Poems for the Millennium, Volume Four: The University of California Book of North African Literature by Pierre JorisPoems for the Millennium, Volume Four: The University of California Book of North African Literature by Pierre Joris

Poems for the Millennium, Volume Four: The University of California Book of North African Literature

EditorPierre Joris, Habib TengourContribution byPierre Joris

Paperback | January 31, 2013

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In this fourth volume of the landmark Poems for the Millennium series, Pierre Joris and Habib Tengour present a comprehensive anthology of the written and oral literatures of the Maghreb, the region of North Africa that spans the modern nation states of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania, and including a section on the influential Arabo-Berber and Jewish literary culture of Al-Andalus, which flourished in Spain between the ninth and fifteenth centuries. Beginning with the earliest pictograms and rock drawings and ending with the work of the current generation of post-independence and diasporic writers, this volume takes in a range of cultures and voices, including Berber, Phoenician, Jewish, Roman, Vandal, Arab, Ottoman, and French. Though concentrating on oral and written poetry and narratives, the book also draws on historical and geographical treatises, philosophical and esoteric traditions, song lyrics, and current prose experiments. These selections are arranged in five chronological “diwans” or chapters, which are interrupted by a series of “books” that supply extra detail, giving context or covering specific cultural areas in concentrated fashion. The selections are contextualized by a general introduction that situates the importance of this little-known culture area and individual commentaries for nearly each author.

About The Author

Pierre Joris is a Professor of English at SUNY, Albany and an acclaimed translator and editor. as well as the author of many books of poetry. He is coeditor of UC Press’s highly successful first two volumes in the Poems for the Millennium series.Habib Tengour is a poet, editor, translator, anthropologist, and novelist. He is editor of ...
A Nomad Poetics: Essays
A Nomad Poetics: Essays

by Pierre Joris


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Title:Poems for the Millennium, Volume Four: The University of California Book of North African LiteratureFormat:PaperbackDimensions:792 pages, 9 × 6 × 1.6 inPublished:January 31, 2013Publisher:University of California PressLanguage:English

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Extra Content

Table of Contents

Thanks and Acknowledgments
A Book of Multiple Beginnings
The First Human Beings, Their Sons and Amazon Daughters
Hanno the Navigator (Carthage, c. sixth century B.C.E.)
from The Periplos of Hanno
Callimachus (Cyrene, 310-c. 240 B.C.E.)
Thirteen Epigrammatic Poems
Mago (Carthage, pre-second century B.C.E.)
from De Agricultura
Lucius Apuleius (Madaurus, now M'Daourouch, c. 123-c. 180 C.E.)
from The Golden Ass, or Metamorphoses
Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus (Carthage, c. 160-c. 220 C.E.)
from De Pallio (The Cloak)
from Scorpiace (The Scorpion)
Thascius Caecilius Cyprianus (Carthage, early third century-258 C.E.)
from Epistle to Donatus
Lucius Lactantius (Cirta?, c. 240-Trier?, c. 320 C.E.)
from De Ave Phoenice
Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis (Saint Augustine) (Thagaste, 354-Hippo, 430 C.E.)
from Confessions
from De Doctrina Christiana
from De fide rerum invisibilium
from Psalmus contra partem Donati
Blossius Aemilius Dracontius (Carthage, c. 455-c. 505 C.E.)
The Chariot of Venus
De Mensibus (Months)
The Origin of Roses
Luxorius (Carthage, sixth century C.E.)
[They say, that when the fierce bear gives birth . . .]
Premature Chariot
First Diwan
A Book of In-Betweens: Al-Andalus, Sicily, the Maghreb
Anonymous Muwashshaha
Some Kharjas
Ibn Hani al-Andalusi (Seville, c. 934-Barca, Libya, 973)
Extinction Is the Truth . . .
