The Age Of Dinosaurs In Russia And Mongolia by Michael J. BentonThe Age Of Dinosaurs In Russia And Mongolia by Michael J. Benton

The Age Of Dinosaurs In Russia And Mongolia

EditorMichael J. Benton, Mikhail A. Shishkin, David M. Unwin

Paperback | December 4, 2003

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The former Soviet Union covers a vast area of land, and over the last 200 years, many dozens of extraordinary dinosaurs and other fossil amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals have been found in Mesozoic rocks in its territories. The Permo-Triassic of the Ural Mountains of Russia have produced hundreds of superb specimens, and many of the dinosaurs from Mongolia are unique. This is the first compilation in any Western language of this large body of Russian research and the first time so much of this research, previously unexplored by the West, has been introduced in English. The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia is written by a unique mix of Russian and Western palaeontologists, and provides an entrée to a range of fossil faunas, in particular reptiles, that have been little known outside Russia. It will undoubtedly become a major reference work for all vertebrate palaeontologists.
Title:The Age Of Dinosaurs In Russia And MongoliaFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:740 pages, 9.69 × 7.44 × 1.5 inShipping dimensions:9.69 × 7.44 × 1.5 inPublished:December 4, 2003Publisher:Cambridge University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgements; Introduction Michael J. Benton, Evgeny N. Kurochkin, Mikhail A. Shiskin and David M. Unwin; Conventions in Russian and Mongolian palaeontological literature Michael J. Benton; Stratigraphic units in the Permo-Mesozoic of Russia and Middle Asia; Mongolian place names and stratigraphic terms; Journals and series; Transliterated names of Russian and Mongolian palaeontologists and geologists; 1. The history of excavation of Permo-Triassic vertebrates from Eastern Europe Vitalii G. Ochev and Mikhail V. Surkov; 2. The amniote faunas of the Russian Permian Sean P. Modesto and N. Rybczynski; 3. Permian and Triassic temnospondyls from Russia Mikhail A. Shishkin, Igor V. Novikov and Yuri M. Gubin; 4. Permian and Triassic anthracosaurs from Eastern Europe Igor V. Novikov, Mikhail A. Shishkin and Valerii K. Golubev; 5. The Russian pareiasaurs Michael S. Y. Lee; 6. Mammal-like reptiles from Russia Bernard Battail and Mikhail V. Surkov; 7. Tetrapod biostratigraphy of the Triassic of Eastern Europe Mikhail A. Shishkin, Vitalii G. Ochev, Vladlen R. Lozovskii and Igor V. Novikov; 8. Early archosaurs from Russia David J. Gower and Andrei G. Sennikov; 9. Procolophonids from the Permo-Triassic of Russia Patrick S. Spencer and Michael J. Benton; 10. Enigmatic small reptiles from the Middle-Late Triassic of Kirgizia David M. Unwin, Vladimir R. Alifanov and Michael J. Benton; 11. Mesozoic marine reptiles of Russia and other former Soviet republics Glenn W. Storrs, Maxim S. Arkhangelskii and Vladimir M. Efimov; 12. Asiatic dinosaur rush Edwin H. Colbert; 13. The Russian-Mongolian expeditions and research in vertebrate palaeontology Evgenii N. Kurochkin and Rinchen Barsbold; 14. The Cretaceous stratigraphy and palaeobiogeography of Mongolia Vladimir F. Shuvalov; 15. Lithostratigraphy and sedimentary settings of the Cretaceous dinosaur beds of Mongolia Tom Jerzykiewicz; 16. Mesozoic amphibians from Mongolia and the Central Asiatic republics Mikhail A. Shishkin; 17. Mesozoic turtles from Mongolia Vladimir B. Sukhanov; 18. The fossil record of Cretaceous lizards from Mongolia Vladimir R. Alifanov; 19. Choristoderes from the Lower Cretaceous of northern Asia Glenn W. Storrs and Mikhail B. Efimov; 20. Mesozoic crocodyliforms of north-central Eurasia Glenn W. Storrs and Mikhail B. Efimov; 21. Pterosaurs from Russia, Middle Asia and Mongolia Natasha N. Bakhurina and David M. Unwin; 22. Theropod dinosaurs from the Cretaceous of Mongolia Phillip J. Currie; 23. Sauropods from Mongolia and the former Soviet Union Teresa Maryanska; 24. Ornithopods from Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Siberia David B. Norman and Hans-Dieter Sues; 25. The fossil record, systematics and evolution of pachycephalosaurs and ceratopsians from Asia Paul C. Sereno; 26. Armoured dinosaurs from the Cretaceous of Mongolia Tat'yana A. Tumanova; 27. Mesozoic birds of Mongolia and the former USSR Evgenii N. Kurochkin; 28. Eggs and eggshells of dinosaurs and birds from the Cretaceous of Mongolia Konstantin E. Mikhailov; 29. Mammals from the Mesozoic of Mongolia Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska, Boris A. Trofimov and Michael J. Novacek; 30. Mammals from the Mesozoic of Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan Alexander O. Aver'yanovn.

Editorial Reviews

'The book fills a niche in the scientific literature. There is no other compact and comprehensive summary of Russian and Mongolian vertebrate palaeontology between the covers of a single volume. The editors deserve congratulations for their initiative, drive and hard work. In addition, the book is attractively produced, a convenient easy-to-handle size and well bound ...'. Angela C. Milner, Times Higher Education Supplement