Politics, Murder, And Love In Stalin's Kremlin: The Story Of Nikolai Bukharin And Anna Larina by Paul R. GregoryPolitics, Murder, And Love In Stalin's Kremlin: The Story Of Nikolai Bukharin And Anna Larina by Paul R. Gregory

Politics, Murder, And Love In Stalin's Kremlin: The Story Of Nikolai Bukharin And Anna Larina

byPaul R. Gregory

Paperback | April 1, 2010

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In Politics, Murder, and Love in Stalin’s Kremlin: The Story of Nikolai Bukharin and Anna Larina, Paul Gregory sheds light on how the world’s first socialist state went terribly wrong and why  it was likely to veer off course through the story of  two of Stalin’s most prominent victims. A founding father of the Soviet Union at the age of twenty-nine, Nikolai Bukharin was the editor of Pravda and an intimate of Lenin’s exile. (Lenin later dubbed him “the favorite of the party.”) But after Bukharin crossed swords with Stalin over their differing visions of the world’s first socialist state, he paid the ultimate price with his life. His wife, Anna Larina, the stepdaughter of a high Bolshevik official, spent much of her life in prison camps and in exile after her husband’s execution.

Drawn from Hoover Institution archival documents, the story of Nikolai Bukharin and Anna Larina begins with the optimism of the socialist revolution and then turns into a dark saga of foreboding and terror as the game changes from political struggle to physical survival. Told for the most part in the words of the participants, it is, as Robert Conquest says in his foreword, “a story told to show the horrors of fate, of personal mistreatment and suffering by real people.” It is also a story of courage and cowardice, strength and weakness, misplaced idealism, missed opportunities, bungling, and, above all, love.

Paul R. Gregory, a Hoover Institution research fellow, holds an endowed professorship in the Department of Economics at the University of Houston, Texas, and is a research professor at the German Institute for Economic Research in Berlin. The holder of a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University, he is the author or coauthor of twelve...
Title:Politics, Murder, And Love In Stalin's Kremlin: The Story Of Nikolai Bukharin And Anna LarinaFormat:PaperbackDimensions:196 pages, 9 × 6 × 0.6 inPublished:April 1, 2010Publisher:Hoover Institution PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

foreword by Robert Conquest
acknowledg ments

1 April 15, 1937: A Plea from Prison
2 March 15, 1938: A Husband Executed
3 September 8, 1927: Digging His Own Grave
4 1926: Stalin Plays an Unlikely Cupid
5 Summer with Stalin
6 June 1928: “You and I Are the Himalayas”
7 July 4– 12, 1928: Bukharin Fights Back
8 Autumn 1928: Pity Not Me
9 Autumn 1928: A Fifteen- Year- Old “Co- Conspirator”
10 January 23, 1929: “To a New Catastrophe with Closed Eyes”
11 Early Warnings: Stalin Is Dangerous
12 Father and Daughter as Bolshevik Idealists
13 January 30, 1929: “You Can Test the Nerves of an Elephant, Bukhashka”
14 Summer 1934: A Fateful Meeting
15 April 16– 23, 1929: Waterloo

16 1929– 1931: The Woman on the Train
17 August 1929: Removal from the Politburo
18 New Year’s Eve, 1929: Chastened Schoolboys Drop In on the Boss
19 April 16, 1930: Bukharin Sinks to His Knees
20 July 1930: With Anna in the Crimea
21 October 14, 1930: Overtaken by “Insanities”
22 January 27, 1934: Courtship, Bad Omens, and Marriage
23 December 1, 1934: Kirov Is Shot
24 August 23, 1936: Nadezhda Tries to Help
25 April 25, 1935: Humiliating Editor Bukharin
26 March–April 1936: Bukharin Opts to Stay and Fight
27 August 27, 1936: What Accusers? They’re Dead.
28 November 16, 1936: Bukharin Grovels
29 December 4, 1936: Dress Rehearsal for Arrest
30 December 1936– January 1937: Confrontations
31 February 15, 1937: “I Will Begin a Hunger Strike”
32 February 24: To a Future Generation
33 February 24– 25, 1937: On the Whipping Post
34 February 27, 1937: For or Against the Death Penalty?
35 February 27, 1937: Arrest Warrant for “Bukharin, N. I."
36 February 27, 1937: Arrest and Parting
37 February 1937: Anna Is Betrayed
38 April 1938: Impossible Dream
39 June 2, 1937: Bukharin’s Cagey Confession
40 June 1937: Anna Meets a New Widow
41 March 2– 13, 1938: Twenty- One on Trial
42 March 12, 1938: Papering Over Bukharin’s Final Defiance

43 March 15, 1938: The Ultimate Payback: A Ghastly Death
44 May 1938: Anna’s Own Ordeal
45 December 1939: Back from the Precipice
46 Late December 1939: Advice from a Mass Murderer
47 Summer 1956: Reunion with Iura
48 February 5, 1988: Rehabilitated by Old Men
49 A Special (Specially Tardy) Delivery
50 Bukharin, Stalin, and the Bolshevik Revolution

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