Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2005: 11th International Conference, CP 2005, Sitges Spain, October 1-5, 2005 by Peter Van BeekPrinciples and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2005: 11th International Conference, CP 2005, Sitges Spain, October 1-5, 2005 by Peter Van Beek

Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2005: 11th International Conference, CP 2005…

byPeter Van Beek

Paperback | September 22, 2005

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The 11th International Conference on the Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming (CP 2005) was held in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain, October 1-5, 2005. Information about the conference can be found on the web at series can be found at<_ai2f_cp2f_.20_the20_cp20_conference20_series20_is20_the20_premier20_international20_conference20_on20_c-20_straint20_programming20_and20_is20_held20_annually.20_the20_conference20_is20_concerned20_with20_all20_aspects20_of20_computing20_with20_constraints2c_20_including3a_20_algorithms2c_20_applications2c_20_environments2c_20_languages2c_20_models20_and20_systems.20_this20_year2c_20_we20_received20_16420_submissions.20_all20_of20_the20_submitted20_papers20_received20_atleastthreereviews2c_andthepapersandtheirreviewswerethenextensivelyd-20_cussed20_during20_an20_online20_program20_committee20_meeting.20_as20_a20_result2c_20_the20_program20_committee20_chose20_4820_28_29.325_29_20_papers20_to20_be20_published20_in20_full20_in20_the20_proceedings20_and20_a20_further20_2220_28_13.425_29_papers20_to20_be20_published20_as20_short20_papers.the20_full20_papers20_werepresentedattheconferencein20_twoparalleltracksandtheshortpaperswere20_presented20_as20_posters20_during20_a20_lively20_evening20_session.20_two20_papers20_were20_selected20_by20_a20_subcommittee20_of20_the20_programcommittee-consisting20_of20_chris20_beck2c_20_gilles20_pesant2c_20_and20_myself-to20_receive20_best20_paper20_awards.20_the20_conference20_program20_also20_includedexcellentinvitedtalksbyhc2b4_20_ectorge3f_ner2c_ianhorrocks2c_francescarossi2c_20_and20_peter20_j.20_stuckey.20_as20_a20_permanent20_record2c_20_the20_proceedings20_contain20_four-page20_extended20_abstracts20_of20_the20_invited20_talks. _p2f_.="" the="" cp="" conference="" series="" is="" premier="" international="" on="" c-="" straint="" programming="" and="" held="" annually.="" concerned="" with="" all="" aspects="" of="" computing="" _constraints2c_="" _including3a_="" _algorithms2c_="" _applications2c_="" _environments2c_="" _languages2c_="" models="" systems.="" this="" _year2c_="" we="" received="" 164="" submissions.="" submitted="" papers="" _atleastthreereviews2c_andthepapersandtheirreviewswerethenextensivelyd-="" cussed="" during="" an="" online="" program="" committee="" meeting.="" as="" a="" _result2c_="" chose="" 48="" _28_29.325_29_="" to="" be="" published="" in="" full="" proceedings="" further="" 22="" _28_13.425_29_papers="" short="" papers.the="" werepresentedattheconferencein="" twoparalleltracksandtheshortpaperswere="" presented="" posters="" lively="" evening="" session.="" two="" were="" selected="" by="" subcommittee="" programcommittee-consisting="" chris="" _beck2c_="" gilles="" _pesant2c_="" myself-to="" receive="" best="" paper="" awards.="" also="" _includedexcellentinvitedtalksbyhc2b4_="" _ectorge3f_ner2c_ianhorrocks2c_francescarossi2c_="" peter="" j.="" stuckey.="" permanent="" _record2c_="" contain="" four-page="" extended="" abstracts="" invited="">
Title:Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming - CP 2005: 11th International Conference, CP 2005…Format:PaperbackDimensions:888 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.01 inPublished:September 22, 2005Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Invited Papers.- Search and Inference in AI Planning.- OWL: A Description Logic Based Ontology Language.- Preference Reasoning.- The G12 Project: Mapping Solver Independent Models to Efficient Solutions.- Best Papers.- Symmetry Definitions for Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- Dynamic Ordering for Asynchronous Backtracking on DisCSPs.- Full Papers.- Incremental Algorithms for Local Search from Existential Second-Order Logic.- Inter-distance Constraint: An Extension of the All-Different Constraint for Scheduling Equal Length Jobs.- Mind the Gaps: A New Splitting Strategy for Consistency Techniques.- Graph Invariants as Necessary Conditions for Global Constraints.- Allocation and Scheduling for MPSoCs via Decomposition and No-Good Generation.- Sub-optimality Approximations.- A Linear-Logic Semantics for Constraint Handling Rules.- Distributed Stable Matching Problems.- Beyond Hypertree Width: Decomposition Methods Without Decompositions.- Ad-hoc Global Constraints for Life.- Tractable Clones of Polynomials over Semigroups.- CP(Graph): Introducing a Graph Computation Domain in Constraint Programming.- Interval Analysis in Scheduling.- Assumption-Based Pruning in Conditional CSP.- Conditional Symmetry Breaking.- Symmetry and Consistency.- Solving the MOLR and Social Golfers Problems.- Advances in Polytime Isomorph Elimination for Configuration.- Planning and Scheduling to Minimize Tardiness.- Search Heuristics and Heavy-Tailed Behaviour.- 2 -Way vs.d -Way Branching for CSP.- Maintaining Longest Paths in Cyclic Graphs.