Playing It Close by Kat Latham

Playing It Close

byKat Latham

Kobo ebook | April 14, 2014

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Book two of the London Legends

Where do you go to escape everything when you're one of the most famous rugby players in the world? For Liam Callaghan, that place is a remote lodge on Venezuela's Caribbean coast. Perfect, except he doesn't exactly want to be alone with his thoughts. Enter Tess Chambers, the ultimate distraction.

Still reeling from a professional disaster that's made her all but unemployable, Tess understands the desire to move through life as somebody else. So when instantly recognizable Liam uses a fake name, she runs with it and creates a temporary new identity of her own.

Their time spent together in paradise is idyllic but brief-after one passionate night, Liam wakes up to find Tess gone. Returning to London, he's shocked to learn she's taken a job with his team's new sponsor. As the Legends' captain, he'll have to not only figure out how to work with the one woman who ever left him wanting more, but also convince her that their feelings in the present mean more than any lies they've told in the past.

90,000 words

Title:Playing It CloseFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:April 14, 2014Publisher:Carina PressLanguage:English

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Rated 4 out of 5 by from On To The World Cup! Playing It Close was a fluid, well-written sports romance, not a genre I usually pick up. However, this story interested me right from the start with Tess and Liam's meeting in Venezuela. It turned into so much more with the depth of the portrayal of the characters; their back stories, their insecurities, their interactions, their emotions. There was never a dull moment, and I read this from cover-to-cover in one sitting. Tess and Liam go through a lot during this story, but I loved the way they dealt with it...almost. The rugby side, I found interesting and added some things to my limited knowledge of the game. Going through a World Cup experience with them was great. (Gifted a copy for independent review)
Date published: 2015-09-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Playing It Close From the beaches of Venezuela to the rugby pitch in London, Kat Latham took me on a romantic adventure in Playing It Close. Smoothly written at a great pace, Playing It Close had all the elements that capture me in a romance...humor, heart ache, just the right amount of conflict, hope, love, great characters, and a great feeling in my heart. Tess and Liam both just wanted to get away...away from 'real life', the spotlight and their troubles when they head to Venezuela separately. Neither expects to find the perfect holiday romance and lose a little piece of their heart. To Tess, it can only be a holiday fling...and when she sneaks off in the night, Liam is not sure he'll ever see her again. Especially since neither of them were honest about who they really were. Rugby, London, and Tess's new job bring them unexpectedly back together again. Tess is determined to keep things professional, even if everything inside of her flares to life around Liam. Liam is determined to have more with Tess. After that brief time with her, he knows he wants more. But lies of omission can take their toll and hurt them both. Will those ruin what's just getting started? Tess and Liam make a fantastic heroine and hero. Tess is so realistic and easy to relate to! It was easy to see her in my mind, to understand her, and feel what she felt. I liked how she carried on, even through hurt and embarrassment, after the mess of her last job. I liked how she was able to lose her inhibitions even if it was just on holiday pretending to be someone else. She did what so many women would do! I really like Liam also! I liked how he was with Tess, how they were together. He is a strong character in more ways than one...and so easy to picture in my minds eye! Tess and Liam are both still hurting, and seeing them come together again, the push and pull of the newly forming relationship was believable. They both still had issues to work through, and I liked how they helped each other do this without even really realizing it. The way they both react when all the truths come out was hard to read because I wanted these two together! Seeing if they could work through it and how kept me intrigued. Tess was very admirable!! I loved all the secondary characters, but the ones who stand out the most for me are Charlie (Tess's cousin) and her Dad. They were hilarious! They kept the entertainment up for me, I just loved them. As funny as they were, they also felt real...and beneath the jokes and unintentional embarrassing comments, they both had a lot of depth to them that shines through. They are both an integral part of Playing It Close and added character and even more depth. Playing It Close is a romance with so much more, it is a very well rounded book. There is definite heat and chemistry between Liam and Tess, but that is just one aspect of the plot. I loved the settings...both in Venezuela and London. Kat paints a vivid picture of both places. I could feel the water on me on the beach...but in London I could hear all the voices and accents. I could smell the pitch, hear the crowds, and see the men!! Kat made me feel like I was part of this world and it was a great time! Playing It Close is book 2 in the London Legends series, but it can easily be read as a stand alone. I'd recommend Playing It Close to any romance reader!
