Pilot To Profit: Navigating Modern Entrepreneurship To Build Your Business Using Online Marketing, Social Media, Con by Lisa LarterPilot To Profit: Navigating Modern Entrepreneurship To Build Your Business Using Online Marketing, Social Media, Con by Lisa Larter

Pilot To Profit: Navigating Modern Entrepreneurship To Build Your Business Using Online Marketing…

byLisa Larter

Paperback | January 5, 2016

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Seatbelts fastened. Business dreams in the upright position. Entrepreneurs, prepare for takeoff.

Ready to generate sales, build brand buzz, and watch your cash flow soar? "Pilot to Profit" clears up the confusion of modern entrepreneurship---so you can build a smart, successful and sustainable business with sky-high returns.

Do I really need to be on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? How do these other people command such high fees (and how can I?) How do I double my profits this year without doubling the work?

As you turn the pages, you'll uncover answers to the questions that have kept you stuck. And, proven strategies to help your business get found and turn connections into paying customers---whether you're an established enterprise or just

What can you expect? A stronger money mindset that no longer sabotages your ability to be paid what you're worth for the work you do. Expect your money-making "radar" to be on high alert. A clearly defined business model that maximizes what comes in, with less effort put out. Ease finding the right channels to grow your business so that you can reach more people. An understanding of how to create content that raises your credibility and puts you on the map. (Because without great content, your business might never be found.) Not only will you learn about turning out content that begs to be clicked on, but you'll gain powerful strategies for sharing that content through email and social media, so it gets devoured and grows your fan base. Lastly, you'll walk away understanding how to sell what you do, whom to sell it to, and precisely how to find and connect with those people. This book uncovers every step you need on your journey to building a successful, profitable business you love. With "Pilot to Profit," you're officially cleared for takeoff.

Lisa Larter, founder of lisalarter.com, is a Business Consultant, Social Media Strategist, and Speaker. She works with businesses to maximize their profits and scale beyond their dreams, using social media, relationship marketing, and dead-simple, eye-opening systems. She's helped increase the visibility and profits of a wide range of ...
Title:Pilot To Profit: Navigating Modern Entrepreneurship To Build Your Business Using Online Marketing…Format:PaperbackDimensions:210 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:January 5, 2016Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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Read from the Book

When I worked in the corporate world, anytime we had an idea we would run a pilot to test it. We needed a proof-of-concept or a trial to validate if the idea was a good one before we would decide whether to roll it out to the entire company.As a young manager working in clothing retail, I used to run pilots inside of my store before I even knew what they were called. I was what they called a "Fire Fighter," which is the type of manager sent to underperforming stores to clean up their processes, inspire the team, and turn around sales. In one store where I worked, everyone believed it was a professional market, which meant that we sold suits. However, I had a theory that might not be completely true, and so I conducted a test at the front of the store by merchandising some cool, trend-setting baby tees and sundresses. I put together a cute display that mimicked the style I had seen on the popular TV show "90210," and the next thing I knew those dresses and baby tees were selling like hot cakes! All of a sudden, the store that was known for selling suits was a trend-setting location. The president of the company called me because she wanted to know what was going on since those two items were NOT selling anywhere else.I had done something I wasn't supposed to do when I merchandised those dresses at the front of the store. I took an idea and I acted on it. I was driven by results in my store and I had a hunch that this would work. Therefore, I tried it and the next thing I knew, my idea and results had a tremendous impact on the entire company. You have ideas, too. You may have an idea for a brand-new type of business and ideas to make your business grow. When you are entrepreneurial, you have ideas all the time. The challenge, however, is turning those ideas into concepts that work.That's what this book is about. It's my blueprint on what you need today to build a successful and profitable business because you need more than just an idea. I will share each of the concepts I have piloted in my own business, used with other business owners, and watched generate profits repeatedly. When you pilot something in your business, you want to create, test, evaluate, fix, and then test again. It's a whole lot of trial and error to determine what works and what does not. In this case, I've done the testing for you. Now it's time for you to take your idea and do the same. First, you have to convince yourself that your idea is worth it. The First Sale Is Always To YourselfYou have to convince yourself first that the vision you have for your business has legs. You need to sell yourself on your own business ideas if you are ever going to be successful with selling it to others. Selling is really your ability to transfer belief, and the first person you need to convince is you. Believe that you are capable of building this business and in selling your idea to others. Believe that your product or service is of value and is worth buying. You're going to have to be able to sell this belief to YOU first; otherwise, you won't be successful selling to others. Martha Stewart started out making pies in her kitchen and selling them at the farmers market. She was not the Martha Stewart back then that she is today. She started her business the same way as you and I---as a little idea that she tested, refined, which grew into something much bigger.Her first pilot was selling pies at the market. Look at her now and the profits in her business. Martha Stewart had to go through three phases in her business: 1) Start Up, 2) Growth Mode, and eventually 3) Scaling to get where she is today. I am sure her ideas in the very beginning did not include everything her empire is today, however, it did start with a belief in her own ability. You and your business can get stuck in start-up mode for an exceedingly long time if you do not have belief in both yourself and in your vision.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Profit Principles

