Smart Women Finish Rich, Canadian Edition: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future (Canadian Edition) by David BachSmart Women Finish Rich, Canadian Edition: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future (Canadian Edition) by David Bach

Smart Women Finish Rich, Canadian Edition: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future (Canadian Edition)

byDavid Bach

Paperback | January 21, 2003

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Canadian Edition, revised and updated.

With hundreds of thousands of copies in print around the world, Smart Women Finish Rich, by financial advisor David Bach, has shown women of all ages and backgrounds how to take control of their financial futures. Whether you’re working with a few dollars a week or a substantial inheritance, Bach’s nine-step program gives you the tools for spending wisely, establishing security and aligning your money with your values. This new Canadian edition includes up-to-date tax information, income-building strategies, online resources, pension planning and new ways to attract greater wealth -- personal and financial -- into your life.
David Bach is the host of his own PBS television special in the U.S. and is widely recognized as one of America’s leading financial advisors and educators. Bach’s investment principles are taught internationally by thousands of financial advisors through his Smart Women Finish Rich™ and Smart Couples Finish Rich™ seminars, which are no...
Title:Smart Women Finish Rich, Canadian Edition: 9 Steps to Creating a Rich Future (Canadian Edition)Format:PaperbackPublished:January 21, 2003Publisher:Doubleday CanadaLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from AMAZING book for women!!!! I am so happy I purchased this book. It's an excellent guide that explains everything a woman needs to know about money (savings, investments, insurance) - everything! If you are living paycheck to paycheck and are unhappy with your spendings, please read this wonderful book! It will not dissapoint!
Date published: 2010-05-03
Rated 1 out of 5 by from Smart Women Start Rich. After watching about one hundred episodes of 'Til Debt Do Us Part' and 'Maxed Out', and struggling through my own financial difficulties, I decided to learn how to manage my finances and thought purchasing this book would help. Although it did provide some good information, such as how to find out CPP contributions and the value of saving and investing early, it did not help me as a student struggling to pay down debt while working part time jobs. This book, I think, would be more valuable to career women who have the financial means to get out of debt, but just don't realize it. It's great for general information, and in 10 years if I still don't know how to manage my finances I'll probably regret returning it, but it does NOTHING for women such as myself who are looking for a step-by-step process to follow when it comes to managing money effectively. After spending a good two hours in Chapters trying to decide which financial advice book to buy, I'm embarassed to admit that I was duped by one chapter that seemed to have the information I was looking for. It turned out, however, that this one chapter that outlined how you would create a filing system, seemed incomplete in some areas, and most of it did not apply to me as a student. Bach states that to start paying debt down, 'you need to start living on cash', but doesn't provide any information as to how to do this. As Gail Vaz-Oxlade pointed out in one episode of 'Til Debt', living on cash can get you in to trouble, especially if you don't know how!
Date published: 2007-05-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from So informative! I bought this book because I wanted to start planning for my retirement while I was still young, but was overwhelmed by all of the existing information elsewhere. David Bach's simple, anecdotal style of writing provided for an entertaining read that kept me interested enough to finish the book, while still having learned the essentials about investing in my future. I could read it a second time and learn even more!
Date published: 2007-01-18
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Smart Women Finish Rich is GREAT! As someone who works in the financial services industry, I read plenty of books about investing and financial planning - especially those directed at women. David Bach's book is a pleasure to read and I would recommend to anyone - from a beginner in investing to a professional. His ideas are practical and realistic, and the book's anecdote from actual women help humanize his topics. A great book all-around.
Date published: 2004-03-12

