Proceedings Of The First International Conference On Intelligent Computing And Communication by Jyotsna Kumar MandalProceedings Of The First International Conference On Intelligent Computing And Communication by Jyotsna Kumar Mandal

Proceedings Of The First International Conference On Intelligent Computing And Communication

byJyotsna Kumar MandalEditorSuresh Chandra Satapathy, Manas Kumar Sanyal

Paperback | November 23, 2016

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The book covers a wide range of topics in Computer Science and Information Technology including swarm intelligence, artificial intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, and bio-inspired algorithms. It is a collection of papers presented at the First International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Communication (ICIC2) 2016. The prime areas of the conference are Intelligent Computing, Intelligent Communication, Bio-informatics, Geo-informatics, Algorithm, Graphics and Image Processing, Graph Labeling, Web Security, Privacy and e-Commerce, Computational Geometry, Service Orient Architecture, and Data Engineering.

Prof. J.K. Mandal received his M.Sc. in Physics from Jadavpur University in 1986 and M. Tech. in Computer Science from University of Calcutta. Prof. Mandal was awarded Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering by the Jadavpur University in 2000. Presently, he is working as Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and former Dean, ...
Title:Proceedings Of The First International Conference On Intelligent Computing And CommunicationFormat:PaperbackDimensions:707 pagesPublished:November 23, 2016Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section 1. Biomedical Image Processing and Bioinformatics: Chapter 1. Altered PPI due to Mutations in hPER2 and CKI Delta Locus, causing ASPS.-Chapter 2. A Comparative Framework of Probabilistic Atlas Segmentation Method for Human Organs MRI.-Chapter 3. Concentration of Acetone Levels in Breath for Monitoring Blood Glucose Level.-Chapter 4. Computational Molecular Analysis of Human Rhodopsin, Transducin and Arrestin Interactions: An Insight into Signal Transduction for Ophthalmology.-Chapter 5. Evaluating the Performance of State of the Art Algorithms for Enhancement of Seismocardiogram Signals.-Chapter 6. Common Sub-cluster Mining to Explore Molecular Markers of Lung Cancer.-Section 2. Cloud Computing: Chapter 7. Progressing the Security Landscape of Cloud by Incorporating Security Service Level Agreement (Sec-SLA).-Chapter 8. On Demand IOPS Calculation in Cloud Environment to Ease Linux-Based Application Delivery.-Chapter 9. Intelligent Storage Management Using Cloud Shared Disk Architecture.-Chapter 10. Hybrid Application Partitioning and Process Offloading Method for the Mobile Cloud Computing.-C hapter 11. Encrypted Data Searching Techniques and Approaches for Cloud Computing: A Survey.-Chapter 12. A Proposed Conceptual Framework to Migrate Microsoft Technology Based Applications to Cloud Environment.-Section 3.   Communication Network and Services: Chapter 13. An Adaptive Cloud Communication Network Using VSAT with Enhanced Security Implementation.-Chapter 14. Introspecting Effect of Packet Size on End-to-end Network Delay.-Chapter 15. An Ontology Based Context Aware protocol in Healthcare Services.-Chapter 16. Processing ASP.Net Web Services Using Generic Delegation Approach.-Chapter 17. Link Based Protection of Light Trail in WDM Mesh Networks.-Section 4. Data Analytics and Data Mining: Chapter 18. Prediction of Twitter Users' Interest Based on Tweets.-Chapter 19. Event Detection over Twitter Social Media.-Chapter 20. DMDAM: Data Mining Based Detection of Android Malware.-Chapter 21. Comparative Study of Parallelism on Data Mining.-Chapter 22. Brief Review on Optimal Suffix Data Structures.-Chapter 23. Demalvertising: A Kernel Approach for Detecting Malwares in Advertising Networks.-Chapter 24. Closure Based Integrated Approach for Associative Classier.-Chapter 25. Approaches and Challenges of Big Data Analytics Study of a Beginner.-Chapter 26. A Novel MapReduce Based k-Means Clustering.-Chapter 27. Supplier Selection in Uncertain Environment: A Fuzzy MCDM Approach.-Chapter 28. Intelligent Computing for Skill-Set Analytics in a Big Data Framework - A Practical Approach.