Raising Boys By Design: What The Bible And Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs To Thrive by Gregory L. JantzRaising Boys By Design: What The Bible And Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs To Thrive by Gregory L. Jantz

Raising Boys By Design: What The Bible And Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs To Thrive

byGregory L. Jantz, Michael GurianAs told byAnn McMurray

Paperback | September 17, 2013

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Help your son grow into the strong, loving man God created him to be with Raising Boys by Design.
Packed with doable strategies and eye-opening examples of what’s really going on inside a boy’s brain, Raising Boys by Design offers a practical blueprint to help you build a HERO—one who values Honor, Enterprise, Responsibility, and Originality. Among other things, you’ll learn how to help your son:
• strengthen his character, resilience, and self-discipline
• nurture genuine compassion and empathy
• process words and emotions in ways that fit his brain chemistry
• succeed in school and hone crucial life skills
• develop a healthy perspective of sexuality
• avoid the pitfalls of media and technology
• embark on a lifelong adventure of faith
This unique resource combines the latest research in brain science with timeless truths from the Bible to reveal the deepest needs shared by every boy of faith while also leading you to fresh insights for honoring the unique personality, talents, and God-given design of your son in particular.
You can help your son thrive today as the hero he is meant to be when you learn the secrets of Raising Boys by Design.
GREGORY L. JANTZ, PHD, is a nationally certified psychologist with a doctorate in counseling psychology. The author of more than twenty books, he regularly counsels parents and children of all ages to develop communication strategies, strengthen family bonds, and raise healthy kids. MICHAEL GURIAN, a marriage and family counselor noted...
Title:Raising Boys By Design: What The Bible And Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs To ThriveFormat:PaperbackDimensions:240 pages, 8.9 × 6 × 0.61 inPublished:September 17, 2013Publisher:The Crown Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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IntroductionJoining Together to Raise Strong, Loving Christian SonsThank you for bringing this book into your family. As we join together to explore with you the best parenting practices based on biblical insights and scientific research, the two of us—one a Bible-based psychologist and the other a science-based marriage and family counselor—draw not only on our more than fifty years of collective research and experience but also on the shared belief that faith and science can and must serve one another, especially where the development of children is concerned.A Note from Dr. Gregg JantzWelcome to this book! I’m so glad to be working with Michael and with you on this very important subject. I had been asked for a number of years if I would consider providing a book for parents who are raising Christian sons. As the father of two sons and a professional who has worked with young males for decades, I wanted to write that book. My research and clinical practice has constantly brought me into the lives of boys and their families, and the wisdom I’ve gained from these young people and families has inspired me to look deeply into the available research on male development in both religious and secular contexts.As part of that journey, I met Michael—initially through his book The Wonder of Boys and then personally when I attended the Gurian Institute Summer Training Program at the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs. As he presented his findings, I was immediately moved by the fact that his science-based theory coincided in many ways with my own theoretical and clinical work in helping the families of boys and girls. Not too long after our meeting, the two of us became friends and started sharing our perspectives. I soon began considering how I might partner with him to bring our intersecting theories, research, and practical strategies front and center into the Christian world. That Michael is a practicing Jew and a man of deep spiritual commitment helped me to immediately feel comfortable with him.As the two of us compared notes, I learned that Michael, too, had been asked to write a purposeful resource for Christian parents.Michael’s StoryI join Gregg in welcoming you into this book and its passionate journey! It is an honor to walk with Gregg and Ann in helping you raise your sons.Much of my career has been devoted to working with parents, teachers, and organizations to integrate science-based research into their lives. As a clinician and counselor, I’ve also worked hard to help bridge gaps between religion and science. Part of this intention grows from my Christian clients and readers. In my office, in e-mails, or after lectures, they have asked things like, “Can you put together your science- based research with the Bible?” “Would you consider writing a Bible-oriented book for Christian parents?” “Is there a God-given design to males and females?”The questions I’ve received that relate to Bible-based parenting were not questions I had the expertise to answer, but the concept of “God-given design” is, I believe, a profoundly important concept to consider. In the early 1990s, from a secular perspective, I coined the phrase “nature-based theory” to reflect the fact that gender, personality, talent sets, and many other aspects of human development do indeed possess a “nature” component (we will look in detail at the scientific studies behind this assertion in chapter 2).Male and female natures (gender) begin in our genetics, before birth, and we carry those natural gender proclivities (what are called, in developmental science, “biological tendencies”) with us throughout our lives. So while each boy and each girl, each woman and each man is influenced significantly by nurture and culture, each gender comes into the world with some profound gender differences in tow.As I met with Gregg, I heard him