Piracy the trends, the causes. the spiral effects and the practicable solutions: TOWARDS BAILING THE NATIONS OUT OF ECONOMIC RECESSION by amusa abdulateef

Piracy the trends, the causes. the spiral effects and the practicable solutions: TOWARDS BAILING…

byamusa abdulateef

Kobo ebook | May 6, 2017

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Piracy is the bane of all sales in the macro economy and the major cause of all terminal diseases and avoidable deaths. Through the consumption of faked and substandard drugs and foods in tins, consumers have fallen prey to renal failure among other deadly diseases. The infections from the use of contaminated and substandard materials have shown people ways to different hospitals render them terminally ill, killing at will, turn them handicapped and specialists in different ailments are milking them dry. Who knows if the adulterated drugs and foods are not the cause of bareness of couple, the high maternal and child mortality rate and the epidemics from pollutions among other challenges facing the nations? Nations suffering from economic downturn are affected mostly by the evils of pirates and adulterators of products and impersonation of services. The labour turnover is high, the manpower inputs to the national output are lower by unhealthy and incapacitated working force among the populace and the per capita income would definitely go south as a result of poor economic system. There would be loss of jobs from dwindling of sales in the nation.  One cannot deny the fact that investors have found it hard solving the virus attacking their investments and even showing many out of businesses. And the simple effect on dwindling sales is the loss of jobs as the business owners resolve into downsizing of workers in order to stay afloat. By the constant loss of jobs, the scourges on the environment are all-time huge.

Author Amusa Abdulateef researched to identify the items that are being or prone to piracy; how to protect the products, how the consumers and non-consumers could assist in checking the malaise. He also proffers ways out on the part of the governments and their institutions. To him, the fight against piracy is an all-inclusive war that involves all nationals of all nations. He also looked into ways the black sheep engaging in the adulteration jobs could be transformed into new being who would contribute positively to the economic growth and development of the nation and the world at large. Studies show that there are positive impacts that are derivable from the art of piracy. The book proffers practicable solutions for the elimination of the piracy such as 17-quick tests for buyers, simple tests that consumers must engage in and the collaboration efforts of all stakeholders. All these are concisely illustrated in the book. It is right work for all companies, national and international regulatory agencies established by laws to protect the intellectual, patent, copy rights of the original owners to boost economic growth and development across the nations of the world. Author Amusa Abdulateef works on the research pointed to the fact the eradication of the scourge shall ensure economic prosperity and wealth distribution of the nations and this shall grow the nations in all sectors especially in the employment generation, standard of living and health assurance for all citizens.

 The contents of the book would serve as inevitable guide for all users such as individuals or consumers and non-consumers, manufacturers, distributors, and the government agencies working to eliminate the scourge called ‘piracy’.

Title:Piracy the trends, the causes. the spiral effects and the practicable solutions: TOWARDS BAILING…Format:Kobo ebookPublished:May 6, 2017Publisher:amusa-abdulateef.comLanguage:English

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