Quantum Theory: A Wide Spectrum by E.B. ManoukianQuantum Theory: A Wide Spectrum by E.B. Manoukian

Quantum Theory: A Wide Spectrum

byE.B. Manoukian

Hardcover | October 10, 2006

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The ultimate modern textbook on Quantum Theory, this graduate-level and self-contained s text is also a reference and research work which provides background for researchers in this discipline, covering important recent developments and most aspects of the theory with fairly detailed presentations.
In addition to traditional topics, it includes: selective measurements, Wigner's Theorem of symmetry transformations, generators of quantum transformations, supersymmetry, details on the spectra of Hamiltonians and stability of quantum systems, Bose-Fermi oscillators, coherent states, hyperfine structure of the H-atom for any angular momentum, the non-relativistic Lamb shift, anomalous magnetic moment of the electron, Ramsey oscillatory fields methods, measurement, interference and the role of the environment, the AB effect, geometric phases (including the nonadiabatic and noncyclic), Schrödinger's cat and quantum decoherence, quantum teleportation and cryptography, quantum dynamics of the Stern-Gerlach effect, Green functions, path integrals, including constrained dynamics, quantum dynamical principle and variations, systematics of multi-electron atoms, stability of matter, collapse of "bosonic matter" and the role of spin, intricacies of scattering, quantum description of relativistic particles for any spin and mass, spinors, helicity, the Spin & Statistics Theorem.
In addition it contains numerous problems, some of which are challenging enough for research.

Professor Dr. Edouard B. Manoukian did his graduate studies at McGill and at the University of Toronto in Canada, receiving his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in 1968 and 1971, respectively. He carried out research at the Theoretical Physics Institute of the University of Alberta, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, and the Centre de R...
Title:Quantum Theory: A Wide SpectrumFormat:HardcoverDimensions:1011 pagesPublished:October 10, 2006Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. Acknowledgments. 1: Fundamentals. 1.1 Selective Measurements 1.2. A, B, C to Probabilities. 1.3. Expectation Values and Matrix Representations. 1.4. Generation of States, Inner-Product Spaces, Hermitian Operators and the Eigenvalue Problem. 1.5. Pure Ensembles and Mixtures 1.6. Polarization of Light: An Interlude. 1.7. The Hilbert Space; Rigged Hilbert Space. 1.8. Self-Adjoint Operators and Their Spectra.1.9. Wigner's Theorem on Symmetry Transformations. 1.10. Probability, Conditional Probability and Measurement. Problems. 2: Symmetries and Transformations. 2.1. Galilean Space-Time Coordinate Transformations. 2.2. Successive Galilean Transformations and the Closed Path. 2.3. Quantum Galilean Transformations and Their Generators. 2.4. The Transformation Function (x|p). 2.5. Quantum Dynamics and Construction of Hamiltonians. Appendix to §2.5: Time-Evolution for Time-Dependent Hamiltonians. 2.6. Discrete Transformations: Parity and Time Reversal. 2.7. Orbital Angular Momentum and Spin. 2.8. Spinors and Arbitrary Spins. Appendix to §2.8: Transformation Rule of a Spinor of Rank One Under a Coordinate Rotation. 2.9. Supersymmetry. Problems. 3: Uncertainties, Localization, Stability and Decay of Quantum Systems. 3.1. Uncertainties, Localization and Stability. 3.2. Boundedness of the Spectra of Hamiltonians From Below. 3.3. Boundedness of Hamiltonians From Below: General Classes of Interactions. 3.4. Boundedness of Hamiltonian From Below: Multi-Particle Systems. 3.5. Decay of Quantum Systems. Appendix to §3.5: The Paley-Wiener Theorem. Problems. 4: Spectra of Hamiltonians. 4.1. Hamiltonians with Potentials Vanishing at Infinity. 4.2. On Bound-States. 4.3. Hamiltonians with Potentials Approaching Finite Constants at Infinity. 4.4. Hamiltonians with Potentials Increasing with No Bound at Infinity. 4.5. Counting the Number of Eigenvalues. Appendix to §4.5: Evaluation of Certain Integrals. 4.6. Lower Bounds to the Expectation Value of the KineticEnergy: An Application of Counting Eigenvalues. 4.7. The Eigenvalue Problem and Supersymmetry. Problems. 5: Angular Momentum Gymnastics. 5.1. The Eigenvalue Problem. 5.2. Matrix Elements of Finite Rotations. 5.3. Orbital Angular Momentum. 5.4. Spin. 5.5. Addition of Angular Momenta. 5.6. Explicit Expression for the Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients. 5.7. Vector Operators. 5.8. Tensor Operators. 5.9. Combining Several Angular Momenta: 6-j and 9-j Symbols. 5.10. Particle States and Angular Momentum; Helicity States. Problems. 6: Intricacies of Harmonic Oscillators. 6.1. The Harmonic Oscillator. 6.2 Transition to and Between Excited States in the Presence of a Time-Dependent Disturbance. 6.3. The Harmonic Oscillator in the Presence of a Disturbance at Finite Temperature. 6.4. The Fermi Oscillator. 6.5. Bose-Fermi Oscillators and Supersymmetric Bose-Fermi Transformations. 6.6. Coherent State of the Harmonic Oscillator. Problems. 7: Intricacies of the Hydrogen Atom. 7.1. Stability of the Hydrogen Atom. 7.2. The Eigenvalue Problem. 7.3. The Eigenstates. 7.4. The Hydrogen Atom Including Spin and Relativistic Corrections. Appendix to §7.4: Normalization of the Wavefunction Including Spin and Relativistic Corrections. 7.5. The Fine-Structure of the Hydrogen Atom. Appendix to §7.5: Combining Spin and Angular Momentum in the Atom. 7.6. The Hyperfine-Structure of the Hydrogen Atom. 7.7. The Non-Relativistic Lamb Shift. Appendix to §7.7: Counter-Terms and Mass Renormalization. 7.8. Decay of Excited States. 7.9. The Hydrogen Atom in External Electromagnetic Fields. Problems. 8: Quantum Physics of Spin 1/2 and Two-Level Systems; Quantum Predictions Using Such Systems. 8.1. General Properties of Spin 1/2 and Two-Level Systems. 8.2. The Pauli Hamiltonian; Supersymmetry. 8.3. Landau Levels; Expression for the g-Factor. 8.4. Spin Precession and Radiation Losses. 8.5. Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Electron. 8.6. Density Operators and Spin. 8.7 Quantum Interference and

Editorial Reviews

From the reviews:"This book is a modern textbook covering most aspects of the theory and recent developments. The topics included in this book are useful either to graduate students in physics or researchers in this discipline and in the related fields as well. . The book contains a lot of problems at the end of each Chapter that should be attempted by every serious reader. The book, unquestionably attractive to all those interested in Quantum Theory, is an invaluable source of material for this field." (Marian Ioan Munteanu, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1126 (3), 2008)"The content is comprehensive and the exposition is clear, albeit at a high level. There is a substantial amount of material that I have not seen covered -or covered in this depth- in other graduate level books: for example, the author's treatment of relativistic quantum equations of motion, the spin-statistics connection, the extensive discussion of the BCH relations, and more. Overall excellent." (M.P. Silverman, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, USA)