detection of Trace Chemicals by Fiber-Optic Interferometric Probe.- Fiber Optic Modified Laser Induced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for the Detection of Organic Pollutants in Solutions.- Remote Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy for Trace Analysis of Pesticides in Aqueous Solutions.- Laser Optoacoustic Probing of Biopolymer Solutions.- Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of Proteins in the Visible: Human Serum Albumin.- Photoacoustic Measurements of C2H4 Production and Entrapment in Plants: A Comparison with Gas-Chromatographic Results.- Interpretation of the Photoacoustic Effect on Leaves by Evolution and Transport of Heat and Oxygen.- Photoacoustically Monitored Energy Dissipation and Xanthophyll Cycle Compared in Two Durum Wheat Varieties Exposed to a High-Light Treatment.- Deconvolution of Photobaric and Photothermal Signals from Spinach Leaves.- In Vivo State Transitions as Followed by Photoacoustically Measured Energy Storage.- Laser-Induced Optoacoustic Spectroscopy (LIOAS) of Bacteriorhodopsin (BR): A Mathematical Model and Temperature Studies.- Sub-ps and ns Laser-Induced Optoacoustic Spectroscopy (LIOAS) of Bacteriorhodopsin (BR).- Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectra of Bacteria.- New and Versatile Method for Thermophysical Characterization of Materials: The Inverse Photopyroelectric Technique.- Use of an Open Photoacoustic Cell for some Applications in Agriculture.- In Vivo Evaluation of the Human Skin Permeation of Topically Applied Light Absorbing Agents by a Mirage Effect Spectrometer.- Optothermal Characterisation of Human Skin.- II Spectroscopy.- Standard Versus New Photopyroelectric (PPE) Techniques: Reflection (RPPE) and Inverse (IPPE) Configurations.- A Tutorial on the State-of-the Art of FTIR Photoacoustic Spectroscopy.- Transient Infrared Spectroscopy.- Photoacoustic Spectra of Polymer Fibres and Textile Materials.- Study of Absorption Properties of Dark Coloured Textile Fabrics.- Photoacoustic Response to X-Ray Absorption in CuO and Cu2O.- Photoacoustic Response to X-Ray Absorption in Copper, Phosphor Bronze, and Brass.- Theory of the Photoacoustic Effect in Photoactive Samples.- Photoacoustic Detection of Triplet State and Singlet Oxygen.- Origin of Photoacoustic Signals in the Visible Spectrum of I2 Vapour.- Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of Amorphous Carbon Films.- An Excitation Energy Transfer Between Monomer and Dimer of Rhodamine 6G in a Viscous Solution.- Vibrational Spectroscopy of Monolayers by Pulsed Photothermal Beam Deflection (PBD).- Reverse Mirage Photothermal Beam Deflection: Theory and Experiment.- Piezophotoacoustic Spectroscopy of Gyrotropic Layered Structures.- Photoacoustic Signal Generation and Spectra of Powders.- III Non-Destructive Evaluation and Material Characterization.- Recent Developments in the Thermal Diffusivity Measurements of Diamond Materials.- Photoacoustic Study of the Thermal Effusivity of Cellulose and Paper.- Photoacoustic Characterization of Calcinated and Non-Calcinated Zeolitic Chromosilicate.- Photoacoustic Depth Profiling of Continuously Inhomogeneous Condensed Phases and Application to the Liquid Crystal Octylcyanobiphenyl (8 CB).- Computer Simulation of the Thermal Diffusivity Measurements of Oriented Polymer Samples Using the Mirage Effect.- The Determination of Thermal Diffusivity of Oriented Polymer Films Means of Optical Beam Deflection.- Photothermal Measurement of Temperature Dependent Absorbance of Infrared Components.- Numerical Analysis of Simultaneous Surface and Subsurface Features in Homogeneous Solids and in Coatings by the Mirage Technique.- Dichroic Ratio and Thermal Diffusivity Measurements on Polydiacetylene Single Crystal Films by Photothermal Probe Beam Deflection.- Photothermal Analysis of Layered Materials Under Random Excitation.- Opto-Thermal Study of Glass Properties.