Playing Cupid: A Heartwarming Contemporary Debut

February 16, 2021|
Playing Cupid: A Heartwarming Contemporary Debut by SC Alban


For fans of UNDER DIFFERENT STARS by Amy A. Bartol comes a touching YA debut that will be a heartwarming shot through the heart for teen and adult readers alike!

For the past five years, seventeen-year-old Megan Cooper has built a wall around her heart. Her mother's passing left her family fractured, driving a wedge between her and her father, and it’s only gotten deeper with time. The solution: graduate high school early and get out of Dodge.

With one final standing between her and the rest of her life, Megan is paired with a Home Economics partner who seems destined to dump all the work on her. Constantly bailing at the last minute and with more excuses than she can keep track of, Jay Michaels seems determined to ruin her plan.

That is, until she hits Cupid with her car. With his shooting arm significantly injured, Cupid needs Megan to take his place. While racing to find Cupid’s final three love matches to meet his quota by the start of the new year, she must confront the emotions she’s been pushing away for so long.

Caught between what her head is saying and what her heart longs for, Megan must face old wounds, find forgiveness, and track down the perfect match for the one boy with all the excuses.

Title:Playing Cupid: A Heartwarming Contemporary Debut
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:February 16, 2021
Publisher:The Parliament House
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781953539786

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