Q Runner: 2nd Fleet Story in the Outfitters Universe

May 16, 2015|
Q Runner: 2nd Fleet Story in the Outfitters Universe
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Of the billions that have ever lived on Earth, 29,755 have been chosen.

Indentured servants from Colonial America, tailors from the 1920s in Brooklyn, NY, crocodile hunting Australian Aborigines, and farmers from the Horn of Africa; all removed from different times, places, and circumstances of Earth’s history. Each selected by a mysterious, seemingly omnipotent, alien race called the Outfitters because they had ‘no discernible impact on Earth’s history’. These diverse individuals join a unified Fleet to defend an Earth that moved on without them.

The crew of the Free Lunch is tasked with doing emergency rescue work in the vacuum of space. Max was studying Agriculture at the University of Somalia in the year 2020, his co-pilot Kim is a frustrated Korean military man who believes Rescue duties are beneath, Jill is a Quaker, Philly is a crafty Elvis fan, Gwen is a hippy chick out of time, Roberto is an orphaned house painter from Cuba, Paddy watched Babe Ruth hit a homer and Sven well he does not say much.

Title:Q Runner: 2nd Fleet Story in the Outfitters Universe
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 16, 2015
Publisher:A.A. Forringer
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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