Ibn Darradj al-Qastalli (958-1030)
from Ode in Praise of Khairan al-'Amiri, Emir of Almería
from Ode in Praise of al-Mansur al-'Amiri, Emir of Córdoba
Abu Amir Ibn Shuhayd (Córdoba, 992-1035)
from Qasida (I)
from Qasida (II)
"As he got his fill of delirious wine"
Gravestone Qasida
Yusuf ibn Harun al-Ramadi (d. c. 1022)
Hugging Letters and Beauty Spots
Silver Breast
Gold Nails
The Swallow
O Rose . . .
Yosef ibn Abitur (mid-tenth century-c. 1012)
The "Who?" of Ibn Abitur of Córdoba
Hafsa bint Hamdun (Wadi al-Hijara, now Guadalajara, tenth century)
Four Poems
Samuel Ha-Levi ibn Nagrella, called ha-Nagid, "the Prince" (Merida, 993-Granada, 1055)
Three Love Poems
War Poem
Ibn Hazm (Córdoba, 994-Niebla, 1064)
My Heart
from The Neck-Ring of the Dove
Wallada bint al-Mustakfi (Córdoba, 994-1091)
Six Poems
Ibn Rashiq (Masila, Algeria, c. 1-Mazara, Sicily, c. 1064)
from Lament over the Fall of the City of Kairouan
Ibn Zaydun (Córdoba, 1003-1071)
Fragments from the Qasida in the Rhyme of Nun
Written from al-Zahra'
Salomon ibn Gabirol (Malaga, c. 1020-Valencia, c. 1058)
The 16-Year-Old Poet
from The Crown of Kingdom
Al Mu'tamid ibn Abbad (Seville, 1040-Aghmat, 1095)
To Abu Bakr ibn 'Ammar Going to Silves
To Rumaykiyya
Ibn Hamdis (Noto, Sicily, 1056-Majorca, 1133)
He Said, Remembering Sicily and His Home, Syracuse
Ibn Labbana (Benissa, mid-eleventh century-Majorca, 1113)
Al-Mu'tamid and His Family Go into Exile
Two Muwashshahat
Moses ibn Ezra (Granada, c. 1058-c. 1135)
Drinking Song
Al-A'ma al-Tutili (b. Tudela, c. late eleventh century-d. 1126)
Water-Fire Muwashshaha
Ibn Khafadja (Alcita, province of Valencia, 1058-1138)
The River
Yehuda Halevi, the Cantor of Zion (Toledo, 1075-Cairo, 1141)
from Yehuda Halevi's Songs to Zion
The Garden
Ibn Quzman (Córdoba, 1078-1160)
[A muwashshaha]
The Crow
Abraham ibn Ezra (1089-1164)
"I have a garment"
Abu Madyan Shu'ayb (Sidi Boumedienne) (Cantillana, 1126-Tlemcen, 1198)
You Will Be Served in Your Glass
Hafsa bint al-Hajj Arrakuniyya (Granada, 1135-Marrakech, 1190)
Eight Poems
Ibn Arabi, al-Sheikh al-Akhbar (Murcia, 1165-Damascus, 1240)
"I believe in the religion of love"
"O my two friends"
The Wisdom of Reality in the Words of Isaac
Abi Sharif al-Rundi (Seville, 1204-Ceuta, 1285)
Ibn Said al-Maghribi (Alcalá la Real, 1213-Tunis, 1274)
The Battle
Black Horse with White Chest
The Wind
Abu al-Hassan al-Shushtari (Guadix, 1213-Damietta, 1269)
My Art
But You Are in the Najd
Desire Drives the Camels
Abraham Abulafia (Saragossa, 1240-Comino, c. 1291)
How He Went as Messiah in the Name of Angel Raziel to Confront the Pope
from The Book of the Letter
from Life of the World to Come: Circles
Ibn Zamrak (Granada, 1333-1393)
The Alhambra Inscription
The Oral Tradition I
Kabyle Origin Tale: "The World Tree and the Image of the Universe"
from Sirhat Banu Hilal (I)
Sultan Hassan el Hilali Bou Ali, the Taciturn
Over Whom to Weep
Who Is the Best Hilali Horseman?
