Photonic and Optoelectronic Polymers by Samson A. Jenekhe

Photonic and Optoelectronic Polymers

EditorSamson A. Jenekhe, Kenneth J. Wynne

Hardcover | September 1, 1997

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This collection provides a broad overview of current research and discoveries in photonic and optoelectronic polymers. It looks at their promising applications, particularly in efficient, reliable, and low-cost technologies for storing, processing, transmitting, and displaying information.Among the main topics covered are polymers for digital and holographic information storage; electroluminescent polymers for light sources; high-speed transmission, high-power amplification, and high-speed modulation of optical signals in polymer waveguides and gradient-index fibers; self-assemblyand nano-structure control for efficient photoelectronic and photonic properties; and thin-film transistors from organic semiconductors.

About The Author

Samson A. Jenekhe is at University of Rochester. Kenneth J. Wynne is at Office of Naval Research.
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Title:Photonic and Optoelectronic PolymersFormat:HardcoverDimensions:580 pages, 6.18 × 9.09 × 1.3 inPublished:September 1, 1997Publisher:Oxford University Press

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Table of Contents

PrefaceWaveguiding, Linear Optical Effects, and Applications1. Fuming Li, et al.: Linear Optical Anisotropy in Aromatic Polyimide Films and Its Applications in Negative Birefringent Compensators of Liquid Crystal Displays2. Shuichi Iwata, et al.: Transparent Zero-Birefringence Polymers3. Toshikuni Kaino, et al.: Development of Polymer Optical Waveguides for Photonic Device Applications4. Takeyuki Kobayashi, et al.: High-Power Polymer Optical Fiber Amplifiers in the Visible Region5. Eisuke Nihei, T. Ishigure, and Yasuhiro Koike: Optimization of Modal and Material Dispersions in High-Bandwidth Graded-Index Polymer Optical Fiber6. W.C. Chen, et al.: Preparation and Characterization of Gradient-Index Polymer Fibers7. Patricia R.H. Bertolucci and Julie P. Harmon: Dipole-Dipole Interactions in Controlled-Refractive-Index PolymersNonlinear Optical Properties and Applications8. R.D. Miller, et al.: High-Temperature Nonlinear Optical Chromophores and Polymers9. Doug Yu, et al.: Highly Stable Copolyimides for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics10. Geoffrey A. Lindsay, et al.: Accordion Polymers for Nonlinear Optical Applications11. Naoto Tsutsumi, Osamu Matsumoto, and Wataru Sakai: Novel Nonlinear Optical Polymers12. Ivan J. Goldfarb and Hongtu Feng: Thermal Stability of Nonlinear Optical Chromophores13. Hichiro Nakanishi and Hitoshi Kasai: Polydiacetylene Microcrystals for Third-Order Nonlinear Optics14. M.P. Carreon, et al.: Third-Order Nonlinear Susceptibility of Polydiacetylene-Containing Polymeric SystemsOptical Information Storage and Processing15. B. Kippelen, et al.: Organic Polymers for Photorefractive Applications16. Almeria Natansohn and Paul Rochon: Azobenzene-Containing Polymers: Digital and Holographic Storage17. D.Y. Kim, et al.: Photofabrication of Surface Relief Gratings18. Shin'ya Morino and Kazuyuki Horie: Photoinduced Refractive Index Changes of Polymer Films Containing Photochromic Dyes and Evaluation of the Minimal Switching Energy19. A. Schonhals, et al.: Molecular Dynamics of Liquid-Crystalline Side-Group Polymers with Fluorine-Containing Azobenzine Chromophores20. Alan J. Heeger, et al.: The "Plastic Retina": Image Enhancement Using Polymer Grid Triode ArraysElectroluminescence and Light Sources21. J. Cornil, et al.: The Low-Lying Excited States of Luminescent Conjugated Polymers: Theoretical Insight into the Nature of the Photogenerated Species and Intersystem Crossing Processes22. Xiao-Chang Li, et al.: Synthesis and Properties of Novel High-Electron-Affinity Polymers for Electroluminescent Devices23. Toshihiro Ohnishi, et al.: Polymer Light-Emitting Diode Devices Utilizing Arylene-Vinylene Copolymers as Light-Emitting Materials24. Ullrich Scherf and Klaus Mullen: Novel Conjugated Polymers: Tuning Optical Properties by Synthesis and Processing25. J. Kido, et al.: Aromatic-Amine-Containing Polymers for Organic Electroluminescent Devices26. Alan G. MacDiarmid and Arthur J. Epstein: Application of Thin Films of Polyaniline and Poly pyrrole in Novel Light -Emitting Devices and Liquid-Crystal Devices27. E. Ettedgui, et al.: Near-Edge, X-ray-Absorption, Fine-Structure Study of Poly(2,3-diphenylphenylene-vinylene) Following the Deposition of MetalEnhanced Properties and Device Performance Through Self-Assembly and Nanostructure Control28. Francis Garnier: Specificity and Limits of Organic-Based Electronic Devices29. M. Ferreira, et al: Self-Assembled Heterostructures of Electroactive Polymers: New Opportunities for Thin-Film Devices30. Gero Decher: Molecular Multilayer Films: The Quest for Order, Orientation, and Optical Properties31. Takeo Shimizu: Optical and Photonic Functions of Conjugated Polymer Superlattices and Porphyrin Arrays Connected with Molecular Wires32. Richard M. Tarkka, X. Linda Chen, and Samson A. Jenekhe: Electroactive and Photoactive Nanostructured Materials from Self-Organizing Rod-Coil Copolymers: Synthesis and Electroluminescent Devices33. S.A. Asher, et al.: Novel Optically Responsive and Diffracting Materials Derived from Crystalline Colloidal Array Self-Assembly34. C.V. Rajaram, S.D. Hudson, and L.C. Chien: Morphology of Composites of Low-Molar-Mass Liquid Crystals and Polymer Networks35. Paras N. Prasad: Novel Multifunctional Polymeric Composites for PhotonicsIndexesAuthor IndexAffiliation IndexSubject Index