- Non-Invasive Opto-Thermal Measurement of Clear Lacquer Coating Thickness.- Thermal Characterization of Low Thermal Diffusivity Glasses.- Temperature Dependence of Photothermally Modulated FMR Signals: Investigation of Magnetostatic Modes in Yttrium Iron Garnet Films.- Analytical Relations Between the Phase of the Photothermal Signal and the Thermal Wavelength.- A Highly Sensitive Photothermal Method for Measuring the Optical Losses in the Mirrors of the Gravitational Antenna Virgo.- Effect of Photoelasticity on Photothermal Beam Deflection in Transparent Solids.- Contrast Analysis in Thermal Wave Materials Inspection. Part I: Pulsed Excitation.- Contrast Analysis in Thermal Wave Materials Inspection. Part II: Periodic Excitation.- Transient Thermal Wave Scattering from Disc Air Gap Defects in Homogeneous Media.- Dimensionality Viewed from a Thermal Perspective.- Thickness Determination for Two-Layer Systems of Paint on Polymers with Photothermal Radiometry.- Thermal Diffusivity Measurement of Diamond Materials.- IV Ultrasound and Kinetics, Including Ultrafast Phenomena.- Femtosecond Thermoreflectivity.- Photoacoustic Waveforms Generated by Fluid Bodies.- Study of Chemical Relaxation of Dimeric Formic Acid by Photoacoustic Resonance Spectroscopy.- Characterization of Chemical Reactions by. Thermal Lens Spectrometry.- Methane Vibrational Rates from Deconvoluting a Large Data Set with Varying Pressure, Buffer Gases, Temperature, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, and Instrumental Response.- New Aspects of Sound Generation by Light Absorption in Gases.- Photoacoustic Studies of Non-Radiative Energy Transfer in the Flexible Styrylcyanine-Rhodamine B Dye System.- Material Characterization by Interferometric Detection of Acoustically Induced Surface Displacements.- An Optical Calorimeter Based on an Ultrasonic Resonator.- Optoacoustic Source as a Tool for the Investigation of Nonlinear Acoustic Effects.- Nonlinear Photoeffect at the Boundary of a Semiconductor and Liquid Helium.- Probe Beam Detection of IR and UV Laser Polymer Ablation on the Nanosecond Time Scale.- Picosecond Photoacoustics in Thin Films of SiO2 and Si3N4.- Nonlinear Regimes of Longitudinal Acoustic Pulse Excitation in Piezocrystals by Ultrashort Laser Action.- Pulsed Ultrasonic Spectroscopy Based on Laser Thermooptical Generation.- Optical Observation of Laser Induced Lamb Wave Dispersion.- Precision Measurement of Laser Induced Surface Acoustic Wave Velocities on Silicon Single Crystals.- Photoelastic Law Explains Optically Induced Changes in the Index of Refraction in Ti3+:Al2O3.- On the Possibility of Rayleigh-Type Surface Acoustic Waves Excitation at Frequencies up to 10-100 GHz by Laser Action on a Normally Cut Superlattice.- Some Applications of SAW Pulses Photogenerated in Silicon.- Broad-Band Detection of Laser Excited Surface Acoustic Wave Pulses by a Novel Transducer Employing Ferroelectric Polymers.- Optoacoustic Investigation of IR Absorption by Diffraction Gratings.- V Electronic Materials and Semiconductors.- Competition Between Thermal and Plasma Waves for the Determination of Electronic Parameters in Semiconductor Samples.- Photoacoustic Calibration of Silicon Photodiodes.- The Comparative Study of Semiconductor Structures Using Simultaneous Detection of Photoacoustic Signal and Photovoltage.- Photoacoustic Characterization of Ion-Implantation Damage in Silicon.- Photoacoustic Effect in CdS Under Combined Optical Exposure.- Electron-Induced Ionization and Thermalization in CdS Using Optical Beam Deflection Imaging.- Topography of Integrated Circuits Detected by Phase Selection in Modulated Optical Reflectance Microscopy.- Nonlinear Response of Modulated Photoreflectance in Silicon.- Photomodulated Optical-Reflectance Studies of Germanium: Diagnostic Separation of Temperature and Free-Carrier Effects.- Surface Characterization by Modulated Photoreflectance.