Chiha's Advice
Bouzid on Reconnaissance in the Maghreb
Four Tamachek' Fables
The Greyhound and the Bone
The Lion, the Panther, the Tazourit, and the Jackal
The Billy Goat and the Wild Boar
The Woman and the Lion
Kabylian Song on the Expedition of 1856
Tuareg Proverbs from the Ahaggar
Second Diwan
Al Adab: The Invention of Prose
Ibn Sharaf al-Qayrawani (Kairouan, c. 1-Seville, 1067)
On Some Andalusian Poets
On Poetic Criticism
Ibn Rashiq al-Qayrawani (also al-Masili) (Masila, Algeria, c. 1-Mazara, Sicily, 1064)
from Al-'Umda: "On making poetry and stimulating inspiration"
Al-Bakri (Huelva, 1014-Córdoba, 1094)
from Kitab al-Masalik wa-'al-Mamalik (Book of Routes and Realms)
Abu Hamid al-Gharnati (Granada, 1080-Damascus, 1169)
from Tuhfat al-Albab (Gift of the Spirit)
Ibn Baja (Avempace) (Saragossa, 1085-Fez, 1138)
from The Governance of the Solitary
Al-Idrisi (Ceuta, 1099-Sicily, c. 1166)
from Al-Kitab al-Rujari (Roger's Book)
Ibn Tufayl (Cadiz, c. 1105-Marrakech, 1185)
from Hayy ibn Yaqzan, a Philosophical Tale
Musa ibn Maimon, called Maimonides (Córdoba, 1138-Fostat, 1204)
from The Guide for the Perplexed
Ibn Jubayr (Valencia, 1145-Egypt, 1217)
from The Travels of Ibn Jubayr: Sicily
Ahmad al-Tifashi (Tiffech, Algeria, 1184-Cairo, 1253)
from The Delight of Hearts
Ibn Battuta (Tangier, 1304-Marrakech, 1369)
from Rihla: Concerning Travels in the Maghreb
Ibn Khaldun (Tunis, 1332-Cairo, 1406)
from The Muqaddimah, an Introduction to History
Sheikh Nefzaoui (b. Nefzaoua, southern Tunisia-d. c. 1434)
from The Perfumed Garden
Al-Hasan ibn Muhammad al-Wazzan al-Fasi (Leo Africanus) (Granada, c. 1488-1554)
from Travel Diaries
A Book of Mystics
Abu Madyan Shu'ayb (Sidi Boumedienne) (Cantillana, 1126-Tlemcen, 1198)
The Qasida in Ra
The Qasida in Mim
Abdeslam ibn Mashish Alami (Beni Aross region, near Tangier, 1163-1228)
As-Salatal-Mashishiyah (The Salutation of Ibn Mashish)
Ibn Arabi, al-Sheikh al-Akhbar (Murcia, 1165-Damascus, 1240)
Our Loved Ones
Lords of Love
"Gentle now, doves"
"Who is here for a braveheart"
Abu al-Hassan al-Shushtari (Guadix, 1213-Damietta, 1269)
Othman Ibn Yahya el Sherki (Sidi Bahlul Sherki) (Tétouan region, seventeenth century)
from Al-Fiyachiya
Ahmed Ibn 'Ajiba (Tétouan region, 1747-1809)
Mystical Poetry from Djurdjura
Tell Me, You Saints from Everywhere
Those Who Remember Know It
What Dwelling Did I Raise in Ayt-Idjer
Bird, Soar Up into the Sky
Two Shawia Amulets
Amulet against Poison and Poisonous Animals
Amulet to "Unknot" Headaches and Neuralgias
Third Diwan
The Long Sleep and the Slow Awakening
Sidi Abderrahman el Mejdub (Tit Mlil, early sixteenth century-Merdacha, Jebel Aouf, 1568)
Some Quatrains
Sidi Lakhdar Ben Khlouf (Mostaganem region, sixteenth-seventeenth century)
from The Honeycomb
Abdelaziz al-Maghraoui (Tafilalet, 1533-1593/1605)
from A Masbah az-Zin (O Beautiful Lamp!)
from Peace Be upon You O Shining Pearl!
