Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving: SocProS 2015, Volume 1 by Millie PantProceedings of Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving: SocProS 2015, Volume 1 by Millie Pant

Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving: SocProS 2015…

byMillie PantEditorKusum Deep, Jagdish Chand Bansal

Paperback | March 20, 2016

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The proceedings of SocProS 2015 will serve as an academic bonanza forscientists and researchers working in the field of Soft Computing. This bookcontains theoretical as well as practical aspects using fuzzy logic, neuralnetworks, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence algorithms, etc., withmany applications under the umbrella of 'Soft Computing'. The book will bebeneficial for young as well as experienced researchers dealing across complexand intricate real world problems for which finding a solution by traditionalmethods is a difficult task.

The different application areas covered in the proceedings are: ImageProcessing, Cryptanalysis, Industrial Optimization, Supply Chain Management,Newly Proposed Nature Inspired Algorithms, Signal Processing, Problems relatedto Medical and Health Care, Networking Optimization Problems, etc. 

Dr. Millie Pant is an Associate Professor with the Department of Paper Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India. She has to her credit several research papers in journals of national and international repute and is a well-known figure in the field of Swarm Intelligence and Evolutionary Algorithms.  Pro...
Title:Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Soft Computing for Problem Solving: SocProS 2015…Format:PaperbackDimensions:1063 pagesPublished:March 20, 2016Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Optimization of Non Local MeansFiltering Technique for Denoising Magnetic Resonance Images: A Review.- Chapter 2.A Production Model with Stock Dependent Demand,Partial Backlogging, Weibull Distribution Deterioration and Customer Returns.- Chapter 3.Chemo-inspired Genetic Algorithm and Application toModel Order Reduction Problem.- Chapter4. GrammaticalEvolution Using Fireworks Algorithm.- Chapter 5. Gaussian Function Based Particle Swarm Optimization.-Chapter 6. ReinforcingParticle System Effects Using Object Oriented Approach and Real Time FluidDynamics for Next Generation 3D Gaming.- Chapter 7. Searchless Fractal Image Compression Using Fast DCTand Real DCT.- Chapter 8. Study ofNeighborhood Search Based Fractal Image Encoding.- Chapter 9. An Optimized Color Image Watermarking Technique UsingDifferential Evolution and SVD-DWT Domain.- Chapter 10. One Day Ahead Forecast of Pan Evaporation at PaliUsing Genetic Programming.- Chapter11. OptimizedScenario of Temperature Forecasting Using SOA and Soft Computing Techniques.- Chapter 12.Software Reliability Prediction Using MachineLearning Techniques.- Chapter 13. A GeneticAlgorithm Based Scheduling Algorithm for Grid Computing Environments.- Chapter 14.Effect of Imperfect Debugging on Prediction ofRemaining Faults in Software.- Chapter15. MultipleDocument Summarization Using Text Based Keyword Extraction.- Chapter 16.Implementation of the Principle of Jamming for HulkGripper Remotely Controlled by Raspberry Pi.- Chapter 17. Differential Evolution: An Overview.- Chapter 18.Multi-objective Parametric Query Optimization forDistributed Database Systems.- Chapter19. EnergyEfficient Routing Protocol for MANET Using Vague Set.- Chapter 20.Data Storage Security in Cloud Paradigm.- Chapter 21.Axisymmetric Vibrations of Variable Thickness FunctionallyGraded Clamped Circular Plate.- Chapter22. PerformanceEvaluation of Geometric Based Hybrid Approach for Facial Feature Localization.-Chapter 23. OptimalLand Allocation in Agricultural Production Planning Using Fuzzy GoalProgramming.- Chapter 24. QuantitativeEstimation for Impact of Genomic Features Responsible for 5' and 3' UTR Formationin Human Genome.- Chapter 25. Comparisonof Multilayer Perceptron (MLP) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) in Predicting GreenPellet Characteristics of Manganese Concentrate.- Chapter 26. Audio Pattern Recognition and Mood Detection System.-Chapter 27. SUMDOC: A UnifiedApproach for Automatic Text Summarization.- Chapter 28. Improvising and Optimizing Resource Utilization inBig Data Processing.- Chapter 29. Region BasedPrediction and Quality Measurements for Medical Image Compression.- Chapter 30.Recent Advancements of Energy Efficient Routing inWireless Sensor Networks: A Survey.- Chapter 31. A Novel Approach for Market Prediction UsingDifferential Evolution & Genetic Algorithm.- Chapter 32. A Novel Approach for Actuation of Robotic Arm usingEEG and Video Processing.- Chapter33. A Survey:Artificial Neural Network for Character Recognition.- Chapter 34.Crosstalk Noise Voltage Analysis in GlobalInterconnects.