using the terms “God-given design” and “parenting with God’s design.” His theories provided a meeting point with nature- based theory and science-based parenting. We realized that the phrase “design-based parenting” integrated our common themes. As we developed this book, we found significant intersections between the Bible and brain science.Our bridge building between the Bible and science feels to me like not only a powerful and positive resource for parents and others caring for children but also a way for faith-based and secular worlds to work together to deepen our human conversation regarding the lives of our precious children.Our Team and Your TeamTogether, as experts from two different worlds, we are excited to provide this leading-edge resource for Christian parents. Our work is elevated by the behind-the-scenes efforts of our respective teams. We want to thank Ann McMurray, Gregg’s partner at the Center for Counseling and Health Resources, for bringing her gender perspective and expertise to this project, and we want to thank the staff of the Center. We also want to thank the Gurian Institute team in Colorado and elsewhere in the country and give special thanks to Rev. Tim Wright in Peoria, Arizona, for his expertise in matters regarding boys and church life.Our two teams join us in hoping that the practices in this book will help you gift your son and family with an approach to parenting that brings together the best of the contemporary scientific world with the abiding truths of ancient wisdom.1: Our Sons Need a New Approach to BoyhoodWe live in a culture that has forgotten many crucial aspects of the divine design at work in the body and soul of boyhood.They come into the world red-faced, sometimes screaming at the top of their lungs. With the joyous pronouncement, “It’s a boy!” our sons are celebrated. Into their tiny bodies we stuff our hopes and dreams as parents. As we gaze at their faces, we see our fathers and mothers, our grandmothers and grandfathers gazing back at us. Though our new son is barely a part of our present, we look at his squirming, warm bundle of future potential and say to ourselves, “Hello, little man.” Little do we know the adventure we are beginning! Our sons grow and change, sometimes before our eyes, and we can barely keep up with their active, inquisitive natures. We seek to mold their wills to our own without breaking that spirit we know they will need in order to become a man.And we worry what sort of men they will become. Will they be strong enough to shoulder an adult load? Will they be humble enough to learn the lessons we yearn to teach? In a culture where the rules for manhood don’t always align with our values, whose wisdom will they listen to and follow? We watch our sons change and mature. We watch them succeed, and we watch them fail. Knowing they must someday take over their own lives, we wonder how much to intervene. The line between too little help and too much help isn’t always clear to parents of boys today. Our sons must learn to bear the weight of their thoughts and actions, but how much is too much and how soon is too soon?It’s difficult enough to deal with these questions and doubts when our sons are small and relatively contained under our roofs. When our sons enter preschool and then school, the circle of adults with input and opinions and responsibility over our sons expands. Our choices and decisions and the conduct of our sons come under review. The schoolhouse is just one place where our parenting and the character of our sons can come into question. As you notice your son measuring the world and being measured by it, you may feel that now is the time to fully embrace the complexity of raising boys in this busy, challenging world. Now is the time to take a journey into the divine design of your son.Boys Need to Know They’re Made in God’s ImageFor me (Gregg), schooling is what challenged my family and me to look at the divine design of boys. In grade school and even through middle school, I often found myself bored and unmotivated, trapped in a curricular purgatory of meaningless worksheets and monotone lectures. I (and therefore my parents) would get comments from teachers such as “Gregg is disruptive in class” and “Gregg is not working up to his potential.” After many discipline referrals to the principal, I finally learned to play the game. I was mentored in how to power through the tedium of what I was expected to do so I could finally get to what I wanted to do. And contrary to some of the dire predictions prophesied to my parents and teachers over those early years, I actually did graduate high school and even went on to earn my doctorate.As I established my career, I thought I had put all of that early anxiety and struggle behind me. Imagine my surprise when many of those feelings came flooding back as my sons began their schooling. Through my sons’ eyes, I realized that not much had changed since I’d been in school. The tipping point toward looking at the design of boys for the sake of my sons came soon after my oldest—my namesake, Gregg-started sixth grade at a new school. One day he reported a weird thing that had caught his attention. At the start of each day, a line of boys paraded up to the teacher’s desk and took some sort of pill. When he relayed this oddity, my heart sank. The only conclusion I could draw was these boys were being medicated, probably with Ritalin or a similar drug, probably for ADD or ADHD.Not long after we learned this disturbing news, my wife and I were advised by school administrators to consider putting our son on medication as well. Hearing a recitation of what he was like to “deal with” in class was like reading over the comments on my own childhood report cards. Please hear me: As a seasoned counselor, I know that some children absolutely need medication to cope with very real issues. But I also know that medication is being overprescribed; far too many social systems today, while being truly devoted to helping children succeed, simply do not understand the way boys are designed.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Joining Together to Raise Strong, Loving Christian Sons