-Chapter 29. Implication of Performance Appraisal Process on Employee Engagement Mediated through the Development and Innovation Oriented Culture: A Study on the Software Professionals of IT Companies in West Bengal.-Section 5. Device System and Modeling: Chapter 30. Estimation of MOS Capacitance Across Different Technology Nodes.-C hapter 31. Cross-coupled Dynamic CMOS Latches: Scalability Analysis.-Chapter 32. Cross-coupled Dynamic CMOS Latches: Robustness Study of Timing.-Chapter 33. A Design of a 4 Dot 2 Electron QCA Full Adder Using Two Reversible Half Adders.-Chapter 34. Secure Data Outsourcing in the Cloud Using Multi-Secret Sharing Scheme (MSSS).-Chapter 35. Design of a BCD Adder Using 2-Dimensional Two-dot One-electron Quantum-dot Cellular Automata.-C hapter 36. Design Based New Coupling Metric for Component Based Development Environment.-Chapter 37. Scientific Workflow Management System for Community Model in Data Fusion.-Chapter 38. An Improved Stator Resistance Adaptation Mechanism in MRAS Estimator for Sensorless Induction Motor Drives.-Chapter 39. A New Implementation Scheme in Robotic Vehicle Propulsion Using Brushless DC Motor.-Chapter 40. Binary Fuzzy Goal Programming for Effective Utilization of IT Professionals.-Chapter 41. AVR Microcontroller Based Conference Presentation Timer.-Section 6. Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Chapter 42. A Person Identification System with Biometrics Using Modified RBFN Based Multiple Classifiers.-Chapter 43. An Application of GIS Techniques towards Pasture Land Use Studies.-Chapter 44. Wavelet-based Image Compression Using SPIHT and Windowed Huffman Coding with Limited Distinct Symbol and Its Variant.-Chapter 45. Extraction of Distinct Bifurcation Points from Retinal Fundus Images.-Chapter 46. Automatic Measurement and Analysis of Vessel Width in Retinal Fundus Image.-Chapter 47. Recognition of Handwritten Indic Script Numerals Using Mojette Transform.-Chapter 48. A Survey of Prospects and Problems in Hindustani Classical Raga Identification Using Machine Learning Techniques.-Chapter 49. A Neuro Fuzzy Based Black Tea Classifying Technique Using Electronic Nose and Electronic Tongue.-Chapter 50. Design of Novel Feature Vector for Recognition of Online Handwritten Bangla Basic Characters.-Chapter 51. An Eigencharacter Technique for Offline-Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition.-Chapter 52. Text and Non-text Separation in Handwritten Document Images Using Local Binary Pattern Operator.-Chapter 53. Page-to-Word Extraction from Unconstrained Handwritten Document Images.-Chapter 54. A Computer Vision Framework for Detecting Dominant Points on Contour of Image-Object through Thick-Edge Polygonal Approximation.-Chapter 55. Kuan Modified Anisotropic Diffusion Approach for Speckle Filtering.-Section 7. Security and Cryptography: Chapter 56. Dual-Image Based Reversible Data Hiding Scheme through Pixel Value Differencing With Exploiting Modification Direction.-Chapter 57. Cryptanalysis of an Asymmetric Image Cryptosystem Based on Synchronized Unified Chaotic System and CNN.-Chapter 58. Chaotic Map Based Image Encryption in Spatial Domain: A Brief Survey.-Chapter 59. A Novel Approach to e-voting Using Multi-Bit Steganography.-Chapter 60. Comparative Analysis of Classification Techniques in Network Based Intrusion Detection Systems.-Chapter 61. A New & Resilient Image Encryption Technique Based on Pixel Manipulation, Value Transformation and Visual Transformation Utilizing Single Level Haar Wavelet Transform.-Chapter 62. A Scheme for QR Code Based Smart Door Locks Security System Using an ARM Computer.-Chapter 63. Image Steganography Using BitPlane Complexity Segmentation and Hessenberg QR Method.-Chapter 64. A Novel Scheme for Analyzing Confusion Characteristics of Block Ciphers.-Section 8. Wireless Sensor Network: Chapter 65. Source-initiated Routing to Support Large-scale Pseudo-linear ZigBee Networks.-Chapter 66. SSeS: A Self-Configuring Selective Single-path Routing Protocol for Cloud-based Mobile Wireless Sensor Network.-Chapter 67. Link Quality Modeling for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks.-Chapter 68. GA based Energy Efficient and Balanced Routing in k-connected Wireless Sensor Networks.-Chapter 69. An Approach towards Energy Efficient Channel Reduction in Cellular Networks.-Chapter 70. Military Robot Path Control Using RF Communication.