- Solar Cells Studied with Modulated Reflectance.- Application of the Photothermal Beam Deflection Technique to the Measurement of Si Thermal and Electronic Parameters.- Spatially Resolved Determination of Photogenerated Temperature and Excess Carrier Distribution in GaAsP.- Subgap Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy of Silicon Wafers.- Theory of Pulsed Photothermal Beam Deflection Signal Formation in Semiconductors.- Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy Study of the Effect of Ion Dose on the Subgap Absorption of Defects in Ion Implanted Layers of GaAs and Si.- Influence of Carrier Recombination on the Pulsed Photothermal Beam Deflection Signal in Semiconductors.- Thermal Diffusivity Measurements in Semiconductors - Influence of the Carrier Diffusion and Recombination.- Low Frequency, Photothermal Measurement of Transport Properties of Crystalline Solar Cells.- Photothermal Characterization of Materials Suitable for Thin Film Solar Cells.- Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy and Electron Spin Resonance in Amorphous Silicon Based Alloys.- Single Frequency Thermal Diffusivity Measurements in Semiconductors by Photothermal Deflection Spectroscopy.- Reflection and Transmission of Thermal Waves and Plasma Waves in Silicon Wafers.- Out-of-Phase Photopyroelectric (PPE) Spectroscopy on Amorphous Semiconductors.- Electron Acoustic Microscopy of Defects in Plastically Deformed Si Crystals.- Nonlinear Photoacoustic Effect in Semiconductors: Second Harmonic Wave Behavior.- VI New Topics, Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation.- Some Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Photothermal Imaging.- Photoacoustic and Photothermal Investigations of Thin Films.- Signal Enhancement and Noise Suppression Considerations in Photothermal Spectroscopy.- Analytical Thermal Lens Spectrometry: Past, Present and Future Prospects.- Stimulated Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Imaging in the Space, Time and Frequency Domain: A New Photothermal Probe.- Photothermal Induced Frequency Conversion of a Double Modulated Laser Beam in Layer Structures.- Cavity-Enhanced Photothermal Spectroscopy: A Tool for High Sensitivity Experiments.- A New Differential Probe System for the Detection of Thermal and Plasma Waves.- Pulsed Photoacoustic Technique for the Measurement of Laser Damage Threshold in Bulk Polymers.- Depth Profiling of Polymer Laminates Step-Scan Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy.- Methodical Studies of the Alignment Problem and Data Filtering in Photothermal Beam Deflection Experiments.- Nondestructive Testing of Electric Contacts by Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometry.- Radiometric Detection of Small-Amplitude Thermal Waves Between 500 K and 1000 K.- Photothermal Imaging of Electric Current Distributions in Thin Metallic Films.- Induction Heating as a Selective Heat Source in Fast Thermal Non-Destructive Evaluation.- Competition Between Normal and Transverse Heat Flow in Time-Resolved Infrared Radiometry (TRIR).- Real Time Thermal Wave Tomography.- A Quantitative Analysis of Pulsed Video Thermographic Imaging of Subsurface Defects.- Photodeflection and Interferometric Methods in Thermal Wave Spectroscopy and Microscopy of Solids.- Photodeflection Signal Formation from Solids Within the Framework of Wave Optics.- Pulsed Laser-Induced Temperature Changes Measured by the Photothermal Deformation Technique.- Measurement of Thermal Diffusivities Using Transient Thermal Gratings.- Measurement of the Thermal Radial Diffusivity of Anisotropic Materials by the Converging Thermal Wave Technique - Application to NDE: First Results in the Detection of Normal Cracks.- Optimization of a Mirage Setup for Thermal Diffusivity Measurements.- Inversion of Pulsed Thermal Wave Images for Recovery of the Shape of the Object.- Energy Dependent Characteristics of Optoacoustic Pulses Measured by Optical Probe.