Proceedings Of An International Conference On Fracture Mechanics In Engineering Application: Held At The National Aeronautical Laboratory Bangalore, I by George C. SihProceedings Of An International Conference On Fracture Mechanics In Engineering Application: Held At The National Aeronautical Laboratory Bangalore, I by George C. Sih

Proceedings Of An International Conference On Fracture Mechanics In Engineering Application: Held…

byGeorge C. SihEditorS.R. Valluri

Paperback | February 16, 2012

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The International Conference on Fracture Mechanics in Engineering Applica­ tion convened at the r<_ational20_aeronautical20_laboratory20_28_nal29_20_in20_bangalore2c_20_india2c_20_march20_26-302c_20_19792c_20_with20_the20_presence20_of20_approximately20_40020_scientists20_and20_engic2ad_20_neers.20_the20_participants20_included20_individuals20_from20_all20_parts20_of20_india2c_20_united20_states20_of20_america2c_20_united20_kingdom2c_20_japan2c_20_holland2c_20_france2c_20_hong20_kong2c_20_korea2c_20_sweden20_and20_poland.20_the20_conference20_was20_organized20_jointly20_by20_nal2c_20_bangalore3b_and20_lehigh20_university2c_20_usa.20_various20_organizations20_in20_india20_have20_also20_supported20_the20_conference20_most20_generously.20_professor20_s.20_dhawan2c_20_director20_of20_the20_indian20_institute20_of20_science20_and20_secrec2ad_20_tary20_of20_department20_of20_space2c_20_delivered20_the20_inaugural20_speech.20_he20_said20_that20_the20_advance20_of20_science20_was20_the20_precondition20_of20_the20_development20_and20_survival20_of20_human20_society20_in20_the20_modern20_world.20_22_it20_is20_true20_that20_in20_recent20_times2c_20_science20_and20_techc2ad_20_nology20_-20_and20_their20_practitioners20_-20_have20_been20_subjected20_to20_much20_public20_scrutiny2c_20_debate20_and20_severe20_criticism22_.20_on20_the20_other20_hand2c_20_the20_depletion20_of20_non-renewable20_resources2c_20_degradation20_of20_the20_natural20_environment20_and20_a20_host20_of20_other20_problems20_had20_been20_laid20_at20_the20_door20_of20_technology20_and20_science.20_one20_cannot20_deny20_that20_fundac2ad_20_mental20_advances20_in20_the20_physics20_and20_chemistry20_of20_the20_structure20_of20_matter20_had20_led20_to20_spectacular20_engineering20_progress.20_advanced20_technologies20_like20_nuclear20_energy20_and20_space20_exploration20_were20_but20_expression20_of20_the20_central20_role20_of20_computors2c_20_elecc2ad_20_tronics2c_20_optics2c_20_polymers2c_20_etc.20_2c_20_and20_all20_of20_these20_were20_heavily20_dependent20_on20_the20_successful20_application20_of20_material20_science20_and20_technology. aeronautical="" laboratory="" _28_nal29_="" in="" _bangalore2c_="" _india2c_="" march="" _26-302c_="" _19792c_="" with="" the="" presence="" of="" approximately="" 400="" scientists="" and="" _engic2ad_="" neers.="" participants="" included="" individuals="" from="" all="" parts="" united="" states="" _america2c_="" _kingdom2c_="" _japan2c_="" _holland2c_="" _france2c_="" hong="" _kong2c_="" _korea2c_="" sweden="" poland.="" conference="" was="" organized="" jointly="" by="" _nal2c_="" _bangalore3b_and="" lehigh="" _university2c_="" usa.="" various="" organizations="" india="" have="" also="" supported="" most="" generously.="" professor="" s.="" _dhawan2c_="" director="" indian="" institute="" science="" _secrec2ad_="" tary="" department="" _space2c_="" delivered="" inaugural="" speech.="" he="" said="" that="" advance="" precondition="" development="" survival="" human="" society="" modern="" world.="" _22_it="" is="" true="" recent="" _times2c_="" _techc2ad_="" nology="" -="" their="" practitioners="" been="" subjected="" to="" much="" public="" _scrutiny2c_="" debate="" severe="" _criticism22_.="" on="" other="" _hand2c_="" depletion="" non-renewable="" _resources2c_="" degradation="" natural="" environment="" a="" host="" problems="" had="" laid="" at="" door="" technology="" science.="" one="" cannot="" deny="" _fundac2ad_="" mental="" advances="" physics="" chemistry="" structure="" matter="" led="" spectacular="" engineering="" progress.="" advanced="" technologies="" like="" nuclear="" energy="" space="" exploration="" were="" but="" expression="" central="" role="" _computors2c_="" _elecc2ad_="" _tronics2c_="" _optics2c_="" _polymers2c_="" etc.="" _2c_="" these="" heavily="" dependent="" successful="" application="" material="">
