Physics and Engineering of New Materials by Do Tran CatPhysics and Engineering of New Materials by Do Tran Cat

Physics and Engineering of New Materials

byDo Tran CatEditorAnnemarie Pucci, Klaus Rainer Wandelt

Hardcover | November 28, 2008

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This book presents the majority of the contributions to the Tenth German-Vietnamese Seminar on Physics and Engineering (GVS10) that took place in the Gustav- Stresemann-Institut (GSI) in Bonn from June 6 to June 9, 2007. In the focus of these studies are the preparation and basic properties of new material systems, related investigation methods, and practical applications. Accordingly the sections in this book are entitled electrons: transport and confinement, low-dimensional systems, magnetism, oxidic materials, organic films, new materials, and methods. The series of German-Vietnamese seminars was initiated and sponsored by the Gottlieb Daimler- and Karl Benz -Foundation since 1998 and took place alt- nately in both countries. These bilateral meetings brought together top-notch senior and junior Vietnamese scientists with German Scientists and stimulated many contacts and co-operations. Under the general title "Physics and Engine- ing" the programs covered, in the form of keynote-lectures, oral presentations and posters, experimental and theoretical cutting-edge material-physics oriented topics. The majority of the contributions was dealing with modern topics of material science, particularly nanoscience, which is a research field of high importance also in Vietnam. Modern material science allows a quick transfer of research results to technical applications, which is very useful for fast developing countries like Vietnam. On the other hand, the seminars took profit from the strong cro- fertilization of the different disciplines of physics. This book is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the seminars and nicely shows the scientific progress in Vietnam and the competitive level reached.
Title:Physics and Engineering of New MaterialsFormat:HardcoverProduct dimensions:387 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.07 inShipping dimensions:23.5 × 15.5 × 0.07 inPublished:November 28, 2008Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Hierarchical Diffusive Properties of Electrons in Quasiperiodic Chains.- Effect of Single-Side Modulation Doping on Low-Temperature Transport Properties in Square Infinite Quantum Wells.- Nonlinear Optical Conductivity in Doped Semiconductor Superlattices Due to LO Phonon Scattering.- The Effects of the Polarization Charges on the Quantum Lifetime of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in a Uniformly-Doped Heterostructure.- Possible TC Superconducting Enhancement in Q2D Materials by Incommensurate Structural Phase Transition.- Compressed Electron Distribution in the Nanostructure.- Time and Space Resolved Studies on Metallic Nanoparticles.- Ultra-small One-Dimensional Metallic Nanostructures.- Synthesis and Optical Properties of Colloidal CdS/CdSe/CdS Quantum Wells.- Preparation and optical properties of one dimensional nano hydroxides and oxides.- Hydrothermal Synthesis and Photocatalytic Properties of TiO2 Nanotubes.- UHV Studies on CO and Methanol Adsorption and Decomposition on Pristine and Oxidized Alumina-Supported Co Nanoparticles.- Surface confined electrochemical compound formation: Incipient sulfidation of Au(1 1 1).- Giant Spin-Polarization and Magnetic Anisotropy of Nanostructures at Surfaces.- The Role of Spin-Polarized Tunneling on Transport Properties of (1-x)La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 + xAl2O3 Nanocomposites (x = 0 ÷ 5wt%).- Advanced Metallic Magnetic Materials Prepared by Electro-Chemical Deposition, Vapor Deposition and Rapid Quenching.- Magnetic Interaction Between Polycrystalline Ultrathin Antiferromagnetic and Ferromagnetic Films.- The (100)?(111) Transition in Epitaxial Manganese Oxide Nanolayers.- Growth and Structure of Zinc Oxide Nanostructured Layer Obtained by Spray Pyrolysis.- Influence of Different Post-treatments on the Physical Properties of Sprayed Zinc Oxide Thin Films.- The Effect of SiO2 Addition in Hydrophilic Property of TiO2 Films.- Investigation of the Transformation of a Modified Iron Oxide Structure During Redox Reaction.- Structural Modification of Near-Surface Region of Strontium Titanate Single Crystal Under the Influence of a Static Electric Field Enhanced by X-ray Irradiation.- Thermoelectric Properties of Heavily Doped Polycrystalline SrTiO3.- Optimization Study of TiO2 Film Deposited by IAD Process.- Polymorphs in GeO2 Liquid.- Formation of Chiral Aggregates of Tetralactam Macrocycles on the Au(111) Surface.- Surface Resonant Raman Spectroscopy at Indium-Nanowire-Terminated Si(111).- The Properties of Nano-Hexaferrite Sr-La Prepared by Citrate-Gel Method.- Glucose Sensor Based on Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Doped Polypyrrole.- Structural and Spectral Properties of Curcumin and Metal- Curcumin Complex Derived from Turmeric (Curcuma longa).- In-situ Chemically Polymerized PANi-SWNTs Composites: Characterizations and Gas Sensing Feature.- Design, Simulation and Experimental Characteristics of Hydrogel-based Piezoresistive pH Sensors.- Optimization of the Thermostable Nanogel Systems for High Temperature Reservoir Application.- Discovery of Nanotubes in Ancient Damascus Steel.- Materials Research with Energetic Heavy Ions at GSI.- Nanoantennas for Surface Enhanced Infrared Spectroscopy.- Ultrafast Switching of Coherent Electronic Excitation: Great Promise for Reaction Control on the Femtosecond Time Scale.- InGaAsp/InP Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers and their Some Nonlinear Effects.- Simulation and Lock-In Phase Analysis in Photoreflectance Modulation Spectroscopy of Gaas And Photoreflectance Investigations of The Heterojunction Structure Alxga1-Xas(N+)/Gaas(P?)/Gaas(P+).- Principally Basic Effects of Laser on the Bulk Semiconductor Bands.- Controlling the Bragg Wavelength Spectral Profile Expansion of FBG Sensors by Nano-Particle Coated Layers.- Controlled Cantilever-Tips Adapted from the Scanning Probe Microscopies as Active Working Elements in Smart Systems.- Design and Fabrication of a Miniaturized Three-Degree-of-Freedom Piezoresistive Acceleration Sensor Based on MEMS Technology Using Deep Reactive Ion Etching.