Pocket Beer Guide 2015: The World's Best Craft and Traditional Beers -- Covers 3,500 Beers

Paperback | October 17, 2014

byStephen Beaumont, Tim Webb

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The definitive and most up-to-date guide to the world's best beers.

Praise for the 2014 edition:

"The gold standard of worldly beer guides, shrunk to fit in your jeans."
-- Draft Magazine

"Beaumont and Webb do an outstanding job of treading better beer's backwaters."
-- Celebrator Beer News, America's Premier Brewspaper

Collaborators Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb (World Atlas of Beer) have teamed up once again for this seminal collection of 3,500 expert beer reviews, 500 more than the previous edition. Pocket Beer 2015 combines their deep knowledge about beer with a team of international beer experts with regional knowledge to create the ultimate guide to the world's best beers.

An extensive opening chapter explains what constitutes a craft beer, introduces beer styles and provides guidance on pairing beer with meals, including breakfast (!), as well as such foods as fish, desserts and cheese.

The book organizes the 3,500 thumbnail reviews by country, 65 in all. The authors and international experts provide succinct commentary on each beer, its key characteristics and the region where beer lovers can best experience the beer in its original culture and setting. The brews cover the extraordinary variety that the world has to offer, from Belgium's Trappist beers to Britain's stouts and North America's craft brews. The selections range from traditional favorites to exciting discoveries.

This landmark portable guide provides beer fans and connoisseurs with easy access to an expert overview and puts a world of superb beers at their disposal. It is a 'must' for brewpubs, bars, restaurants, caterers and anybody who enjoys a good glass of beer.

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The definitive and most up-to-date guide to the world's best beers. Praise for the 2014 edition: "The gold standard of worldly beer guides, shrunk to fit in your jeans." -- Draft Magazine "Beaumont and Webb do an outstanding job of treading better beer's backwaters." -- Celebrator Beer News, America's Premier Brewspaper...

Stephen Beaumont is a writer and journalist who has been writing about beer for over 20 years. He has nine regular columns and contributes to a range of publications, from the International Herald Tribune to Wine Enthusiast magazine. He has also written, co-written or contributed to 11 books, including The World Atlas of Beer. He liv...

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Customer Reviews of Pocket Beer Guide 2015: The World's Best Craft and Traditional Beers -- Covers 3,500 Beers


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Introduction The world today has more beers in a greater variety of styles, colours and flavours than has ever been the case before. This assertion is, of course, pure conjecture. Yet at a time when brewers of interesting and engaging beers have not only achieved blanket coverage of all the archetypal brewing nations, but also made significant inroads in countries like Brazil, Italy, Japan and now India, we consider it a fairly safe bet. This renaissance in hands-on brewing has been gradually sweeping the globe since its emergence in the 1970s. Following decades during which breweries grew larger and more impersonal, and beers became uniform and dull, those drinkers who did not react simply by migrating to wine or spirits were ready for beers with a sense of place and community, and most of all character and flavour. It was a movement that buoyed not only a new global breed of craft brewer, but also long-suffering brewers of traditional beer styles. As real ales, bieres artisanales, microbrews, streekbieren and landbier enter their fifth decade of revival, however, what we see globally is that such "craft brewing" is no longer a quaint cottage industry, but has become a juggernaut that can and is changing the world of brewing, even as the dominant and ever more massive multinational corporations struggle to maintain their hold on their trade. We see also an industry enduring its own growing pains. In the UK, for example, craft brewers face off not against the dominant major breweries, but increasingly the pioneering consumer champions of cask-conditioned ale. In North America, former "microbreweries" that have grown national in scope are sometimes looked upon with distrust, or as interlopers when entering new regions well equipped with established craft breweries of their own. Concurrently, we have witnessed the emergence of superstar brewers and owners, so renowned and respected that they are sought-after speakers and advisers on national and international stages, even as other brewers have developed cult status for their breweries, producing small amounts of some of the most highly prized ales and lagers in the world. We have also watched breweries multiply almost exponentially, marvelling at the latest remarkable small brewery count - over 50 in London alone! More than 2,500 in the United States! And almost 600 in Italy and in France - each quickly and now predictably eclipsed by another, notably higher number. Taken together, these developments, and numerous others besides, point to a global industry that has reached an impressive level of scale, maturity and sophistication. No longer may it be said that craft brewing is but a passing fad, any more than one might claim that one wine or high-end cuisine is a temporary trend of which society will eventually tire. The multinationals will likely continue to own the bulk of the global market for some time to come, just as fast food chains outsell Michelin-starred restaurants, yet almost regardless of where you look today, the appreciation of artfully brewed beer has an established and most likely growing following. Given such an abundance of breweries and beers worldwide, it would be folly to suggest we could attempt complete coverage or even a comprehensive overview in a single volume, much less one that is sized for the pocket. We make neither of these claims. Instead, what we have done is comb the globe for the foremost local beer authorities in a multitude of countries and regions, some of whom we have known personally for decades and others we met while researching Mitchell Beazley's The World Atlas of Beer in 2012. The challenge we lay down to each is to deliver a compilation of the best of the old school, the most promising of the multitude of new arrivals, and the most creative and exciting breweries in either camp, highlighting what are simply the finest beers in each brewery's portfolio, be they cutting-edge innovations in flavour and ingredients or textbook-perfect takes on traditional styles. We have assumed these same responsibilities for many areas ourselves. We know we have assembled an exceptional team. In a majority of cases one or the other of us has enjoyed the opportunity of tasting alongside our experts, and in others we have sampled their recommended beers separately. This has allowed us to guide the tone and content of the reviews, and ensure that each beer is judged strictly on its individual merits, not relative to the maturity of its market or in consideration of how "out there" it might be, but assessed against the very best beers worldwide - although measuring the excellence of a brilliantly simple kolsch, say, against the full firepower of an Imperial stout will always be a challenge. In this fashion, what we have crafted is not a guide to all the beers of the world, or even every single good beer, but rather an expertly curated selection of the best in brewing the planet has to offer - this year. We doubt you will agree with every rating that follows, and you will perhaps have personal favourite finds - beers or breweries - you feel should be included but are not, but what we have endeavoured to provide are new and exciting beer discoveries on almost every page. Which is not to suggest that finding them will be always easy. Indeed, in many cases, a desire to sample the best will leave you no alternative but to visit their country or perhaps front door of origin. We make no apologies for this; excellence is like that sometimes. Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb

Table of Contents




    Brussels and Wallonia
    The Lambic Makers of Brussels and Payottenland
    Munich and Upper Bavaria
    Bamberg and Upper Franconia
    Rest of Bavaria
    Cologne, Dusseldorf and North Rhine-Westphalia
    Rest of Germany
United Kingdom
    Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
The Baltic States
Eastern Europe and the Balkans
    Czech Republic
    Slovak Republic
Russian Federation

United States

    Pacific Northwest
    Rocky Mountains and the Midwest
    East Coast
    Western Canada
    Eastern Canada

Rest of Latin America

Southeast Asia

    South Korea
    Taiwan, China
    Rest of Southeast Asia
The Middle East
    Rest of the Middle East

New Zealand
The Western Pacific

South Africa
Rest of Africa

Index of Beers

Editorial Reviews

(A) sweeping panoramic view of the global beer landscape. Stephen Beaumont and Tim Webb...cover 3,500 beers from 65 countries, succinctly coupling each with information on how to enjoy the beer in its original culture and setting, as well as taste ratings indicated by stars.