Progress in Systems Engineering: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third International Conference on Systems Engineering by Henry SelvarajProgress in Systems Engineering: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third International Conference on Systems Engineering by Henry Selvaraj

Progress in Systems Engineering: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third International Conference on…

byHenry SelvarajEditorDawid Zydek, Grzegorz Chmaj

Hardcover | August 26, 2014

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This collection of proceedings from the International Conference on Systems Engineering, Las Vegas, 2014 is orientated toward systems engineering, including topics like aero-space, power systems, industrial automation and robotics, systems theory, control theory, artificial intelligence, signal processing, decision support, pattern recognition and machine learning, information and communication technologies, image processing, and computer vision as well as its applications. The volume's main focus is on models, algorithms, and software tools that facilitate efficient and convenient utilization of modern achievements in systems engineering.
Title:Progress in Systems Engineering: Proceedings of the Twenty-Third International Conference on…Format:HardcoverDimensions:903 pagesPublished:August 26, 2014Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Titan Science Return Quantification.- Robust Output Feedback Attitude Control of Spacecraft Using Solar Radiation Pressure.- Online Near-Optimal Path Planning to Back-up Aircraft Mission Capabilities in Emergency Conditions.- Nonlinear Optimal Tracking With Incomplete State Information Using State Dependent Riccati Equation.- Nonlinear Position Control of DC Motor Using Finite-Horizon State Dependent Riccati Equation.- Generalization of the Observer Principle for Youla-parametrized Regulators.- The Compensation of N-th Order Bilinearity Applied with Model Based Controller.- Estimation For Target Tracking Using A Control Theoretic Approach: Part 2.- Identification of Fractional Order Models: Application to 1D Solid Diffusion System Model of Lithium Ion Battery Cell.- Robust Adaptive Control of the Dynamic Multilinked Object: Control of Robot Manipulator.- Modeling and Identification of a Fractional-order Discrete-time Laguerre-Hammerstein System.- A Comparative Study of Model-based and Data-based Model Order Reduction Techniques of Nonlinear Systems.- Optimised Job-Shop Scheduling via Genetic Algorithm for a Manufacturing Production System.- 3D CFD Simulation of the Thermal Performance of an Air Channel Solar Heater.- A Compact Heat Pump Concept Utilizing High Speed Rotation.- Experimental Investigation of Spray Evaporation on a Flat Flake Surface with Constant Heat Flux.-  Life Cycle Assessment of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion with CO2 Post-combustion Capture.- Suggested Simulation of the First Copper-Chlorine Reactor Step for Solar Hydrogen Generation Process.-  Voltage regulation in Resonant Coupled Systems for Near Field Power Transfer.- Security Breach Possibility with RSS-Based Localization of Smart Meters Incorporating Maximum Likelihood Estimator.- Active/Reactive Power Control of Three Phase Grid Connected Current Source Boost Inverter Using Particle Swarm Optimization.- Anti-islanding Test results for Multiple PV Inverter Operations.- Presentation of a Fuzzy Control Training and Test System.- Web Service Intrusion Detection Using a Probabilistic Framework.- Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Control for Ramp Metering.- Intelligent system concept for high-energy performance and adaptable user comfort.- Sparse hidden units activation in Restricted Boltzmann Machine.- Accelerated learning for Restricted Boltzmann Machine with momentum term.- Optimizing Interface Area of Percolated Domains in Two Dimensional Binary Compound: Artificial Neural Network Modeling on Monte Carlo Experiments.- Cognitive Science Based Scheduling in Grid Environment.- Vulnerability Evaluation of Multiplexing PUF for SVM Attacks.- Autonomous Visualization for Mitigating Lack of Peripheral Vision in Remote Safe Teleoperation.- Improving Multi-Panel Lamination Process Optimization using Response Surface Methodology and Neural Network.- Selecting Right Questions with Restricted Boltzmann Machines.- A Semantic Approach for Identifying Assurance Deficits in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Software.-  A Load Optimization Considering Reverse Synergy that may Occur with Mixed Load.- Predictability of Firm Financial Sustainability Using Artificial Neural Networks: The Case of Qatar Exchange.- The Periodic Signal Filtration Using the Robust Digital Filter Order Calculation Optimized by Approximation.- A Reasoning System for Predicting Study Level based on Users Watching Behaviors.- Temporal Constraints and Sub-Dimensional Clustering for Fast Similarity Search over Time Series Data. Application to Information Retrieval Tasks.- Active Learning Based on Random Forest and Its Application  to Terrain Classification.- Classification of multichannel EEG signal by linear discriminate analysis.- Virtual Enterprise Process Monitoring: An Approach Towards Predictive Industrial Maintenance.- Module-based Release Management for Technical Changes.- Trajectory Optimization by Particle Swarm Optimization in Motion Planning.- Cost Model for an Integrated Load Carrier Design Process in the Lithium-ion Battery Production.-  Sensorless Force Estimation for a Two-Link Manipulator Based Upon Linear Dynamics.- A Joint-Space Parametric Formulation for the Vibrations of Symmetric Gough-Stewart Platforms.- Software Project Planning Using Agile.-  A Modeling Approach to Support Safety Assurance in the Automotive Domain.- Dynamic OD Transit Matrix Estimation: Formulation and Model-building Environment.- Microstrip Spiral Resonator for the UWB Chipless RFID Tag.-  An Evaluation of Intrusion Detection System on Jubatus.-  A System for Conceptual Design Based on Energy-Informational Model.