Progress in Exergy, Energy, and the Environment by Ibrahim DincerProgress in Exergy, Energy, and the Environment by Ibrahim Dincer

Progress in Exergy, Energy, and the Environment

byIbrahim DincerEditorAdnan Midilli, Haydar Kucuk

Hardcover | September 26, 2014

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This thorough and highly relevant volume examines exergy, energy and the environment in the context of energy systems and applications and as a potential tool for design, analysis, optimization. It further considers their role in minimizing and/or eliminating environmental impacts and providing for sustainable development. In this regard, several key topics ranging from the basics of the thermodynamic concepts to advanced exergy analysis techniques in a wide range of applications are covered.
Title:Progress in Exergy, Energy, and the EnvironmentFormat:HardcoverDimensions:1086 pagesPublished:September 26, 2014Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part 1: Exergy.- Exergy Analysis of a Hybrid Solar-Wind-Biomass System with Thermal and Electrical Energy Storage for a Community.- Exergetic Evaluation of a High-Pressure Hydrogen Production System.- Exergetic Performance Assessment of a Binary Geothermal Power Plant.- Exergetic Assessment of a Hybrid Steam Biomass Gasification and SOFC System for Hydrogen, Power and Heat Production.- Exergoeconomic Analysis of a Hybrid Steam Biomass Gasification-Based Tri-Generation System.- Exergoeconomic Analysis of a Cascade Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigeration System.- Energy and Exergy Analysis of Solar-Driven ORC Integrated with Fuel Cells and Electrolyser for Hydrogen and Power Production.- Application of Scroll Expander in Cryogenic Process of Hydrogen Liquefaction.- Energy and Exergy Analysis of an Integrated Solar Based Hydrogen Production and Liquefaction System.- Energy and Exergy Analysis of Copper-Chlorine (Cu-Cl) Based Integrated Systems for Hydrogen Production.- Simulation and Exergy Analysis of a Copper-Chlorine Thermochemical Water Decomposition Cycle for Hydrogen Production.- Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Combined Multigeneration System.- Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Zero Emission Power Plant for Co-Production of Electricity and Methanol.- Thermodynamic Analysis of Geothermally Driven High-Temperature Steam Electrolysis System for Hydrogen Production.- Thermodynamic Analysis of a Solar Driven Tri-Generation System for Building Applications.- Thermodynamic and Cost Analyses of a Residential Hybrid PV-Fuel Cell-Battery System for a Canadian House.- Thermodynamic Assessment of Waste Heat Operated Combined Compression-Absorption Refrigeration System.- Thermoeconomic Optimization of Scroll-Based Organic Rankine Cycles with Various Working Fluids.- Efficiency Assessment of Crude Oil Distillation Systems.- Performance Assessment of a Hybrid Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Combined Heat and Power System.- Performance Assessment of a Small Solar Pond Stratified With Magnesium Chloride Water.- Performance Assessment of a Recuperative Helium Gas Turbine System.- Investigation of Exergy Ratios of a Solar Pond at Various Reference Temperatures.- Assessment of Desalination Technologies Integrated with Renewable Energy Sources in Turkey.- Exergetic Performance of a Low Bypass Turbofan Engine at Takeoff Condition.- Exergetic Analysis of a Vertical Ground-Source Heat Pump System with Wall Heating/Cooling.- Energy and Exergy Analysis of an R134a Automotive Heat Pump System for Various Heat Sources in Comparison with Baseline Heating System.- Energy and Exergy Analyses of a Perlite Expansion Furnace.- Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of a Geothermal Drying System.- Performance Evaluation for Different Configurated HRSGs.- Investigation of Energy Efficiency by Making Exergy Analysis in the Cement Sector.- Part 2: Energy.- Energy Analysis of Scroll Compressor Conversion into Expander for Rankine Cycles with Various Working Fluids.- Energy Analysis of Hydrogen Production from a Hybrid Wind Turbine Electrolyzer System.- Evaluation of Thermal Characteristics of a Borehole Thermal Energy Storage System.- Design and Assessment of a Net Zero Energy House.- A Compact Design of Water Heating-Humidification Processes for Solar HDD Systems.- Investigation of Humidity Effects on the Thermal Comfort and Heat Balance of the Body.- Thermal Comfort Analysis of Novel Low Exergy Radiant Heating Cooling System and Energy Potential Comparing to Conventional Systems.- Comparison of Alternating-Current Losses in Two-Layer Superconducting Cables Constructed by Shell-Type and Solid-Core Cylindrical Wires.- Influences of Ferromagnetic Deflectors Between Layers of Superconducting Power Transmission Cables on Transport Current Losses.- Multi Modal Structure for the Management of Energies in a Residential Home.- Quantum Dots Conjugated E. Coli Living Cells as Fluorescent Reporters to Detect Cytotoxicity of Chemicals.- Mathematical Modeling of a Small Scale Compressed Air Energy Storage System.- Use of Transparent Insulation Materials as One of Measures of Improving Energy of Structures.