- Applying Constraint Programming to Rigid Body Protein Docking.- Maximum Constraint Satisfaction on Diamonds.- Exploiting Unit Propagation to Compute Lower Bounds in Branch and Bound Max-SAT Solvers.- Generalized Conflict Learning for Hybrid Discrete/Linear Optimization.- Parallel Local Search in Comet.- Generating Corrective Explanations for Interactive Constraint Satisfaction.- SPREAD: A Balancing Constraint Based on Statistics.- Automatic Detection of Variable and Value Symmetries.- Breaking All Value Symmetries in Surjection Problems.- AC-*: A Configurable, Generic and Adaptive Arc Consistency Algorithm.- Maintaining Arc Consistency Algorithms During the Search Without Additional Space Cost.- Weak Composition for Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning.- Boosting Distributed Constraint Satisfaction.- Depth-First Mini-Bucket Elimination.- Using SAT in QBF.- Tree Decomposition with Function Filtering.- On Solving Soft Temporal Constraints Using SAT Techniques.- Eplex: Harnessing Mathematical Programming Solvers for Constraint Logic Programming.- Caching Search States in Permutation Problems.- Repair-Based Methods for Quantified CSPs.- Handling Implication and Universal Quantification Constraints in FLUX.- Solving Simple Planning Problems with More Inference and No Search.- Solving Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming Problems by Constraint Partitioning.- Factor Analytic Studies of CSP Heuristics.- Short Papers.- Lookahead Saturation with Restriction for SAT.- Evolving Variable-Ordering Heuristics for Constrained Optimisation.- Multi-point Constructive Search.- Bounds of Graph Characteristics.- Acquiring Parameters of Implied Global Constraints.- Integrating Benders Decomposition Within Constraint Programming.- Using Boolean Constraint Propagation for Sub-clauses Deduction.- Extending Systematic Local Search for Job Shop Scheduling Problems.- Interactive Reconfiguration in Power Supply Restoration.- Neighbourhood Clause Weight Redistribution in Local Search for SAT.- Computing and Exploiting Tree-Decompositions for Solving Constraint Networks.- Encoding Requests to Web Service Compositions as Constraints.- Test Instance Generation for MAX 2SAT.- Consistency for Quantified Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- Alternate Modeling in Sport Scheduling.- Approximations in Distributed Optimization.- Extremal CSPs.- Beyond Finite Domains: The All Different and Global Cardinality Constraints.- Views and Iterators for Generic Constraint Implementations.- Approximated Consistency for the Automatic Recording Problem.- Towards an Optimal CNF Encoding of Boolean Cardinality Constraints.- Approximate Constrained Subgraph Matching.- Doctoral Papers.- Distributed Constraints for Large-Scale Scheduling Problems.- Solving Over-Constrained Problems with SAT.- A Constraint Based Agent for TAC-SCM.- Solving the Car-Sequencing Problem as a Non-binary CSP.- Dimensioning an Inbound Call Center Using Constraint Programming.- Methods to Learn Abstract Scheduling Models.- Automated Search for Heuristic Functions.- Constraint-Based Inference: A Bridge Between Constraint Processing and Probability Inference.- Scheduling Social Tournaments.- Domain Reduction for the Circuit Constraint.- Using Constraint Programming for Solving Distance CSP with Uncertainty.- Improved Algorithm for Finding (a,b)-Super Solutions.- Local Consistency in Weighted CSPs and Inference in Max-SAT.- Modeling Constraint Programs with Software Technology Standards.- Solution Equivalent Subquadrangle Reformulations of Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- Mechanism Design for Preference Aggregation over Coalitions.- LP as a Global Search Heuristic Across Different Constrainedness Regions.- Consistency for Partially Defined Constraints.- Subnet Generation Problem: A New Network Routing Problem.- Partial Redundant Modeling.- AND/OR Branch-and-Bound for Solving Mixed Integer Linear Programming Problems.- Weak Symmetries in Problem Formulations.- Towards the Systematic Generation of Channelling Constraints.- AND/OR Search Spaces and the Semantic Width of Constraint Networks.- Statistical Modelling of CSP Solving Algorithms Performance.- Probabilistic Arc Consistency.- GOOSE - A Generic Object-Oriented Search Environment.- Randomization for Multi-agent Constraint Optimization.- Uncertainty in Soft Constraint Problems.- Speeding Up Constrained Path Solvers with a Reachability Propagator.- From Linear Relaxations to Global Constraint Propagation.- Encoding HTN Planning as a Dynamic CSP.- Specialised Constraints for Stable Matching Problems.- Bounds-Consistent Local Search.- Robust Constraint Solving Using Multiple Heuristics.- Scheduling with Uncertain Start Dates.- The Role of Redundant Clauses in Solving Satisfiability Problems.- Applying Decomposition Methods to Crossword Puzzle Problems.- Asymmetric Distributed Constraints Satisfaction Problems.- Full Arc Consistency in WCSP and in Constraint Hierarchies with Finite Domains.- System Demonstrations.- CoJava: A Unified Language for Simulation and Optimization.- Programming with .- Computing Super-Schedules.- Proterv-II: An Integrated Production Planning and Scheduling System.- The Comet Programming Language and System.- Random Stimuli Generation for Functional Hardware Verification as a CP Application.- A BDD-Based Interactive Configurator for Modular Systems.