Introduction: Accidental Entrepreneur

Chapter One: The First Sale Is Always You

Chapter Two: Your Money Mindset

Chapter Three: Defining Your Business Model

Chapter Four: Measure What Matters

Section 2: Content Principles

Chapter Five: Your Content Is Your Credibility

Chapter Six: Emails Make Your Business Money

Section 3: Social Principles

Chapter Seven: Selling On Social Media

Chapter Eight: Don't Be Everywhere On Social Media

Chapter Nine: Be A SWIIFT Marketer

Section 4: Selling Principles

Chapter Ten: How To Sell

Section 5: Conclusion

Chapter Eleven: The Pilot Project

Chapter Twelve: Connect With Me

Editorial Reviews

"Lisa brilliantly lays out a structure to develop a business model that you'll love while also getting your message seen and heard by the right audience. She shares her proven methodology in this book to attract more leads and then shows you exactly how to convert them to clients. A must read!" -- Melonie Dodaro, CEO of Top Dog Social Media, Author of "The LinkedIn Code""Straight talk on the truth about business, money, and what it really takes to make it. That's what you get when you read Lisa Larter's book, "Pilot to Profit." -- Alexis Neely, Business Priestess & New Economy Personal Finance Expert"Congratulations! You will be so glad you decided to buy this book. I have known Lisa Larter for many years and can attest she is someone 'walking her talk.' Lisa is easily one of the smartest and savvy women I know. Sometimes when I get stuck on a problem I think, 'What would Lisa Larter do?' Why do I do that? Because the woman is tenacious, uses metrics like no one's business, and always does what right for her clients. You will reap rewards a minimum of tenfold by buying this book. I cannot say enough good things about Lisa not only as a leader but in her ability to help you get to the next level." -- Joyce Bone, Honey Badger Extraordinaire"This book is essentially a blueprint for small business owners who want to increase sales and profits in their business. Social media can be a huge distraction for business owners if they are not clear on exactly how to turn connections into customers. Lisa shows you how to use your content to build credibility, and then how to easily increase sales by being SWIIFT. Her SWIIFT model will change how you look at Social Media and Content Marketing." -- Linda Clemons, Sales and Body Language Expert"As an entrepreneur, I often tell people that you go into business for one reason and one reason alone. You love what you do. However, it is easy to fall into the trap of being so busy working IN your business, you neglect to work ON your business. Lisa has strategically given steps not only to help you work ON your business, but how to work smarter, not harder through money tips, social media strategies, mindset techniques, and so many other top-notch strategies. Learn from the best. Lisa is a leader in anything business-related and in online strategies. Allow her experience to teach you how to continue to succeed and break through your ceiling. Now that indeed is smart!" -- Kathy Smart, North America's Gluten-Free Expert, Best Selling Author, TV Show Host, Dr. Oz Guest, Global News Community Health Contributor"If you're ready for no-nonsense, street-wise, hard-hitting, how-to blueprint on building and running your business, Lisa Larter's got it for you right here, right now. Read this book. It will transform how you think, take action, and get real results in your business." -- Christine Kane, President & Founder, UPLEVEL YOU"Unfortunately, as business owners today we face a huge challenge. The challenge of misinformation, half-truths, and downright lies when it comes to finding real information that helps our businesses grow. It's much like finding a needle in a haystack. . .and this is why most small businesses fail even before they get started. I've read many books, and most of them fall short of the complete picture of what it takes to start, run, operate, and make your business thrive. . .Starting, Running, Managing, Partnering, Mindset, Marketing, Measuring. Lisa has put together what I believe a complete picture, for not only start-ups, but also businesses that want to go to the next level. Finally, you've found the needle. Thanks, Lisa, for putting such a great book together. I