Plea Of The Damned: The Complete Series

September 10, 2021|
Plea Of The Damned: The Complete Series by Avril Sabine


This is a bundled edition of the following six stories.
Young Adult Urban Fantasy/Paranormal.
Word Count: 130680
Jack is damned, bound to haunt his old school and help students until he atones for his sins. It's the last thing he wants to do. But since the alternative is an eternity in hell, he's not about to say no.

Plea Of The Damned 1: Forgive Me Lucy
Plea Of The Damned 2: Forgive Me Aiden
Plea Of The Damned 3: Forgive Me Jena
Plea Of The Damned 4: Forgive Me Kobe
Plea Of The Damned 5: Forgive Me Marti
Plea Of The Damned 6: Forgive Me Dawson

These stories were written by an Australian author using Australian spelling.

Title:Plea Of The Damned: The Complete Series
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 10, 2021
Publisher:Cracked Acorn Productions
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781925941418

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