Photon Correlation Techniques in Fluid Mechanics: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference at Kiel-Damp, Fed. Rep. of Germany, May 23-26, 1982 by E.O. Schulz-DuboisPhoton Correlation Techniques in Fluid Mechanics: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference at Kiel-Damp, Fed. Rep. of Germany, May 23-26, 1982 by E.O. Schulz-Dubois

Photon Correlation Techniques in Fluid Mechanics: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference…

byE.O. Schulz-Dubois

Paperback | November 20, 2013

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Photon correlation is a kind of spectroscopy designed to identify optical frequency shifts and line-broadening effects in the range of many MHz down to a few Hz. The optical intensity is measured in terms of single photon­ detection events which result in current pulses at the output of photomulti­ plier tubes. This signal is processed in real time in a special-purpose paral­ lel processor known as a correlator. The resulting photon correlation func­ tion, a function in the time domain, contains the desired spectral informa­ tion, which may be extracted by a suitable algorithm. Due to the non-intrusive nature and the sound theoretical basis of photon correlation, the phenomena under study are not disturbed, and the parameters in question can be precisely evaluated. For these reasons photon correlation has become a valuable and in many instances indispensable technique in two distinct fields. One of these is velocimetry in fluid flow. This includes hydro- and aerodynamic processes in liquids, gases, or flames where the velo­ city field may be stationary, time periodic, or turbulent, and may range from micrometers per second for motion inside biological cells to one kilometer per second for supersonic flow. The other major field is stochastic particle propagation due to Brownian motion.
Title:Photon Correlation Techniques in Fluid Mechanics: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference…Format:PaperbackDimensions:402 pagesPublished:November 20, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Introductory Survey.- 1. High-Resolution Intensity Interferometry by Photon Correlation.- 1 Photon Correlation Velocimetry: Assessment of Methods and Selected Examples of Technical Applications.- 2. Theoretical Aspects of Photon Correlation Methods in Doppler-Difference Anemometry.- 3. Velocimetry Signals and Data Reduction in Simulation and Practice.- 4. Examples of the Data Reduction of Photon Correlation Laser Doppler Anemometer Autocorrelation Functions Using Fourier Transforms.- 5. A Characterization of the Near Field of a Two-Dimensional Wake by Photon Correlation.- 6. Experimental Investigation of the Turbulent Boundary Layer Associated with Mixed, Free and Forced Convection Inside a Vertical Cylinder.- 7. Turbulence Measurements in an Ejector Wing Flow Field.- 8. Long-Range Laser Velocimetry with Particular Emphasis to the Visible Domain.- 9. Comparison of LDA Signal Strength in Photon Correlograms Obtained by CW and Pulsed Laser Operation.- 10. Laser Doppler Measurements of Wind Velocities Using Visible Radiation.- 11. The Use of Laser Velocimetry in the Full-Scale Ship's Environment.- 12. Wake Measurements by Laser Doppler Velocimetry on Full-Scale Ships.- 13. Turbulent Engine Flow Measurements Using LDA with Correlator.- 14. Particle Statistics in Laser Transit Velocimetry.- 15. Base Flow Measurements in a Transonic Cascade Using a Laser Transit Anemometer.- 16. Measurements in Turbomachines Using Two-Spot Anemometry.- 17. A Scaling Law for Performance Evaluation of a Laser Time-of-Flight Velocimeter.- 18. Flow Measurements with a 5 ns Correlator.- 19. Velocity, Turbulence, and Shear Stress From Laser Transit Anemometer Correlograms.- 20. The Laser Gradient Anemometer.- 21. The Application of Cross-Correlation Measurements to the Determination of Velocity Gradients in Fluid Flow.- 2 Correlation Techniques: Methodical Advances and Applications to Signal Types Other than Photons.- 22. Rate Correlation and Data Preprocessing with Digital Correlators and Structurators.- 23. Statistical Stability of Clipped Photon Correlations in the Self-Scaling Limit.- 24. Hardware and Software Implementation of On-Line Velocity Correlation Measurements in Oscillatory and Turbulent Rotational Couette Flow.- 25. A Study of a Propane Flame as a Deep Phase Screen.- 26. Dynamic Correlation on a Schlieren Image in a Transonic Airflow.- 27. Phase and Phase-Difference Statistics of Turbulent Thermal Convection in Air.- 3 Photon Correlation Spectroscopy of Brownian Motion: Polydispersity Analysis and Studies of Particle Dynamics.- 28. Data Reduction in Polydisperse Diffusion Studies.- 29. On the Extraction of Polydispersity Information in Photon Correlation Spectroscopy.- 30. Correlation Function Profile Analysis in Laser Light Scattering. III An Iterative Procedure.- 31. A Solution of an Ill-Posed Inverse Problem: Approximation of Polydisperse Scattering Data as a Sum of Many Exponential (Lorentzian) Curves.- 32. A General-Purpose Constrained Regularization Method for Inverting Photon Correlation Data.- 33. Analysis and Resolution of Polydisperse Systems.- 34. The Dynamics of Interacting Brownian Particles.- 35. Dynamics of Na+-Polystyrene Sulfonate in Solution at Low Ionic Strength.- 36. A Photon Correlation Study of the Dynamics of Strongly Interacting Colloidal Systems: Colloidal Liquids and Colloidal Crystals.- 37. Dynamic Properties of Silica Dispersions in Cyclohexane.- 38. The Application of Number Fluctuation Spectroscopy to Aggregating Systems and the Measurement of Rotational (Anti-)Correlation Functions of Low-Order Aggregates.- 39. A Study of Fibrin Polymerization Combining Static and Dynamic Light Scattering with the Measurement of Fibrinopeptide Release.- 40. Quasielastic Light-Scattering Study of Mixed Micelles.- 41. Measuring Thermal Diffusivities Using Two Photomultipliers in Cross-Correlation.- 42. Multiple Rayleigh-Gans-Debye Light Scattering in Colloidal Systems.- 43. Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy in Solutions.- Index of Contributors.