Mawlay Zidan Abu Maali (d. Marrakech, 1627)
"I passed . . ."
Al-Maqqari (Tlemcen, c. 1591-Cairo, 1632)
On Those Andalusians Who Traveled to the East
Al-Yusi (Middle Atlas, 1631-1691)
from Al-Muharat
Ahmed Ben Triki (Ben Zengli) (Tlemcen, c. 1650-c. 1750)
from Tal Nahbi (My Pain Endures . . .)
from Sha'lat Niran Fi Kbadi (Burned to the Depths of My Soul!)
Sid al Hadj Aissa (Tlemcen, 1668--Laghouat, 1737)
A Borni Falcon Song
A Turkli Falcon Song
Al-Hani Ben Guenoun (1761-1864)
from Ya Dhalma (O Unfair Lady!)
Sidi Mohammed Ben Msaieb (d. Tlemcen, 1768)
from O Pigeon Messenger!
Mohammed ben Sliman (d. Fez, 1792)
The Storm
Boumediene Ben Sahla (Tlemcen, late eighteenth-early nineteenth century)
from Wahd al-Ghazal Rit al-Youm (I Saw a Gazelle Today . . .)
Mostefa Ben Brahim (Safa) (Boudjebha, Sidi Bel Abbès province, 1800-1867)
Saddle Up, O Warrior!
Mohammed Belkheir (El Bayadh, south of Oran, 1835-1905)
Moroccan Exile
Exiled at Calvi, Corsica
Si Mohand (Icheraiouen, At Yirraten, c. 1840-Lhammam-Michelet, 1906)
Three Poems
from Si Mohand's Journey from Maison-Carrée to Michelet
Mohamed ibn Seghir Benguitoun (Sidi Khaled, c. 1843-1907)
from Hiziya
Sheikh Smati (Ouled Djellal, near Biskra, 1862-1917)
Mount Kerdada
Mohamed Ben Sghir (Tlemcen, late nineteenth century)
Lafjar (Dawn)
Ya'l-Warchan (O Dove)
Abdallah Ibn Keriou (Laghouat, 1869-1921)
"Oh you who worry about the state of my heart"
Hadda (Dra Valley, southern Morocco, late twentieth century)
The Poem of the Candle
A Book of Writing
Archaic Kufic Script
Polychrome Maghrebian Script
Maghrebian Script
Maghrebian Cursive Script
Andalusian Cursive Script
A Bismillah
The Word Paradise
Maghrebian Script: The Two Letters Lam-Alif
Maghrebian Mujawhar Script
Fourth Diwan
Resistance and Road to Independence
Emir Abd El Kader (Mascara, 1808-Damascus, 1883)
My Spouse Worries
I Am Love
The Secrets of the Lam-Alif
Mohammed Ben Brahim Assarraj (Marrakech, 1897-1955)
Poem I
Poem II
Tahar Haddad (Tunis, 1899-1935)
from Muslim Women in Law and Society
Jean El Mouhoub Amrouche (Ighil Ali, 1906-Paris, 1962)
Adoration of the Palm Trees
Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi (Tozeur, 1909-Tunis, 1934)
Life's Will
Mouloud Feraoun (Tizi Hibel, 1913-Algiers, 1962)
from Journal, 1955-1962
Emmanuel Roblès (Oran, 1914-Boulogne-Billancourt, 1995)
from Mirror Suite
