Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants: Proceedings of the Fourth European Symposium held in Stresa, Italy, 23-25 September 1986 by G. AngelettiPhysico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants: Proceedings of the Fourth European Symposium held in Stresa, Italy, 23-25 September 1986 by G. Angeletti

Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants: Proceedings of the Fourth European Symposium…

byG. AngelettiEditorG. Restelli

Paperback | November 13, 2013

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WOUIRG PARTY I: AlIALYSIS or POLLUTAIITS Chairman: A. LIBERTI (CNR - Roma, I) Summary by the Chairman 3 Detection of gaseous nitric acid by OH (A<_x29_20_-20_fluorescence20_genc2ad_20_erated20_by20_arf-laser20_irradiation20_th.20_papenbrock20_and20_f.20_stuhl20_520_preparation20_of20_standard20_atmospheres20_of20_nitrogen20_acid20_compounds3a_20_the20_n0220_permeation20_tube20_i.20_allegrini2c_20_p.20_buttini2c_20_v.20_di20_palo20_and20_m.20_possanzini20_1520_automated20_denuder20_systems20_j.20_slanina2c_20_a.20_m.20_van20_wensveen2c_20_c.20_a.20_m.20_schoonebeek20_and20_p.20_i.20_voors20_2520_a20_battery-powered20_light-weight20_ozone20_analyzer20_for20_use20_in20_the20_troposphere20_and20_stratosphere20_s.20_sarand2c_20_w.20_speuser20_and20_u.20_schurath20_3320_h20220_in20_solid20_precipitation20_a.20_neftel2c_20_a.20_sigg20_and20_p.20_jacob20_4520_detection20_of20_nitrated20_and20_oxygenated20_polyaromatic20_hydrocarbons20_28_par29_20_in20_suspended20_particulate20_matter20_sampled20_in20_urban20_areas20_and20_their20_relation20_with20_anthropogenic20_emission20_and20_photochemical20_smog20_formation20_a.20_cecinato2c_20_e.20_brancaleoni2c_20_c.20_di20_palo2c_20_r.20_draisci20_and20_p.20_ciccioli20_5820_field20_intercomparison20_of20_sampling20_and20_analytical20_methods20_for20_s0220_and20_s0420_in20_ambient20_air20_k.20_nodop20_and20_j.20_e.20_hanssen20_6920_field20_measurements20_on20_the20_use20_of20_denuders20_for20_the20_evaluation20_of20_acid20_deposition20_istituto20_sull27_27_inquinamento20_atmosferico20_del20_c.20_n.20_r.20_2c_20_mon-20_rotondo2c_20_italy20_7920_-vii-20_use20_of20_air20_-20_s0220_mixtures20_for20_intercomparison20_of20_s0220_monitors20_in20_the20_eec20_m.20_payri20_s20_sat20_2c_20_h.20_rau20_and20_g.20_serrini20_10320_determination20_of20_polychlorinated20_dibenzo-p-dioxins20_and20_dibenzofurans20_in20_outdoor20_air20_p.20_kirschmer20_and20_m. -="" fluorescence="" _genc2ad_="" erated="" by="" arf-laser="" irradiation="" th.="" papenbrock="" and="" f.="" stuhl="" 5="" preparation="" of="" standard="" atmospheres="" nitrogen="" acid="" _compounds3a_="" the="" n02="" permeation="" tube="" i.="" _allegrini2c_="" p.="" _buttini2c_="" v.="" di="" palo="" m.="" possanzini="" 15="" automated="" denuder="" systems="" j.="" _slanina2c_="" a.="" van="" _wensveen2c_="" c.="" schoonebeek="" voors="" 25="" a="" battery-powered="" light-weight="" ozone="" analyzer="" for="" use="" in="" troposphere="" stratosphere="" s.="" _sarand2c_="" w.="" speuser="" u.="" schurath="" 33="" h202="" solid="" precipitation="" _neftel2c_="" sigg="" jacob="" 45="" detection="" nitrated="" oxygenated="" polyaromatic="" hydrocarbons="" _28_par29_="" suspended="" particulate="" matter="" sampled="" urban="" areas="" their="" relation="" with="" anthropogenic="" emission="" photochemical="" smog="" formation="" _cecinato2c_="" e.="" _brancaleoni2c_="" _palo2c_="" r.="" draisci="" ciccioli="" 58="" field="" intercomparison="" sampling="" analytical="" methods="" s02="" s04="" ambient="" air="" k.="" nodop="" hanssen="" 69="" measurements="" on="" denuders="" evaluation="" deposition="" istituto="" _sull27_27_inquinamento="" atmosferico="" del="" n.="" _2c_="" mon-="" _rotondo2c_="" italy="" 79="" -vii-="" mixtures="" monitors="" eec="" payri="" s="" sat="" h.="" rau="" g.="" serrini="" 103="" determination="" polychlorinated="" dibenzo-p-dioxins="" dibenzofurans="" outdoor="" kirschmer="">
