Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria: Function and Signal Transduction Mechanisms by Eberhard SchäferPhotomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria: Function and Signal Transduction Mechanisms by Eberhard Schäfer

Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria: Function and Signal Transduction Mechanisms

byEberhard SchäferEditorFerenc Nagy

Paperback | January 24, 2006

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Plants as sessile organisms have evolved fascinating capacities to adapt to changes in their natural environment. Arguably, light is by far the most important and variable environmental factor. The quality, quantity, direction and duration of light is monitored by a series of photoreceptors covering spectral information from UVB to near infrared. The response of the plants to light is called photomorphogenesis and it is regulated by the concerted action of photoreceptors. The combined techniques of action spectroscopy and biochemistry allowed one of the important photoreceptors - phytochrome - to be identified in the middle of the last century. An enormous number of physiological studies published in the last century describe the properties of phytochrome and its function and also the physiology of blue and UV-B photoreceptors, unidentified at the time. This knowledge was summarized in the advanced textbook "Photomorphogenesis in Plants" (Kendrick and Kronenberg, eds., 1986, 1994). With the advent of molecular biology, genetics and new molecular, cellular techniques, our knowledge in the field of photomorphogenesis has dramatically increased over the last 15 years.
Title:Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria: Function and Signal Transduction MechanismsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:662 pagesPublished:January 24, 2006Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface Abbreviations Part 1: General Introduction And Historical Overview Of Photomorphogenesis: 1. Historical Overview; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy. 2. Physiological Basis Of Photomorphogenesis; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy. 3. Historical Overview Of Molecular Biology And Genetics In Photomorphogenesis; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy. 4. Genetic Basis And Molecular Mechanisms Of Signal Transduction For Photomorphogenesis; Eberhard Schäfer And Ferenc Nagy. Part 2: The Phytochrome: 5. The Phytochrome Chromophore; Seth J. Davis. 6. Structure, Function, And Evolution Of Microbial Phytochromes; Baruch Karniol And Richard D. Vierstra. 7. Phytochrome Genes In Higher Plants: Structure, Expression, And Evolution; Robert A. Sharrock And Sarah Mathews. 8. Phytochrome Degradation And Dark Reversion; Lars Hennig. 9. Intracellular Localization Of Phytochromes; Eberhard Schäfer, Stefan Kircher And Ferenc Nagy. Part 3: Blue-Light And UV-Receptors: 10. Blue/UV-A Receptors: Historical Overview; Winslow R. Briggs. 11. Cryptochromes; Anthony R. Cashmore. 12. Phototropins; Winslow R. Briggs, John M. Christie And Trevor E. Swartz. 13. Blue Light Photoreceptors - Beyond Phototropins And Cryptochromes; Jay Dunlap. 14. Uv-B Perception And Signalling In Higher Plants; Roman Ulm. 15. Signal Transduction In Blue Light-Mediated Responses; Vera Quecini And Emmanuel Liscum. Part 4: Signal Transduction In Photomorphogenesis: 16. General Introduction; Peter H. Quail. 17. Phytochrome Signal Transduction Network; Peter H. Quail. 18. The Function Of The COP/DET/FUS Proteins In Controlling Photomorphogenesis: A Role For Regulated Proteolysis; Elizabeth Strickland, Vicente Rubio And Xing Wang Deng. 19. Biochemical And Molecular Analysis Of Signalling Components; Christian Fankhauser And Chris Bowler. 20. The Photoreceptor Interaction Network; Jorge José Casal; 21. Interaction Of Light And Hormone Signalling To MediatePhotomorphogenesis; Michael M. Neff, Ian H. Street, Edward M. Turk And Jason M. Ward. Part 5: Selected Topics: 22. The Roles Of Phytochromes In Adult Plants; Keara A. Franklin And Garry C. Whitelam. 23. A Role For Chlorophyll Precursors In Plastid-Tonucleus Signaling; Robert M. Larkin And Joanne Chory. 24. Photomorphogenesis Of Ferns; Takeshi Kanegae And Masamitsu Wada. 25. Photomorphogenesis Of Mosses; Tilman Lamparter. 26. Circadian Regulation Of Photomorphogenesis; Paul Devlin. 27. The Molecular Genetics Of Photoperiodic Responses: Comparisons Between Long-Day And Short-Day Species; George Coupland. 28. Commercial Applications Of Photomorphogenesis Research; Ganga Rao Davuluri And Chris Bowler. Photomorphogenesis - Where Now?; Harry Smith. Conclusions Index

Editorial Reviews

From the reviews:"The book is of the highest scientific standard and can be recommended to all researchers in plant photobiology as well as to graduate and postgraduate students."(Biologia Plantarum 36:4, 1994)"The editors present a book that has long been awaited. . This book on 'Photomorphogenesis in Plants and Bacteria' is highly recommended . . It collects contribution from outstanding scientists in this research field. . The overall presentation of the book is acceptable and most of the figures are reproduced with sufficient quality." (Wolfgang Gärtner, Journal of Plant Physiology, Vol. 165 (3), 2008)