- An Algorithm for Multi-Source Geographic Data System.- Methodology and Platform for Business Process Optimization.- Review and Refined Architectures for Monitoring, Information Exchange, and Control of Interconnected Distributed Resources.- Lossless Compression of Climate Data.- Parameter Trade-off And Performance Analysis of Multi-core Architecture.- Approximation Algorithms for Utility-maximizing Network Design Problem.- Network Energy Reduction via an Adaptive Shutdown Algorithm.- Improving TCP Performance in Mix Networks.- An Epidemic Routing with Low Message Exchange Overhead for Delay Tolerant Networks.- EEIS-An Energy Efficient at Idle Slots MAC layer protocol.- Identification of Redundant Node-Clusters for Improved Face Routing.- Distributed processing applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Survey.- UAV Cooperative Data Processing Using Distributed Computing Platform.- Implementation of an Efficient Library for Asynchronous Circuit Design with Synopsys.- A Dynamic System Matching Technique-An Analytical Study.- On the Effect of High Power Amplifier Non-linearity on the Ergodic Capacity of Multihop MIMO-OFDM Amplify-and-Forward Relay Network.- Stability Analysis of Continuous Time Sigma Delta Modulators.- Counting of water-in-oil droplets for targeted drug delivery systems using capacitive sensing technique.- Privacy Preserving Biometric Voice Authentication System -- SIPPA-based Approach.- Monitoring Urban and Land Use Changes in Al-Kharj Saudi Arabia using Remote Sensing.- Expert Systems Based Response Surface Models for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization.- A Survey of Approaches Used in Parallel Architectures and Multi- core Processors, For Performance Improvement.- Aligning Systems Engineering and Project Management Standards to Improve the Management of Processes.-  Effect of the Groove Dimensions and Orientation on the Static and Dynamic Performance of Non-recessed Hybrid Journal Bearing.- Understanding Asynchronous Distributed Collaboration in an Enterprise Systems Engineering Context.- A Design Model for Rapid Transit Networks Considering Rolling Stock's Reliability and Redistribution of Services During Disruptions.- Management System Architecture for 3D Audio Evaluation Database.- A Generic Metamodel for Context-Aware Applications.- Cost Effectiveness of Coverage-Guided Test-Suite Reduction for Safety-Relevant Systems.- Towards a Holistic Definition of System Engineering: Paradigm and Modeling Requirements.- Migration from Legacy Systems to SOA Applications: A Survey and an Evaluation.- An Approach to Schedule Production using the Reservation Tables.-  Applying System of Systems Engineering Approach to Build Complex Cyber Physical Systems.- Model Integration and Model Transformation Approach for Multi-Paradigm Cyber Physical System Development.- 2D Multi-Slice and 3D k-Space Simulations using a 3D Quadric Head Phantom with MRI Properties.- Classification of Lungs Nodule Using Hybrid Features from CT Scan Images.- A Smart Carpet Design for Monitoring People.- Rationalisation of the Maintenance Process of transport telematics system comprising two types of periodic inspections.- An Adaptive Controller of Traffic Lights using Genetic Algorithms.- Parameters Analysis of Satellite Support System in Air Navigation.- Selected Issues of the Reliability Analysis of GSM-R in Poland.-  Speed-Volume Relationship Model for Speed Estimation on Urban Roads in Intelligent Transportation Systems.- Superpixel Based Semantic Segmentation for Assistance in Varying Terrain Driving Conditions.- Emotion Estimation using Geometric Features from Human Lower Mouth Portion.- Cognitive Based Sentence Level Emotion Estimation through Emotional Expressions.- 83 - Hybrid Multilingual Key Terms Extraction System for Hindi and Punjabi Text.- Sentiment and Emotion Prediction through Cognition: A Review.- A Short Review for Mobile Applications of Sentiment Analysis on various domains.- Human Cognition and Vision Based Earlier Path Determination System for Indoor Mobile Robot Path Planning.- Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) based Improved Iris Recognition System.- Acceleration based Particle Swarm Optimization (APSO) for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction.- Performance Analysis of Zone Based Features for Online Handwritten Gurmukhi Script Recognition using Support Vector Machine.- Words Are Analogous To Lymphocytes: A Multi-Word-Agent Autonomous Learning Model.- Agile Rough Set Based Rule Induction to Sustainable Service and Energy Provision.- Intelligent Web Application Systems Testing through Value Based Test Case Prioritization.- Hybrid Identification of Bilinear Model in the Presence of Uncertainty and Absence of Sufficient Data.- A Fast Non-searching Algorithm for the High-Speed Target Detection.- A Comparative Study of Video Splitting Techniques.- Trajectory Based Unusual Human Movement Identification for Video Surveillance System.-  Design And Implementation of Novel Algorithms For Frequent Pattern Trees.- Using Symbolic Functional Decomposition to Implement FSMs in Heterogenous FPGAs.- Efficient Functional Decomposition Algorithm Based on Indexed Partition Calculus.- Rule induction based on logic synthesis methods.- Simpler Functions for Decomposition.- Node Demand Reverse Deduction (DRD) Technology for Water Supply Networks.- Generalized Spring Tensor Model: A New Improved Load Balancing Method in Cloud Computing.- Middleware Solution for Cross-Site Data Transfer.- Architecture of Internet of Things for Smart Grids.- Specification and Design Method for Big Data Driven Cyber Physical Systems.- Simulating Active Interference Cancellation in Cognitive Radio.- A Development Study on Performance of a Real-Time Interface Device.- Task Allocation within Mesh Networks: Influence of Architecture and Algorithms.- Simulation of Manycore Computer System Architecture.- - A Survey on Design and Implementation of Floating Point Adder in FPGA.- Hybrid GPU/CPU Approach to Multiphysics Simulation.