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IntroductionWHY SMART WOMEN ARE TAKING CONTROL OF THEIR FINANCIAL FUTURESI’ll never forget the moment I asked my mom, "What really makes the world go round – money or love?" I was only about five at the time. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "David, love is what makes life special, but without money you are in deep trouble!"Actually, "deep trouble" are my words. What my mom really said can’t be repeated. I had never heard my mom use an "adult" swear word before, so even at age five I knew then and there that not having money could be really painful. The obvious next question that came to my five-year-old mind was, "Are we rich, Mom?" That question took a little longer for her to answer (I think she eventually made me go play with my toys), but the thought of money has stayed with me ever since. If not having money is so bad, why don’t more people figure out how to get and keep it? It can’t be that hard. Or can it?More than 25 years later, I’m privileged to make my living teaching thousands of people – mostly women – how to invest and manage their money. And I’m happy to report that, when you strip away all the baloney, learning how to handle your own finances turns out to be relatively easy. Indeed, through my Smart Women Finish Rich seminars, I’ve already helped hundreds of thousands of women travel the same road to financial independence as you are going to take in this book. They have learned – as you will – the three keys to smart money management that enable a woman to gain control over her own financial destiny and, yes, finish rich:• How to use both your head and your heart in making financial decisions.• How what I call "the Latté Factor" can transform even the most modest wage earner into a significant investor.• How my "three-basket" approach to financial planning can assure you not only long-term security but the ability to realize your lifelong dreams.As you will discover, my approach to personal money management involves some powerful and exciting techniques. And all of them are pretty easy to master. Before we get started, however, it might be a good idea for me to address a question that often comes up at this point – namely . . . WHO AM I TO HELP YOU FINISH RICH?One way to answer this question is to tell you that prior to founding FinishRich, Inc., for nearly a decade I was a Senior Vice President and financial advisor for a major New York Stock Exchange firm and a partner in The Bach Group, which managed during my tenure over half a billion dollars for individual investors. Most of my hundreds of clients are women who have come to me after attending one of my investment seminars or through referrals from other women.But what you probably really want to know is why a man (and yes, I admit it – I can’t hide the fact that I am a man) is so driven to teach and empower women to take control of their finances. Well, the answer has mainly to do with my grandmother. Her name was Rose Bach, and she was unlike any other grandmother I ever met.My Grandma, the InvestorThe head buyer for wigs at Gimbel’s (back when Gimbel’s was one of America’s leading department stores), Grandma Bach was a working woman at a time when most women weren’t. Now, my grandparents were never wealthy; in fact, they never even owned their own home. Nonetheless, my grandmother decided at a very early age that she wanted to be an investor. Acting on her own, she took her earnings and put as much as she could afford into stocks and bonds. Over time, and without any advice from her husband, she built up a high-quality portfolio. When she passed away recently, at the age of 86, her investments were worth close to $1 million–this from a woman whose first job paid only $10 a week!There were many things my Grandma Bach taught me, but for our purposes, there’s one lesson that deserves to be singled out:You don’t have to be rich to be an investor!Of course, by becoming an investor, if you do it wisely like my Grandma Bach, you will almost certainly get rich!It was Grandma Bach who helped me make my first stock purchase. I was seven years old, and my favourite restaurant in the world was McDonald’s. So whenever I spent time with my grandmother, she would take me there for lunch. One day, at her prompting, instead of asking for ketchup for my fries when I marched up to the counter, I looked at the woman on the other side and asked, "Is this company public?"The counter lady looked back at me as if I were nuts, then called over the manager. Yes, he told me, McDonald’s was a publicly traded company. After a little persuasion from Grandma Bach (and a lot of vacuuming and dishwashing), I saved my allowance for three months and managed to accumulate enough money to buy three shares of McDonald’s Inc.That was over 25 years ago. Since then McDonald’s stock has gone up in value and split so many times that those original three shares of mine have multiplied into close to 200 shares. If I’d had enough money to purchase 100 shares of the company back then (an investment of around $10,000 at the time), my McDonald’s holdings would today be worth close to $500,000! (I often give my parents a hard time for not having lent me the additional money.) And all I had done was go out to lunch with my grandmother when I was a little kid and put my allowance into a company whose hamburgers I liked.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Canadian Edition
Introduction: Why Smart Women are Taking Control of Their Financial Futures
Step One: Learn the Facts -- and Myths -- About Your Money
Step Two: Put Your Money Where Your Values Are
Step Three: Figure Out Where You Stand Financially... and Where You Want To Go
Step Four: Use the Power of the Latté Factor... How to Create Massive Wealth on Just a Few Dollars a Week!
Step Five: Practise Grandma's Three-Basket Approach to Financial Security
Step Six: Learn the 10 Biggest Mistakes Investors Make and How to Avoid Them
Step Seven: Raising Smart Kids to Finish Rich
Step Eight: Follow the 12 Commandments of Attracting Greater Wealth
Step Nine: FinishRich Success Stories -- Be Inspired
Appendix 1: Where Does Your Money Really Go?
Appendix 2: FinishRich Inventory Planner
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Editorial Reviews

“Inspires women to start planning today for a secure financial future. Every woman can benefit from this book . . . Bach is an excellent money coach.” -- John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus“David Bach is the one expert to listen to when you’re intimidated by your finances. His easy-to-understand program will show you how to afford your dreams.” -- Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within