Edmond Amram El-Maleh (Safi, 1917-Rabat, 2010)
from Taksiat
Mouloud Mammeri (Taourirt Mimoune, Kabylia, 1917-Aïn Defla, 1989)
from L'Ahellil du Gourara: Timimoun
Mostefa Lacheraf (Sidi Aïssa, 1917-Algiers, 2007)
from Country of Long Pain
Mohammed Dib (Tlemcen, 1920-La Celle-Saint-Cloud, 2003)
from Ombre Gardienne
Bachir Hadj Ali (Algiers, 1920-1991)
Dreams in Disarray
Jean Pélégri (Rovigo, 1920-Paris, 2003)
Open the Pebble
Nourredine Aba (Aïn Oulmene, 1921-Paris, 1996)
from Lost Song of a Rediscovered Country
Mohammed Al-Habib El-Forkani (Tahannaout, 1922-Rabat, 2008)
"In a miserable world"
"My yesterday pursues me"
Frantz Fanon (Fort-de-France, 1925-Bethesda, Maryland, 1961)
from On National Culture
Jean Sénac (Béni Saf, 1926-Algiers, 1973)
Dawn Song of My People
News in Brief
The July Massacres
Malek Haddad (Constantine, 1927-Algiers, 1978)
The Long March
Kateb Yacine (Guelma, 1929-Grenoble, 1989)
Nedjma, or The Poem or the Knife
from Nedjma
Ismaël Aït Djaafar (Algiers, 1929-1995)
from Wail of the Arab Beggars of the Casbah
Anna Gréki (Batna, 1931-Algiers, 1966)
The Future Is for Tomorrow
Even in Winter
Henri Kréa (Algiers, 1933-Paris, 2)
from Le Séisme au bord de la rivière
Clandestine Travelers
The Oral Tradition II
More Kabylian Origin Stories
The Origin of Shooting Stars
The First Eclipse
The Origin of Menstruation
The Magic Grain: A Tale
Kabyl Proverbs
Children's Rain Song
"O night lights of Jew Town": A Song of the Hara
from The Adventures of the Jew
The Bride Who Was Too Large
The Tail of the Comet
More Riddles and Proverbs
Satirical Nomad Poem
Saharan Gharbi{ths}/{ths}Western-Style Anonymous Nomad Songs
from Sirhat Banu Hilal (II): Sada Betrays Her Father for Love of Meri
Fifth Diwan
"Make It New": The Invention of Independence I
Muhammad al-Faituri (b. al-Janira, Sudan, 1930)
The Story
The Question and the Answer
Ibrahim al-Koni (b. Fezzan region, 1948)
from Anubis: Dusk
Ashur Etwebi (b. Tripoli, 1952)
from Of Solitude and a Few Other Matters
Faraj Bou al-Isha (b. 1956)
Where Does This Pain Come From?
Here I Am
Fatima Mahmoud (b. Tripoli, mid-twentieth century)
What Was Not Conceivable
Laila Neihoum (b. Benghazi, 1961)
Melting Sun
Khaled Mattawa (b. Benghazi, 1964)
from East of Carthage: An Idyll
Claude Benady (Tunis, 1922-Boulogne, Hauts-de-Seine, 2)
Thirst for a Country . . .