Date published: 2015-09-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Loving this Rugby themed romance series! On the eve of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, I wanted to catch up on Kat Latham's London Legends novels with the one I hadn't read yet, book 2 of the series ( all standalones). This rugby themed romance is the story of Tess and Liam. Liam is the captain of the London Legends, gearing up for the World Cup but taking a few days off to de-stress at a Venezuelan resort, where he has a brief sexy interlude with Tess who is escaping her own troubles in London as the result of a sexual harassment inquiry. It's first names only between them, but when Tess takes off, leaving Liam with a note of thanks but no forwarding information, Liam feels pretty used. When they meet up again in London and it turns out she's working with one of the team sponsors and will be around him a lot more, he's pissed off to discover that she knew who he was from the start, and that what he thought was a truly anonymous affair really wasn't. But he can't keep away, despite Tess's own misgivings about being involved again in a workplace affair, something that had already devastated her personally and professionally. Can they find a way to recapture the magic of their first night together, and transform it into a trusting and deep relationship? I really felt a lot of empathy for Tess in this story. Making the mistake of sleeping with her superior at work who then maligned her publicly, she fought back by creating a blog detailing the harassment women feel in the man's world of the financial district, a step that while getting a lot of approval from other women in the same situation ended up with her on the inquiry stand having to give up the sordid details of an affair she wished she could forget. The loss of her personal and professional reputation was devastating, and the comfort she found in Liam's arms in the remote resort where they met is something she could only dream about happening permanently. Indeed, when they meet up again, Liam is obviously mistrustful of her intentions and it takes a while for the trust to build up again between them. Tess's abandonment issues from childhood have also affected her deeply, making her doubly afraid of making any more mistakes in her life that might cause her adopted family more grief than she's already put them through - an affair with London's beloved rugby captain on the eve of the World Cup is a definite no-no. Liam's reaction to Tess is understandable. He's a handsome, charming man, used to being in the public eye, and equally used to women using him for the status of his position and not really seeing the real man underneath. When he thought that the honesty he and Tess had shared with other on the resort (admittedly not revealing their true identities but sharing meaningful and emotional stories with each other) had been tainted by her revelation that she'd known who he was all the time, he was understandably angry and annoyed (mostly with himself for allowing his feelings to get involved with what was supposed to be just a fun night of sex). As time goes on and he realizes that Tess is a true rugby fan and didn't just sleep with him as a notch on her belt, he grudgingly must admit to himself that he feels more for her than he has for any other woman. It will take more than just desire and attraction between them to move their relationship to the next level. I loved the sexual tension between these two and they share some very sexy scenes together, both on the resort, and later once they admit that the attraction they feel for each other isn't going away. Tess has issues with her body image and self esteem, and Liam is quick to reassure her that in his eyes, she is beautiful (and his are the only ones that should matter). He's a really sweet and loving man underneath his alpha male image, a friendly and supportive person and well deserving of his position as captain on the rugby team. They have a series of ups and downs as the story goes on, but eventually do find their happy ending in a very satisfactory way. The author does a great job of explaining rugby to the newbie, with a glossary of terms at the start of the story and several sporty scenes that are detailed and full of action. From start to finish, this was a truly entertaining story and a treat for readers familiar with rugby or looking for a new type of sports romance. 4.5 stars.
Date published: 2015-09-12
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Fantastic read! This is the second book in the series and it is just as intriguing as the first. I still know next to nothing about rugby but I do know a little about great romance reads and this is definitely one! Away on holiday, Tess Chambers is trying to relax and get her head straight after her personal and professional life get entangled and implode. Liam Callaghan is reeling from the recent loss of his mother. He wants to get himself together before taking over as the captain of his rugby team. When he spots Tess at the resort, he doesn't want his fame to come in to play so he introduces himself with a fake name. She immediately knows who he is but since he obviously doesn't want to be recognized she goes with it. After one incredibly passionate night, Liam wakes up alone.... Back in London, imagine the surprise when he walks into a meeting with a new sponsor and sees Tess sitting there. The craziness is just getting started though!! As I said this is a fantastic book. It moves along at a great pace and these characters grab your heart right from the beginning. I definitely recommend this one to everyone.
Date published: 2015-09-07