Poison the Well

October 19, 2017|
Poison the Well by Gordon Bonnet


Snowe Agency has a unique approach to solving crimes. Besides the usual sifting through the evidence for clues and motives, each of the detectives has an additional—and unusual—skill.

The suave Seth Augustine is a psychometer—he gets psychic impressions from touching objects people have handled. Tough, smart Bethany Hale has precognitive dreams. Troy Seligman can do astral projection—but has to fight guilt feelings about spying on people in spirit form. Jeff Kolnikoff seems shy and fumbling, but his telekinetic ability is off the charts. And the eccentric, brilliant telepath, Callista Lee, can read people's thoughts as clearly as if they were speaking aloud.

And this time, they'll need all the skills they have. A man was poisoned at a wedding reception—but afterwards, the hundred guests, and even the bride and groom, all deny having the slightest idea who he is. Even the police are stumped about his identity. So can they catch a murderer when the victim is a complete cipher—before the killer decides to strike again?

Title:Poison the Well
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:October 19, 2017
Publisher:Oghma Creative Media
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781633732735

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