Al-Munsif al-Wahaybi (b. Kairouan, 1929)
The Desert
In the Arab House
Midani Ben Salah (Nefta, 1929-2006)
In the Train with Them
Noureddine Sammoud (b. Kelibia, 1932)
The Eyes of My Love
Salah Garmadi (Tunis, 1933-1982)
Our Ancestors the Beduins
Counsel for My Family after My Death
Shams Nadir (Mohamed Aziza) (b. Tunis, 1940)
from The Athanor
Echoes from Isla-Negra
Abderrazak Sahli (Hammamet, 1941-2009)
Clerare Drac
Moncef Ghachem (b. Mahdia, 1946)
Fadhila Chabbi (b. Tozeur, 1946)
The Blind Goddess
Engraving Twenty-Nine
Abdelwahab Meddeb (b. Tunis, 1946)
from Talismano
from Fantasia
Muhammad al-Ghuzzi (b. Kairouan, 1949)
Quatrains for Joy
Moncef Ouahibi (b. Kairouan, 1949)
from Under Sargon Boulus's Umbrella
Khaled Najjar (b. Tunis, 1949)
Stone Castle
Poem 1
Poem 2
Poem 3
Poem 4
Poem 5
Tahar Bekri (b. Gabès, 1951)
From War to War
from I Call You Tunisia
Amina Said (b. Tunis, 1953)
Child of the Sun and the Earth
I Am a Child and Free
Moncef Mezghanni (b. Sfax, 1954)
A Duck's Speech
The Land of Narrow Dreams
Adam Fet'hi (b. 1957)
The Blind Glassblower
Cavafy's Whip
Dorra Chammam (b. Tunis, 1965)
from Reefs and Other Consequences
Amel Moussa (b. Tripoli, 1971)
A Formal Poem
Love Me
Samia Ouederni (b. 1980)
For Tunisia
Oumar Moussa Ba (Senegal village bordering Mauritania, 1921-1998)
Well-Known Oxen
The Banu Eyo-Eyo
Peul Poem
Song of the Washerwoman
Tene Youssouf Gueye (Kaédi, 1928-1988)
The Meaning of the Circus
Assane Youssouf Diallo (b. 1938)
from Leyd'am
Djibril Zakaria Sall (b. Rosso, 1939)
To Nelson Mandela
Ousmane-Moussa Diagana (Kaédi, 1951-Nouakchott, 2001)
from Cherguiya
Mbarka Mint al-Barra' (b. al-Madhardhara, 1957)
Poetry and I
Aïcha Mint Chighaly (b. Kaédi, 1962)
Praise on the Site of Aftout
Nostalgic Song about Life
Western Sahara
Bahia Mahmud Awah (b. Auserd, 1960)
The Books
I Have Faith in Time
A Poem Is You
Orphan at a Starbucks
Zahra el Hasnaui Ahmed (b. El Aaiún, 1963)
They Say That the Night . . .
Mohammed Ebnu (b. Amgala, 1968)
Children of Sun and Wind
Message in a Bottle
Chejdan Mahmud Yazid (b. Tindouf, 1972)
The Expectorated Scream
Limam Boicha (b. Atar, 1973)
The Roads of the South
Boughs of Thirst
A Book of Exiles
--> Diaspora
Mario Scalési (Tunis, 1892-Palermo, 1922)
New Year's Gift
Words of a Dying Soldier
Jacques Berque (Frenda, 1910-Saint-Julien-en-Born, 1995)
from "Truth and Poetry" on the Seksawa Tribe
Jacques Derrida (Algiers, 1930-Paris, 2004)
from The Monolingualism of the Other, or The Prosthesis of Origin
Hélène Cixous (b. Oran, 1937)
Letter-Beings and Time
Hubert Haddad (b. Tunis, 1947)
A Quarter to Midnight
Paul Bowles (New York, 1910-Tangier, 1999)
from Africa Minor
Juan Goytisolo (b. Barcelona, 1931)
Dar Debbagh
Cécile Oumhani (b. Namur, 1952)
Young Woman at the Terrace
The Oral Tradition III
Aissa al Jarmuni al Harkati (Sidi R'ghis, now Oum El Bouaghi, 1885-Aïn Beïda, Oum El Bouaghi province, 1946)
Poem about His Country, the "Watan"
Quatrain about the Jews at a Wedding Party in the "Harat Lihud" Quarter in Constantine
Quatrain about the Sufi Sheikh sidi Muhammad ben Said's Young Wife Who Had Died the Night Before
Two Quatrains about Human Existence
Two Quatrains on the Shawia People Sung at the Olympia in Paris (1936)
Poem about Education
Two Lyrics from al Harkati's Recorded Songs
Qasi Udifella (1898-1950)
Four Poems
Mririda N'aït Attik (Megdaz, c. 1900-c. 1930)
The Bad Lover
What Do You Want?
