Primal Power 2: Out of the Blue

July 1, 2022|
Primal Power 2: Out of the Blue by Linn Frances


This inspiring epic novel is a thought-provoking captivating adventure that will expand your consciousness. Still full of risk, survival, friendship, and trust this page turner will take you to places you have never been before.

With fiction, fantasy, and realism the journey into unknown magical dimensions moves forward. It begins with the protagonist waking up only to find herself surrounded by intriguing characters. First finding love, friendship, and support, but shortly thereafter she becomes confused.

She does not feel ready to confront the complex situation that lurks in her near future. After looking into her past, she realizes she has no previous experience to draw upon. She is emotionally raw and physically compromised, but plunges in anyway. That sets the beginning to an unforeseen journey exploring the unknown.

Primal Power - Out Of The Blue is book 2 in the Primal Power spirit quest fantasy series. The wisdom from the first book Primal Power - The Unripe Apple goes deeper as the journey continues! This second book is amazing!

This sequel deals with more realism! It has more mysticism!! More insight into the protagonist's past. There are intense unexpected complicated issues to be decided. The wisdom is richer as this inspirational impressive odyssey of self-awareness continues!

In this new realm, the protagonist encounters faeries, levitating Shimmering Shamanics, and finds herself trapped inside a crystal. Having to draw strength from deep within her core she continues her journey of self-discovery. Finding innovative ways to release the past, she changes her perspective and wonders if she even wants to find her way back to Earth.

Trying to comprehend social dilemmas from a utopian society point of view the courageous traveller discovers an unexpected mystical realm. There's traumatic flashbacks, healing orbs, sacred geometry, light beings and even a bit of numerology. This diverse tale can increase awareness, help you understand what tears to cry and place you on a more rewarding life path.

There is betrayal, loneliness, and talking rocks, moving crystals combined with lots of love and kindness. It even has a bit of romance. With action and unexpected twists and turns this fresh and innovative odyssey will stir your emotions, stimulate your mind, and keep you intrigued.

An exhilarating adventure that will show you what emotions block love's powerful energy. It will keep you wondering what is going to happen next as the intrepid protagonist weaves her way through sometimes life-threatening situations.

*Primal Power - Out of the Blue,*is a unique, enlightened fantasy. Set in fascinating worlds, it combines realism of real life experiences, with a fictional narrative. It has added respect and mysticism to people's life path as well as giving a plethora of other gifts. A diverse cast of intricate enchanting characters makes this spirit quest fantasy a captivating book for teenagers and adults alike. There is a fluidity within the story making it an excellent choice for an enjoyable escape! Definitely worth reading!

Title:Primal Power 2: Out of the Blue
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 1, 2022
Publisher:Primal Power Productions
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781775376033

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