Part I: The Inside Story
Understanding the Divine Design at Work in Your Boy’s Life
1 Our Sons Need a New Approach to Boyhood
2 Boys Develop Differently Than Girls
3 What a Boy Learns from Mom
4 What a Boy Learns from Dad

Part II: Putting It to Work
Designing Your Son’s Journey to Manhood
5 Building a HERO
6 Building Character and Self-Discipline Effectively
7 Protecting and Supporting a Boy’s Emotional Life
8 Developing Healthy Sexuality in Boys and Young Men
9 Helping Our Sons Do Their Best in School
10 Measuring the Impact of Technology
11 Providing Our Sons with Healthy Rites of Passage into Manhood
12 The Journey of Faith and a New Vision of Christian Manhood

Notes and Resources

Editorial Reviews

Praise for Raising Boys by Design“Raising Boys by Design is a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable read. It’s marvelously inspiring, well thought out, and academically supported, but it’s also an intuitive guide to raising boys. Every parent, teacher, and grandparent could benefit from this work.”—Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and Sacred Parenting“Blending biblical truth with brain science, Raising Boys by Design is truly a ground-breaking resource that offers much-needed insights for guiding boys toward health and success in every area of life.”—Tim Clinton, PhD, president of the American Association of Christian Counselors and executive director of the Center for Counseling and Family Studies at Liberty University“Raising boys in today’s world is no easy task. We need to understand how boys process their emotions and deal with bullying, peer pressure, technology and other important issues—all of which are covered here. This must-read resource helps equip families to raise sons who will be well adjusted and heroes for life.”—Linda Mintle, PhD, author of Raising Healthy Kids in an Unhealthy World“We live in a society where it’s dangerous to be a normal, rambunctious, healthy boy. High energy is labeled hyperactive, competitiveness to excel is deemed selfish, and single-mindedness in completion of a task is considered insensitive. Society’s constant attack on normal maleness instills a destructive insecurity and sense of inferiority into countless thousands of otherwise normal healthy men. Raising Boys by Design brilliantly exposes this destructive trend while providing meaningful insights and applicable solutions. If you want to protect your sons from the corrosive effects of today’s world and empower them to become men after God’s own heart, then this book is for you.”—Timothy R. Jennings, MD, author of The God-Shaped Brain, president-elect of the Tennessee Psychiatric Association, and chairman, board of regents, of the Southern Psychiatric Association“Raising Boys by Design is a clearly written and helpful book that integrates biblical truth and findings from brain science to enable sons to thrive as they grow up into adulthood.”—Siang-Yang Tan, PhD, professor of psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary and author of Counseling and Psychotherapy: A Christian Perspective“I can’t think of two better men to tackle one of the most compelling issues of the twenty-first century: how to raise our sons into Christ-empowered men. Backed by brain-science research, the Bible, personal experience, and a passion to impact boys, Gregg and Michael have created a playbook for Christian parents that will equip them to call their boys to follow Jesus into HEROIC manhood. If you have a son, a grandson, or a significant boy in your life, you will want to have this book by your side as you guide him on his journey to manhood.”—Tim Wright, pastor of Community of Grace in Peoria, Arizona, and author of Searching for Tom Sawyer: How Parents and Congregations Can Stop the Exodus of Boys from Church“I wish I’d had this book when my three boys were young. Chapter 2 is worth the cost of the whole book. A must-read for every parent, this even has great material for raising girls!”—David Stoop, PhD, author and psychologistPraise for the Work of Michael Gurian“There is no one who understands the development of boys better than Michael Gurian.”—William Damon, PhD, professor of education at Stanford University and author of The Moral Child“Michael Gurian is America’s most passionate advocate for boys.”—Michael Thompson, PhD, author of It’s a Boy! and co-author of Raising Cain