The Brooch
The Song of the Azria
Slimane Azem (Kabylia, 1918-Moissac, France, 1983)
Taskurth (The Partridge)
Cheikha Rimitti (Tessala, 1923-Paris, 2006)
He Crushes Me
The Girls of Bel Abbès
The Worst of All Shelters
Kheira (b. Tunisia, c. 1934)
You Who Rebel against Fate, Rise and Face What God Has Ordained
Mohammed Mrabet (b. Tangier, 1936)
Si Mokhtar
Hawad (b. north of Agadez, 1950)
from Hijacked Horizon
Lounis Aït Menguellet (b. Ighil Bouammas, 1950)
Love, Love, Love
Mohammed El Agidi (Morocco, twentieth century)
"Tell me Sunken Well"
Matoub Lounes (Taourirt Moussa, 1956-Tizi Ouzzou, 1998)
My Soul
Fifth Diwan
"Make It New": The Invention of Independence II
Mohammed Dib (Tlemcen, 1920-La Celle-Saint-Cloud, 2003)
from Formulaires
Jean Sénac (Béni Saf, 1926-Algiers, 1973)
Man Open
Song of the Mortise
I Like What's Difficult, Said You
The Last Song
Kateb Yacine (Guelma, 1929-Grenoble, 1989)
from Le Polygone Étoilé
Nadia Guendouz Aouaouche (Algiers, 1932-1992)
Green Fruit
On Rue de la Lyre
1st May 1963
Assia Djebar (b. Cherchell, 1936)
Poem for a Happy Algeria
from Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade
Malek Alloula (b. Oran, 1937)
from The Colonial Harem
Mourad Bourboune (b. Jijel, 1938)
from The Muezzin
Nabile Farès (b. Collo, 1940)
Over There, Afar, Lights
Rachid Boudjedra (b. Aïn Beïda, Oum El Bouaghi province, 1941)
from Rain (Diary of an Insomniac)
Abdelhamid Laghouati (b. Berrouaghia, 1943)
"To embrace"
Youcef Sebti (Boudious, 1943-Algiers, 1993)
The Future
Hell and Madness
Ismael Abdoun (b. Béchar, 1945)
"Faun-eye'd iceberg burn"
Rabah Belamri (Bougaa, 1946-Paris, 1995)
"Have we ever known"
Inversed Jabbok
Habib Tengour (b. Mostaganem, 1947)
from Gravity of the Angel
Hamida Chellali (b. Algiers, 1948)
"In the days"
from The Old Ones
Hamid Skif (Oran, 1951-2011)
Pedagogical Couscous Song
Poem for My Prick
Here I Am
Hamid Tibouchi (b. Tibane, 1951)
from The Young Traveler and the Old-Fashioned Ghost
Mohamed Sehaba (b. Tafraoui, 1952)
Far from Our Erg
The Bird No Longer Sings
I Miss Something . . .