- Chapter 35. AComparative Analysis of Copper and Carbon NanoTubes Based Global Interconnectsin 32nm Technology.- Chapter 36.Comparative Analysis of Si-MOSFET and CNFET Based28T Full Adder.- Chapter 37. Cuckoo SearchBased Scale Value Optimization for Enhancement in Retinal Image Registration.- Chapter 38.Optimal Demand Side Bidding Using EvolutionaryAlgorithm in Deregulated Environment.- Chapter 39. Optimized Point Robot Path Planning in ClutteredEnvironment Using GA.- Chapter40. ITMS(Intelligent Traffic Management System).- Chapter 41. Intelligent Parking Management System Using RFID.- Chapter 42.Performance Analysis of DE over K-Means ProposedModel of Soft Computing.- Chapter43. FuzzyController for Flying Capacitor Multicell Inverter.- Chapter 44.Dispersion Effects on MHD Casson Fluid Flow Over a VerticalCone Saturated with Non-Darcy Porous Medium.- Chapter 45. JUPred_SVM: Prediction of Phosphorylation Sites Usinga Consensus of SVM Classifiers.- Chapter46. FuzzyLogic Based Gait Phase Detection Using Passive Markers.- Chapter 47.Extraction of Blood Vessels and Optic DiscSegmentation for Retinal Disease Classification.- Chapter 48. Improved Local Search in Shuffled Frog LeapingAlgorithm.- Chapter 49. ShuffledFrog Leaping Algorithm with Adaptive Exploration.- Chapter 50. Intuitionistic Trapezoidal Fuzzy PrioritizedWeighted Geometric Operator: An Algorithm for the Selection of SuitableTreatment for Lung Cancer.- Chapter51. FuzzyController for Reversing Voltage Topology MLI.- Chapter 52. Image Quality Assessment Based Approach to Estimatethe Age of Pencil Sketch.- Chapter53. Self-SimilarityDescriptor and Local Descriptors Based Composite Sketch Matching.- Chapter 54.Multi-objective Colliding Bodies Optimization.- Chapter 55.Printed Hindi Characters Recognition Using NeuralNetwork.- Chapter 56. RenderingRigid Shadows Using Hybrid Algorithm.- Chapter 57. Analysis of Role Based Access Control in SoftwareDefined Networking.- Chapter 58. Analysisand Comparison of Regularization Techniques for Image Deblurring.- Chapter 59.An Approach to Solve Multi-objective Linear FractionalProgramming Problem.- Chapter 60. AFuzzy-AHP Approach for Calculating the Weights of Disassembly Line Balancing Criteria.-Chapter 61. An Efficient Compression of Encrypted Images UsingWDR Coding.- Chapter 62. SVD BasedFragile Reversible Data Hiding Using
DWT.- Chapter 63. StaticEconomic Dispatch Incorporating UPFC using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm.- Chapter 64.Edge preservation Based CT Image Denoising UsingWavelet and Curvelet Transforms.- Chapter65. CriticalAnalysis of Clustering Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks.- Chapter 66.Nelder-Mead and Non Uniform Based Self OrganizingMigrating Algorithm.- Chapter 67. Surrogate-assistedDifferential Evolution with an Adaptive Evolution Control Based on
Feasibility to Solve Constrained Optimization Problems.- Chapter 68.PSO-TVAC Based Economic Load Dispatch with ValvePoint Loading.- Chapter 69. A HeuristicBased on AHP and TOPSIS for Disassembly Line Balancing.- Chapter 70.Use of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Time Series inForecasting Enrollments to an Academic Institution.- Chapter 71.An Improved Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing forSecure Cloud Storage.- Chapter72. ASimulation Study with Mobility Models Based on Routing Protocol.- Chapter 73.Genetic Based Weighted Aggregation Model for Optimizationof Student's Performance in Higher Education.- Chapter 74. Improved Convergence Behavior by Using BestSolutions to Enhance Harmony Search Algorithm.- Chapter 75. MVM: MySQL Vs MongoDB.- Chapter 76. A Novel Single Band Microstrip Antennawith Hexagonal Fractal for Surveillance Radar Application.- Chapter 77.Optimization of Hyper-Spectral Images and PerformanceEvaluation Using Effective Loss Algorithm.- Chapter 78. Comparative Study of Bakhshali Square Root Methodwith Newton's Iterative Method.- Chapter79. DynamicResource Allocation for Multi-tier Applications in Cloud.- Chapter 80.Comparison of Image Restoration and Segmentation ofthe Image Using Neural Network.- Chapter81. PerformanceEvaluation of PCA and ICA Algorithm For Facial Expression RecognitionApplication.- Chapter 82. ModifiedPSO Algorithm for Controller Optimization of a PFC CUK Converter Fed PMBLDCMDrive.- Chapter 83. SpeedController Optimization for PMSM Drive Using PSO Algorithm.- Chapter 84.Parallelization of Simulated Annealing Algorithmfor FPGA Placement and Routing.- Chapter85. Review ofImage Acquisition and Classification Methods on Early Detection of Skin Cancer.-Chapter 86. Enhancementof Mobile Ad-hoc Network Security Using Improved RSA Algorithm.- Chapter 87.Empirical Study of Grey Wolf Optimizer and
Development of a New Modified Version of Grey Wolf Optimizer.- Chapter 88.Evaluation of Huffman-code and B-code Algorithmsfor Image Compression Standards.