Title:Physico-Chemical Behaviour of Atmospheric Pollutants: Proceedings of the Fourth European Symposium…Format:PaperbackDimensions:809 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.01 inPublished:November 13, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Working Party 1: Analysis of Pollutants.- Summary by the Chairman.- Detection of gaseous nitric acid by OH (A?X) - fluorescence generated by ArF-laser irradiation.- Preparation of standard atmospheres of nitrogen acid compounds: the NO2 permeation tube.- Automated denuder systems.- A battery-powered light-weight ozone analyzer for use in the troposphere and stratosphere.- H2O2 in solid precipitation.- Detection of nitrated and oxygenated polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in suspended particulate matter sampled in urban areas and their relation with anthropogenic emission and photochemical smog formation.- Field intercomparison of sampling and analytical methods for SO2 and SO4 in ambient air.- Field measurements on the use of denuders for the evaluation of acid deposition.- Use of air - SO2 mixtures for intercomparison of SO2 monitors in the EEC.- Determination of polychlorinated dibenzo-P-dioxins and dibenzofurans in outdoor air.- Measurement of atmospheric nitrous and nitric acid by means of annular denuders.- Evaluation of analytical methods for the determination of degradation products of chlorinated hydrocarbons.- Sampling of aldehydes and carbonyl compounds in air and their determination by liquid chromatographic techniques.- The use of a filter pack for the monitoring organic and inorganic acid species in air.- IR-Tunable diode laser techniques for trace gas detection at PPBV level.- Measurement of airborne hydrocarbons by headspace-chromatography.- A study of atmospheric deposition chemistry in peninsular and insular Italy.- Chemistry of atmospheric depositions at L. TOGGIA (2160 m.a.s.l.), with emphasis on the sampling procedure.- Analysis of carbonyl compounds in the atmospheric liquid phase.- Working Party 2: Chemical and Photochemical Reactions; Mechanisms and Rates.- Summary by the Chairman.- Photo-oxidation of sulphur containing compounds.- Kinetic studies of oxidation reactions of sulphur compounds: reaction SO2 + OH in the presence of O2 and reaction 10 + DMS.- A comparison of models for the oxidation of acetylene at 300 K.- Rate constants for reaction of OH radicals with acetates and glycols in the gas phase.- OH-Dynamics during hydrocarbon oxidation in air.- Aqueous phase chemistry of biogenic sulphur compounds.- The contribution of hydrogen peroxide to atmospheric liquid phase chemistry.- A study of the HO2 + CH3CHO reaction in the photolysis of CH3CHO, and its consequences for atmospheric chemistry.- Laboratory studies of the nitrate radical.- Quelques aspects de la chimie des aldehydes dans la basse troposphere.- Kinetics of the formation of nitrous acid from the thermal reaction of nitrogen dioxide and water vapour.- FT-IR laboratory studies of kinetics of the NOx/O3 system of tropospheric interest.- OH-Initiated oxidation of P-xylene under atmospheric conditions.- Products and kinetics of the OH initiated oxidation of SO2, CH3SH, DMS, DMDS and DMSO.- Absolute rate constant for the reaction of OH with SO2 in the presence of water at atmospheric pressure.- The role of transition metal ions in atmospheric droplet chemistry.- Working Party 3: Aerosol Characterization and Particle Formation.- Summary by the Chairman.- Below and in cloud scavenging of particulates and gases.- Mesure d'aérosols dans la fôret des vosges.- Anionic composition in size-fractionated atmospheric aerosol.- Correlation analysis applied to a sulphate and nitrate aerosol measuring network in the Netherlands.- Cendres volantes industrielles et microspherules volcaniques: critères de distinction par microscopie analytique.