Abdelmadjid Kaouah (b. Aïn-Taya, near Algiers, 1954)
Modern Bar
Tahar Djaout (Azeffoun, 1954-Algiers, 1993)
March 15, 1962
Amin Khan (b. Algiers, 1956)
Vision of the Return of Khadija to Opium
Mourad Djebel (b. Annaba, 1967)
Mustapha Benfodil (b. Relizane, 1968)
from I Conned Myself on a Levantine Day
Al-Mahdi Acherchour (b. Sidi-Aïch, 1973)
In the Emptiness
Return to the Missed Turn
Samira Negrouche (b. Algiers, 1980)
Coffee without Sugar
Driss Chraïbi (El Jadida, 1926-Drôme, France, 2007)
from Seen, Read, Heard
Mohammed Sebbagh (b. Tétouan, 1929)
from Seashell-Tree
from Candles on the Road
A Brief Moment
The Missing Reader
Maternal Instinct
In Shackles
If I Had a Friend
Two Poems
Mohamed Serghini (b. Fez, 1930)
Poem I
Poem III
from Assembly of Dreams
Abdelkrim Tabbal (b. Chefchaouen, 1931)
To the Horse
The Speech
Absent Time
Zaghloul Morsy (b. Marrakech, 1933)
from From a Reticent Sun
Mohamed Choukri (Aït Chiker, 1935-2003)
from The Prophet's Slippers
Ahmad al-Majjaty (Casablanca, 1936-1995)
The Stumbling of the Wind
Abdelkebir Khatibi (El Jadida, 1938-Rabat, 2009)
from Class Struggle in the Taoist Manner
from Love in Two Languages
Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine (Tafraout, 1941-Rabat, 1995)
from I, Bitter
Ali Sadki Azayku (Taroudant, 1942-2004)
Neighbor to Life
The Shadows
Mother Tongue
Abdellatif Laâbi (b. Fez, 1942)
"I'm not the nomad"
The Portrait of the Father
The Anonymous Poet
Letter to Florence Aubenas
Mostafa Nissabouri (b. Casablanca, 1943)
from Approach to the Desert Space
Abdelmajid Benjelloun (b. Fez, 1944)
The Flute of Origins, or The Taciturn Dance
Eternity Comes Down on the Side of Love
A Woman to Love as One Would Love to Revive after Death
Tahar Ben Jelloun (b. Fez, 1944)
from Harrouda
Mohamed Sibari (b. Ksar el Kebir, 1945)
From Very Far Away . . .
Lady Night
Malika El Assimi (b. Marrakech, 1946)
Things Having Names
The Snout
Mohammed Bennis (b. Fez, 1948)
from The Book of Love
Seven Birds
Ahmed Lemsyeh (b. Sidi Ismail, 1950)
Fragments of the Soul's Shadow
I Miss My Self
Rachida Madani (b. Tangier, 1951)
from Walk through the Debris . . .
Mohammed al-Ashaari (b. Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, 1951)
from A Vast Space . . . Where There's No One
Medhi Akhrif (b. Assilah, 1952)
from The Tomb of Helen
Half a Line
Abdallah Zrika (b. Casablanca, 1953)
from Drops from Black Candles
from Some Prose: My Sister's Scream in Black and White
Mubarak Wassat (b. Mzinda, Safi region, 1955)
The Time of the Assassins
Hassan Najmi (b. Ben Ahmed, 1959)
The Window
The Blueness of Evening
The Train Yard
Waafa Lamrani (b. Ksar el Kebir, 1960)
Alphabet Fire
A Shade of Probability
The Eighth Day
Ahmed Barakat (Casablanca, 1960-1994)
Black Pain
The Torn Flag
Touria Majdouline (b. Settat, 1960)
A Minute's Speech
Out of Context
Ahmed Assid (b. Taourmit, Taroudant province, 1961)
A Chamber the Color of Disgust
Mohamed El Amraoui (b. Fez, 1964)
En Quelque
Mohammed Hmoudane (b. Maaziz, 1968)
from Incandescence
Ouidad Benmoussa (b. Ksar el Kebir, 1969)
Restaurant Tuyets
This Planet . . . Our Bed
Road of Clouds
Omar Berrada (b. Casablanca, 1978)
Subtle Bonds of the Encounter: Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) / bpNichol (1944-1988) / Ibn Arabi (1165-1240)
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“Their book comes at a time when there are a slew of English titles published on the Arab world, but unlike the majority of them, this volume actually encourages cultural appreciation. I could wax rhapsodic about these poems for months.”