Qi=mc2: Gnosis: Planetary Initiation by Michelle Christides

Qi=mc2: Gnosis: Planetary Initiation

byMichelle Christides

Kobo ebook | November 29, 2014

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Qi = mc2 is written and recorded in two volumes to mirror the thinking of the two-hemisphere brain so that each volume stands alone and readers may choose their principal way of knowing to grasp the emerging world-view underlying the chaotic events in our time; Science: Qualium Leap in Evolution and this one, Gnosis: Planetary Initiation. Gnosis is the subjective or introverted way of thinking, forgotten in our time and explained in both volumes as a "holographic" cognitive mode, which is what Einstein referred to when he said, "The greatest mystery is that we can know the Universe and that it is comprehensible." 

Qualium Leap in Evolution puts together discoveries across the sciences (starting from neuroscientist Gerald Edelman's term "qualium") with the product of human thinking – culture and the “world” – from archeology, linguistics, evolutionary biology, genetics, neuroscience, holography and astronomy, via the cultural history of the West to explain an emerging World View: the brain is a holographic organ and consciousness is the image-source an "over-arching" and "underlying" Energy field from and beyond the Big Bang, “meta”-physics, and consciousness is the scientific word for “spirit.” 

Gnosis: Planetary Initiation puts together meaning and values in the chaos of globalization as a cyclone clash of cultural fronts, technology and tradition. This split in the emerging new global culture defies natural selection because the two-hemisphere brain does not come with an owner's manual to use both modes operandi to transcend or "tie together" (the original meaning of the Latin word, 'religio') the inner world and the outer world – the brain's mission control, using the corpus callosum for simple natural selection.  It is a cultural schizophrenia because this illness is characterized by an inability to respond to danger.

The crises of climate change and nuclear and terrorist warfare are the carrot-and-stick of natural selection for the initiation of a brain capacity to leap to this qualium-level consciousness and meet the challenge of the planetary environment to turn vision into action, kick the many addictions growing from consumerism, and see survival of the fittest, not in terms of single-minded strength and power, but in terms of what the Dalai Lama called "intricate altruism." 

For the Westerner, the Twelve Steps speak to the soul after the bankruptcy of ideologies, which led to two World Wars and our livelihood's dependence on the boom-and-bust cycle of world-money capitalism by governing hand-in-glove with industry and a militarist competitive world-view. The Twelve Steps are a psychological resurrection of an underground meaning of our culture, which was persecuted as "heresy" (the original meaning of the Greek word for 'choice') when even the sacred was institutionalized to serve the power of political and economic hierarchy. 

The World Wars were giant rehearsals not to destroy for empty political and economic ideology, but for the economic and social organization needed because nuclear warfare taught us we are all on the same planet. We have been initiated to create a new Earth, a commonwealth world-view to afford the scope to use human potential fully for a quality of civilization in harmony with the Earth. How we make this happen is by the transmission of a corrected course for culture to take future generations to the destination, as the Dalai Lama said, by educating future generations in a compassionate world view for commonwealth. 

Title:Qi=mc2: Gnosis: Planetary InitiationFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:November 29, 2014Publisher:Jungsoul PublicationsLanguage:English

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