- Radiolytic aerosols: their production and inhibition.- Chlorides in atmospheric aerosols.- Working Party 4: Pollutants Cycles.- Summary by the Chairman.- Emissions of biogenic sulfur compounds from various soils.- Dimethyl sulfide lifetime in the marine atmosphere.- Natural and anthropogenic hydrocarbons and halocarbons over the atlantic ocean: latitudinal distributions of mixing ratios and sources.- Characterization of cloud and rain water chemical composition.- Deposition measurements in Sweden.- Measurements of the dry deposition rates of some trace gas species.- Contribution of ammonia to the wet deposition of sulphur compounds.- Impact of saharan dust on the rain acidity in the mediterranean atmosphere.- Acid deposition in a snow field at 2500 m.a.s.l. in Switzerland.- Acidity measurements of snowfalls collected over the VOSGES in relation to air mass trajectories.- Nitrate and sulphate wet deposition in Europe.- Seasonal and daily variations of ozone, sulfur dioxide and nitrous gases and the photochemical production and reactions with other trace gases of the ozone.- A wet-only precipitation study in a mediterranean site, Patras, Greece.- Oxidant data collection in OECD-Europe 1985-87 (Oxidate): a cooperative project for rapid exchange of regional data on ozone, nitrogen dioxide and PAN.- Daily trends of photochemical oxidants and their precursors in a suburban forested area. A useful approach for evaluating the relative contributions of natural and anthropogenic hydrocarbons to the photochemical smog formation in rural areas in Italy.- Observations of nitrous acid at roof and street level during air pollution episodes in Gothenburg.- Speciation of ionic organolead compounds in the biosphere.- Preliminary results on fog deposition.- Determination, by PAH analysis, of the age of air mass contamination in a area remote from sources of pollution.- Aircraft measurements of various sulfur compounds in a marine and continental environment.- Flux d'azote inorganique dissous d'origine atmosphérique en système littoral d'europe occidentale.- Meso-meteorological analysis of air pollution cycles in Spain.- Working Party 5: Transport and Modelling.- Summary by the Chairman.- Model calculations of long-term changes in atmospheric hydroxyl, hydrogen peroxide and ozone from changes in the emissions of nitrogen oxides and methane.- A mass balance of SO2 over Baden-Württemberg during the tulla experiment.- Mesoscale modelling of nitric acid generation in night-time moist atmosphere.- Long range modelling of the formation transport and deposition of photochemical oxidants and acidifying pollutants.- Analysis of an acid deposition episode and preparation of meteorological input data for an eulerian longrange transport and deposition model.- Physico-chemical properties of radiation fog in the Po Valley, Italy.- Air sampling flights at low altitudes along the border between the Federal Republic of Germany and its neighbours.- The oxidation of sulphur dioxide in the aqueous phase in plumes.- Monte-Carlo methods for simulating diffusion in the atmospheric boundary layer.- Modelling for langrangian turbulent dispersion of neutral and buoyant pollutants released in the atmospheric boundary layer.- A three-dimensional mathematical model of dispersion in turbulent shear flow.- The rapid rotation of the wind direction and sharp ozone peak features.- Local scale plume model for nitrogen oxides - comparison with measurements.- High PAN concentrations during non-summer periods: a study of two episodes in Creteil (Paris) - France.- Verification of the pollutant transport model 'MODIS' using EPRI plains site data from a tall stack.- Long-range transport of nitrogen and sulphur compounds.- Modélisation de la chimie d'un panache.- Echantillonnage et mesures sequentiels de pluies: conception d'un appareil équipé d'un automate programmable (SAPSEP).- List of Participants.- Index of Authors.