Radiation Hazard in Space by Leonty MiroshnichenkoRadiation Hazard in Space by Leonty Miroshnichenko

Radiation Hazard in Space

byLeonty Miroshnichenko

Paperback | December 7, 2010

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This book gives a modern picture of the Earth's radiation environment and dynamics of radiation conditions in the heliosphere. The present monograph, unlike the reviews published earlier, treats the problem in self-contained form, in all its associations - from fundamental astrophysical, geophysical, and biological aspects to technical, engineering, aircraft and astronautical applications. The monograph includes a large amount of new data on the main sources of natural radiation hazard (terrestrial radiation belts, solar cosmic rays and galactic cosmic rays), accumulated during the last several decades of space research. As a result of the "information burst" in space physics, there are a lot of new interesting theoretical concepts, prediction models and ideas that deserve attention. The author gives an extensive bibliography, which covers impartially the main achievements, failures, problems and prospects in this field. The book will be helpful for a wide audience of space physicists, designers, engineers and other specialists in the practical cosmonautics (astronautics). It also will be relevant for a number of graduate courses on solar physics, geophysics, solar-terrestrial physics, and other branches of space research.
Title:Radiation Hazard in SpaceFormat:PaperbackDimensions:253 pages, 9.25 × 6.1 × 0 inPublished:December 7, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. 1: Introduction and Brief History. 1.1. Space Radiation Environment. 1.2. Identification of Radiation Hazard. 1.3. Multilevel Nature of the Problem. 1.4. Recent Developments. 1.5. General Picture of Radiation Disturbance. 2: Radiation Conditions in Space. 2.1. Character of Radiation Influence. 2.2. Main Concepts, Definitions and Terms. 2.3. Objects of Radiation Impact. 2.4. Dynamics of Radiation Dose. 2.5. Extreme Radiation Conditions. 2.6. Super-Events in the Heliosphere. 3: Physical Conditions in Space. 3.1. Solar Activity and Heliomagnetosphere. 3.2. Properties of Interplanetary Medium. 3.3. Motion of Energetic Particles in Space. 3.4. Regular Geomagnetic Field and Anomalies. 3.5. Disturbances of the Earth's Radiation Environment. 3.6. Space Weather Systems and Standards. 4: Radiation Belts of the Earth. 4.1. Radiation Characteristics of Trapped Particles. 4.2. Peculiarities of the Radiation Belts Formation. 4.3. Spatial Distribution of Charged Particles. 4.4. Model description of radiation impact. 4.5. Temporal variations in the solar activity cycle. 5: Dynamics of Galactic Cosmic Rays. 5.1. Element Composition and Energy Spectrum. 5.2. Anomalous Component and Long-Term Modulation. 5.3. Model description of particle spectrum. 5.4. Modeling Galactic Cosmic Ray Background. 5.5. Cosmic Radiation Dose to Aircrews and Avionics. 6: Cosmic Rays of Solar Origin. 6.1. Modern Concept of Solar Proton Events. 6.2. Classification Systems. 6.3. Solar Event Databases. 6.4. Energy Spectrum, and Occurrence Rate. 6.5. Variations of Particle Intensity in Solar Cycle. 7: Prediction and Modeling Radiation Hazard. 7.1. Methodical Approaches and Constraints. 7.2. Prediction of Solar Particle Flux. 7.3. Prediction Heavy Ion Fluxes and Anomalous Events. 7.4. Relativistic Protons in Prediction Schemes. 7.5. Probability Techniques and Models. 7.6. Models of Proton Fluence at Large Time Scale. 8: Summary: Problems and Prospects. 8.1. Shock Acceleration and Radiation Prediction. 8.2. Radiation Hazard at Different Heliospheric Distances. 8.3. New Model for Solar Cosmic Rays. 8.4. Scenarios of Future Interplanetary Missions. 8.5. Space Experiments on Radiation Effects. 8.6. Radiation Conditions on Board the International Space Station. 8.7. Matters Arising and Concluding Remarks. Bibliography. Appendices: A.1. Definitions. A.2. Quantities and Units. A.3. Acronyms. A.4. Cosmic Rays in the Earth's Atmosphere.