- Photopyroelectric Thermal Wave Spatial and Depth Resolved Imaging with Ray Optic Tomographic Reconstruction.- Evaluation of Magnetic Disk Heads by Photoacoustic Microscope.- Rate-Window Transient Thermomodulation Spectrometry: Technique and Measurements in Semiconductors.- Open Photoacoustic Cell Spectroscopy of Transparent Samples.- A Reliable Optothermal Sensor.- Transferable Measurement System for Fast Non-Destructive Evaluation.- High-Sensitivity Cell for Pulsed Photoacoustic Spectroscopy in Gases and Liquids.- Modification of a Conventional Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer for Enhanced Photoacoustic Detection.- Why Phase in Phase Fourier Transform Infrared Photoacoustic Spectroscopy?.- Photoacoustic Investigation of the Evaporation Resistance of Monomolecular Lipid Layers.- Photoacoustic Detection of Temperature Phenomena in Beeswax.- Three Dimensional Acoustical Modelling of Resonant Photoacoustic Cells.- Photoacoustic Signal Generation in a Long Open Tube.- Dependence of the Photoacoustic Cell Constant on the Sample Gas.- Characterisation of a Photochromic Triarylmethane Dye Sulphite and Its Application to the Visualisation of Water Flows.- Photorefractive Lock-In Amplifier and Thermal Wave Microscope.- Neural Networks in the Framework of Non-Destructive Evaluation from Photothermal Experiments.- Pulsed Laser Machining by Training Artificial Neural Networks with the Help of the Thermal Diffusion Equation.- Raster Thermowave Technique of Laser Spectroscopy.- VII Phase Transitions, Heat and Mass Transfer.- Photothermal Study of Heat Conduction, Diffusion, and Sorption in Thin Films and Porous Materials.- Analysis of Photothermal Sensitivity in the Detection of Phase Transitions.- Laser Induced Photoacoustic Effect During Ferroelectric Phase Transitions.- A Nonlinearity in the Photoacoustic Effect at a First Order Phase Transition.- The Anomalous Behaviour of the PPE Signal in the Critical Region of a Phase Transition - New Support for the General Theoretical Model.- Photopyroelectric Study of a Phase Transition in Liquid Crystals.- Photopyroelectric (PPE) Detection of the Antiferromagnetic 3D-2D Phase Transition in Single Crystal La2CuO4.- Acousto-Thermal Detection of the Magnetocaloric Effect.- Physical Adsorption Detected by the Mirage Effect.- VIII Surfaces, Interfaces, Thin Films, and Heterogeneous Media.- Photothermal Detection at Surfaces and Interfaces: Developments in Non-Conventional Diagnostics.- Heat Diffusion at a Micronic Scale.- Photothermal Investigations of Realistic Interfaces.- Pulsed Photothermal Radiometry to Measure the Properties of Thin Layered Films.- Thermal "Superdiffusion" in the Vicinity of a Rough Surface.- Thermal Diffusivities of Thin Gold Films.- Photoacoustic Investigation of Thin Solid Films in Contact with Liquids.- In Situ Measurement of Thin Film Growth by Photothermal Induced Frequency Conversion.- Thermal Characterization of Thin Layers.- Photodeflection Method Applied to Loss Characterization of Channel Waveguides.- High Frequency Photothermal Reflectivity and Displacement Measurements on Thin Film Samples.- Photoacoustic Measurement of the Energy Absorption of a Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser at Cu and Al Surfaces.- Directivity Pattern of OA Signals Accompanying Laser Induced Damage of a Thin Cr Film.- Investigation of Surface Laser-Ablation Plumes Using High-Sensitivity Cavity-Enhanced Detection.- The Thermal Resistance of Grain Boundaries Determined by Modulated Optical Reflectance.- Determination of the Thickness, Density and Elastic Properties of Thin Films with Laser Generated Surface Acoustic Waves.- Macro-, Meso- and Microscopic Heat Diffusion in Ceramics.- Non-Destructive Evaluation of Microdefects in Ceramic Materials by Means of Photoacoustic Spectroscopy.- Anomalous Thermal Waves in Powdered Samples.- Index of Contributors.