Race and IQ


Paperback | May 15, 2002

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Ashley Montagu, who first attacked the term "race" as a usable concept in his acclaimed work, Man's Most Dangerous Myth , offers here a devastating rebuttal to those who would claim any link between race and intelligence. In now classic essays, this thought-provoking volume critically examines the terms "race" and "IQ" and their applications in scientific discourse. The twenty-four contributors--including such eminent thinkers as Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin, Urie Bronfenbrenner, W.F. Bodmer, and JeromeKagan--draw on fields that range from biology and genetics to psychology, anthropology, and education. What emerges in piece after piece is a deep skepticism about the scientific validity of intelligence tests, especially as applied to evaluating innate intelligence, if only because scientists stillcannot distinguish between genetic and environmental contributions to the development of the human mind. Five new essays have been included that specifically address the claims made in the recent, highly controversial book, The Bell Curve. Must reading for anyone interested in racism and education in America, Race and IQ is a brilliantly lucid exploration of the boundary line between race and intelligence.
The late Ashley Montagu was a distinguished anthropologist and author of over 40 books, including The Nature of Human Aggression, Statement on Race, and Science and Creationism.
Title:Race and IQFormat:PaperbackDimensions:496 pages, 5.31 × 7.91 × 1.1 inPublished:May 15, 2002Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1. Ashley Montagu: Introduction2. Th. Dobzansky and Ashley Montagu: Natural Selection and the Mental Capacities of Mankind3. Ashley Montagu: The IQ Mythology4. Leonard Lieberman, with Alice Littlefield and Larry T. Reynolds: The Debate Over Race: Thirty Years and Two Centuries Later5. S.E. Luria: What Can Biologists Solve?6. Jerome Kagan: The Magical Aura of the IQ7. S. Biesheuvel: An Examination of Jensen's Theory Concerning Educability, Heritability, and Population Differences8. Edmund W. Gordon with Derek Green: An Affluent Society's Excuses for Inequality: Developmental, Economic, and Educational9. Urie Brofenbrenner: Nature with Nurture; A Reinterpretation of the Evidence10. Stephen Jay Gould: Racist Arguments and IQ11. Ashley Montagu: Intelligence, IQ, and Race12. C. Loring Brace and Frank B. Livingstone: On Creeping Jensenism13. Richard C. Lewontin: Race and Intelligence14. David Layzer: Heritability Analyses of IQ Scores: Science or Numerology?15. Peggy R. Sanday: On The Causes of IQ Differences Between Groups and Implications for Social Policy16. W.F. Bodmer: Race and IQ: The Genetic Background17. Urie Brofenbrenner: Is Early Intervention Effective? Some Studies of Early Education in Familial and Extra-Familial Settings18. Alan Ryan: Bad Science, Worse Politics19. Leon J. Kamin: Behind the Curve20. Charles Lane: The Tainted Sources of The Bell Curve21. C. Loring Brace: "Science" in the Sevice of Racism22. Ned Block: How Heritability Misleads About Race