- Experimental Insulation Performance Evaluation of Aerogel for Household Refrigerators.- Full Scale Experimental Studies of a Passive Cooling Roof in Hot Arid Areas.- Investigation of Latent Heat Storage Systems for Green Building Applications.- Short and Long-Term Solar Radiation Estimation Method.- Energy Saving With Double-Skin Glazed Facades in Multi-Storey Buildings.- A New Approach for Compressor &Turbine Performance Map modelling by Using ANFIS Structure.- Performance Estimation of Gas Turbine System via Degree-Day Method.- Evaluation of Turkish Electricity Demand Projections.- Optimized Analysis of Cold Energy Utilization for Cold Storage Project of Xingtan LNG Satellite Station.- Comparison of Different Turbulent Models in Turbulent Forced Convective Flow and Heat Transfer Inside Rectangular Cross-Sectioned Duct Heating at the Bottom Wall.- Three Dimensional Numerical Analysis of Thermal Output of a Steel Panel Radiator.- Combined Effect of Viscous Dissipation on The Coupling of Conduction and Mixed Convection Along a Vertical Slender Hollow Cylinder.- Effect of Radiation-Conduction Interaction on Mixed Convection From a Slender Cylinder.- Novel Fin Design for the Panel Type Radiators Using CFD.- Hydrodynamic Aspects of Oscillating Flow Through Porous Media Consisting of Steel Spheres.- Flow and Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Empty Refrigerated Container.- Numerical Simulation of 1-D Compression Stroke Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics.- Performance Evaluation of Eco-Friendly Humidifying Material Using Hwangto.- Common Applications of Thin Layer Drying Curve Equations and Their Evaluation Criteria.- Experimental Study of Thin Layer Drying Behavior of a Fish.- Comparing Corn Drying in Fluidized Bed Dryer and Convective Tray Dryer.- Investigation of Drying Characteristics of Blueberry Using a New Solar Air Collector Design.- Part 3: Environment.- Exergy Based Sustainability Indicators for a Single Layer Solar Drying Process.- Investigating the Exergetic and Environmental Effects of Subcooling and Superheating Processes on the Performance of Direct Expansion Systems.- Investigation of Exergetic and Environmental Performance of HFCs with 20 Year and 100 Year GWP.- Performance Evaluation in the Heavy Metal Removal of Bio-Char Produced from Tomato Factory Waste.- Ecological Performance Analysis of Irreversible Brayton Cycle.- Environmental Effect Evaluation of Topography and Natural Gas Usage on Air Quality: A Case Study of K. Maras.- Efficient Anionic Dyes Adsorption on Activated Algerian Clays.- Part 4: Renewable Energy.- Investigation of Turbidity Effect on Transmission of Heat in a Solar Pond.- Performance Analysis of a Solar Pond for Different Dimensions.- Parametric Analysis of Pumped Storage Hydropower-Coupled Wind Turbine Plants.- Torrefaction of Agriculture and Forestry Biomass Using TGA-FTIR-MS.- Model Based Performance Analysis of a Concentrating Parabolic Trough Collector Array.- Wind Energy Resource Assessment of Ergan Mountain Ski Center - Erzincan, Turkey.- Investigation of the Use of Solar Thermal Buffer Zone in Buildings.- Determination of a Geothermal Energy Field with Audio-Magnetotelluric (AMT) Data at the South of Manisa, Turkey.- Energy Production from Municipal Solid Waste Using Plasma Gasification.- Prediction of Daily Average Global Solar Radiation and Parabolic Monthly Irradiation Model Parameters for Turkey.- Comparison of Energy Performance and Static Loads on a Building Integrated Wind, Solar and Rain Water Harvester.- A Solar Energy Calculation Study for the Buildings in Bayburt in Order to Get Optimum Benefit from the Sun Directly.- Part 5: Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell.- Economic Assessment of Three Biomass-Based Hydrogen Production Systems.- A Dynamic Simulation Study of a Small Scale Hydrogen Production System for a High Temperature Proton Exchange Fuel Cell.- Optimization of the Operation Conditions in Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell with Carbon Supported Au Anode.- A New Carbon Nanotube-Supported Pt-Ru Anodic Catalyst by Reverse Microemulsion for Direct Methanol Electro-Oxidation.- Evaluation of Biohydrogen Production Potential from Sewage Sludge.- Asphaltene as Light Harvesting Material in Dye-sensitized Solar Cell.- Part 6: Fuels and Combustion.- Plasma-Fuel Systems Utilization for Ecological and Energy Efficiency of Thermal Power Plants.- Plasma Technologies of Solid and Gaseous Fuels Processing.- Three Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Hydrogen, Methane, Propane And Butane Combustions in a Spherical Model Combustor.- Development of a Reduced Mechanism for N-Haptane Fuel in HCCI Engines.- Comparison of Natural Gas Fired and Induction Heating Furnaces.- Chemical Thermodynamics of Hydrocarbon Compositions in Natural Gas Field, Northeast of Thailand.- Use of Hazelnut Oil Ethyl Ester as a Fuel in Pre-Chamber Diesel Engine.- Mathematical Model of Petroleum Dynamics in Closed Conduit.- A Statistical Analysis of Lean Misfires in a Gasoline Engine and the Effect of Hydrogen Addition.