Title:Proceedings Of An International Conference On Fracture Mechanics In Engineering Application: Held…Format:PaperbackDimensions:890 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 1.73 inPublished:February 16, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section I Ductile Fracture.- Mechanics of crack growth: Geometrical size effect in fracture.- Ductile fracture of aluminum tensile specimens.- Plane stress slip-line fields for crack-tip plastic zones in thin-sheet materials.- Strip yielding model and fracture toughnesses of thin and tough plates.- Near tip fields in a cracked plate according to deformation theory.- Analytical and finite element considerations of certain linear and nonlinear aspects of fracture mechanics.- Effects of stress triaxiality on ductile fracture initiation and ductile-brittle transition in prestrained steel.- Comparison of theoretical and experimental results pertaining to R-curves in low and high ductility solids.- Section II Fracture of Metal Alloys.- Elevated temperature strength and fracture toughness determinations of sintered alpha silicon carbide.- Fracture toughness measurements by microfractographic method of common constructional steels.- Influence of microstructure on fatigue crack propagation in aluminium - zinc - magnesium alloys.- Fracture toughness of spheroidal graphite cast iron.- A metallurgical study of electron beam welding of sintered iron.- Improvement in fracture toughness of AISI 4340 steel through electroslag refining.- Section III Fatigue.- On the influence of cyclic loading on the metallurgical stability of type 304 stainless steel at elevated temperatures.- A method for constant amplitude fatigue crack propagation data correlation.- A simple generalised model for fatigue crack propagation.- Engineering application of fracture mechanics to flight simulation fatigue crack propagation.- Initiation and growth of fatigue crack in cylindrical specimens of carbon steels under rotary bending loads.- Residual deformations in the vicinity of a fatigue crack tip.- An analytical derivation of fatigue damage criterion for ASCR stranded conductors.- A new method of arresting fatigue crack growth by artificial wedge.- Section IV Composite and Fatigue.- An engineering approach to static and fatigue behavior of flawed fiber-composite laminates.- Fatigue behaviour prediction for carbon fibre reinforced plastics.- Control of crack propagation in metals by the use of composites.- Crack growth behavior at the boundary of composed materials.- Section V Composite Materials.- Aramid Fiber Composites.- Punching shear and penetration characteristics of some fiber reinforced composites.- Fracture resistance of random fiber glass composites.- Mixed mode fracture in orthotropic media.- Problems of fatigue in composite members.- On the behaviour of cracks in laminated composite panels.- Effect of surface and adhesive preparation on the fracture mode of aluminium-epoxy bonded specimens.- Section VI Engineering Fracture Problems.- Geothermal energy: Thermomechanics of heat extraction from hot, dry rock masses.- Fracture mechanics of brick masonry.- Forced vibration of a fluid-filled hydraulic fracture.- Fracture behaviour of a high tension bolt material.- Failure analysis of engineering components.- Fracture behaviour of high-speed grinding wheels.- On the interaction of geological fractures and mining induced fractures.- Section VII Experimental and Testing Methods.- Reactor Vessel nozzle cracks; a photoelastic study.- Fracture strength of pre-cracked charpy beams.- A secant compliance method for calculating plane strain fracture toughness in medium strength steel.- Fractographic features in 12 cr steels.- Application of Kikukawa's compliance method to part-through crack growth at the root of a notch.- Section VIII Analytical Modeling.- Energy balance considerations during stable crack growth.- The brittle fracture of cutting tools.- On a new cumulative damage model for fatigue.- Initiation and quasi-static extension of fracture in viscoelastic media (experiment versus theory).- Plastic energy dissipation rate during stable crack growth in a plate of finite thickness under biaxial loading.- Section IX Numerical Analysis.- The fictitious crack model and its use in numerical analyses.- Analysis of dynamic problems of cracks in anisotropic solids by a finite difference method (The AWMP code).- A mixed finite element for accurate crack tip stress analysis.- Determination of stress intensity factors using mixed elements.- Section X Stress Analysis.- Apex singularities for corner cracks under opening, sliding, and tearing modes.- On a model of thermal cracks.- Effect of cracks in solids.- Stress intensity factors of an infinite row of pair of Griffith cracks whose faces are loaded asymmetrically.- On the bending stress distribution at the tip of a stationary crack from Reissner's theory.- Thermal stress in dissimilar media with a crack.- Section XI Structure Applications.- Characterization of fracture toughness at crack extension by developed deformation; in particular, for linepipe steels, comparison with energy balance considerations.- The application of fracture mechanics to welded structures.- Propagation of edge cracks in laterally excited stiffened panels.- Fracture mechanics in relation to failure in masonry dams.- Application of fracture mechanics to crack growth damage in pavements.- List of Participants.