can feel the truth in every word." -- Stephan Stavrakis, Positioning Strategist"This book is a tremendous read for entrepreneurs and corporate executives alike. Having worked for Lisa a long time ago in my career, I can tell you her lessons have a lifelong effect in setting you up for success. It is tremendous to see her lessons shared as a leader in my past, coming to life in this book to impact more people eager to live better, happier, more successful lives.Whether it is in regards of 'how you can vs. why you can't' or 'having a positive mindset vs. a negative mindset,' Lisa has 'walked this walk' in life and impacted so many like myself. I am so excited she is sharing these lessons with many more through this book. A 'must-read' for all those trying to grow their business, or start one. Pay special attention to 'Measuring What Matters,' very few know this better than Lisa Larter. -- Marc Petitpas, Vice President of Sales, Fusion Homes."Finally, a book that makes sense and is full of quality content that can be used in everyday life. It is about changing your mindset and how you think about money. This book will enlighten you and reinforce your understanding of how to master the money game. This is a must read if you want to have financial freedom." -- Judy O'Beirn, Creator and Co-Author of "Unwavering Strength""Lisa Larter knows her stuff. She has grown her business into a world-class enterprise by developing and implementing the powerful strategies and practical tactics she shares in her book. I know they work because I've watched her apply them over and over. If you want to grow your business, buy this book. You can thank me later." -- Michael J. Hughes, NfR Consulting Group"Heart-felt, wise, honest, and relevant. Lisa Larter shares her own personal journey from financial struggle to entrepreneurial success. As a small business owner, I find her inspirational advice demonstrates how even minor, gentle changes to our mindset can garner wonderfully impactful results." -- Joyce Little, JL Consulting, Inc."Lisa's unique genius shines through in her book as she tells the honest and vulnerable stories we can identify with---about money, fear, and other things that hold entrepreneurs back and then hits you right between the eyes with the truth of EXACTLY what it takes to succeed. And, when I say exactly I mean specific, practical steps that leave you feeling like, 'Yes, I can do this!' Lisa's book is like having a business coach right at your shoulder, leaving no room for doubt about the action, mindset, and approach to take to succeed." -- Cristi Cooke, Creator of the Pillars of Genius Method"A path to personal success and financial freedom are in front of us every day. Lisa uses her personal experiences to mentor small business entrepreneurs through the process in a practical manner. This read will leave you inspired and prepared to compete in our competitive marketplace." -- Shaun Marshall, GM Canada-Sales & Operations at Cohere Communications"The boost you need to grow your business today! Through her transparent writing, Lisa shares her experiences and vast knowledge in a positive, clear way that will get you started, take you to the next level, or remind you what is important. A book for every entrepreneur!" -- DeDe Galindo, Granddaughter of Zig Ziglar, Realtor, Entrepreneur, and Speaker with the Ziglar Women"In Lisa Larter's book, "Pilot to Profit" she shares what I call the 'real secrets of online success.' As one of the premier Queens of Social Media, she lays out the type of foundation you need to build for a profitable long-term online business, as well as show you through her stories and examples how to deal with all the issues that come up along the journey!" -- Sheree Keys, CEO of ShereeKeys.com and #1 Best-Selling Author"Love this book! Lisa does an excellent job of walking the reader step-by-step through her proven system of building a profitable business in today's social world, based on quality relationship marketing principles. Social Media is the great amplifier; read this book to learn show how to get your business in order so you can turn the right connections into your best customers!" -- Mari Smith, Author of "The New Relationship Marketing" and Co-Author of "Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day"