April 6, 2021|


“A wicked and witty hybrid of Heroes and Gossip Girl.”
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“We don't exactly have an invisible Pride parade, okay?”

From bestselling and award-winning author Steven Bereznai comes a critically acclaimed tale of campy superheroic otherness with an American Horror Story bent.

What happens when a closeted jock, a scrawny, out-and-proud nerd, and a pair of bratty cheerleaders develop superpowers in a small-town high school? Can they stop a pair of super-powered classmates hellbent on reshaping the student body in a darker image? Or will teen angst, jealousy, and ill-timed romance doom them all?
Fast, fun, and sexyQueeroes is where unlikely teen heroes must face their darkest fears to become their truest selvesSmallville meets House of Wax and Queer As Folk

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:April 6, 2021
Appropriate for ages:9 - 12
ISBN - 13:9780995869097

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