PreAdamic Creation - Genesis Gap: The Ruin-Reconstruction Biblical Doctrine by James Lowrance

PreAdamic Creation - Genesis Gap: The Ruin-Reconstruction Biblical Doctrine

byJames Lowrance

Kobo ebook | September 10, 2012

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This eBook title is also a section found in the more comprehensive resource titled: "The 'Genesis Gap' – A Comprehensive Biblical Study".

Many reputable Bible scholars have recognized a chaotic event described in many passages of the scriptures that describe an earth that predates the creation of Adam, that was in a state of ruin following a judgment event from God.

This event includes the description in scriptual passages of a worldwide flood that predates the flood that later occurred in the days of Noah and that likely included an ice age.

This teaching, also referred to as "The Ruin Reconstruction Theory" reveals from these scriptures, that the earth was re-created for the dominion of Adam/mankind after this catastrophic event. The scriptures also point to "the fall of Lucifer" who became Satan and the angels that followed him, as being the probable cause of the PreAdamic chaotic earth.

While this doctrine has had disagreements aimed at it, with the accusation that the teaching was devised following the proposing of "The Theory of Evolution", many ancient documents reveal that this doctrine was recognized in the scriptures as much as 2,000 years ago.

While those who oppose the doctrine despite its scriptural backing also include reputable Bible scholars, those who adhere to it as a true Biblical doctrine come from many theological backgrounds and credentials as well, including Hebrew scholars.

The doctrine Biblically accounts for a very ancient earth and lends toward understanding the proposed ice age and extinction of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. 

The teaching does not change the interpretation of other major core Bible doctrines despite this sometimes being the claim by those who oppose it. It in-fact compliments other Bible doctrines and brings better explanation to many areas of them.

The doctrine does not change recognition for the fact that "Adam's sin" is what brought the sin-nature and spiritual death upon mankind. It does however recognize Satan as the instigator of man's temptation as an angel who had already fallen during a pre-adamic time period.

It requires more than a scant understanding of the teaching for a reader to decide if the doctrine is truly Biblically based or not. I have endeavored to give the subject some detailed attention based on Bible scripture, in this eBook, which is a companion to my other title: "The Genesis Gap - Ignored and Misunderstood".

I, Jim Lowrance - the author, am a former Christian Youth Minister of 20 years and a graduate of theological studies - Liberty University 1996.


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