Rapidly Evolving Genes and Genetic Systems by Rama S. SinghRapidly Evolving Genes and Genetic Systems by Rama S. Singh

Rapidly Evolving Genes and Genetic Systems

EditorRama S. Singh, Jianping Xu, Rob J. Kulathinal

Paperback | July 19, 2012

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Ever since the pioneering work of Darwin and Wallace, evolutionary biologists have tried to understand the evolutionary dynamics of genetic systems. A range of theories on the rates of evolution - from static to gradual to punctuated to quantum - have been developed, mostly by comparingmorphological changes over geological timescales as described in the fossil record. However, new paleontological, experimental, molecular, and genomic investigations have injected a tremendous amount of new data and fresh perspectives, offering valuable insights on the rates of evolutionary change,particularly in those fast-evolving genetic systems.Rapidly Evolving Genes and Genetic Systems captures these recent exciting developments by bringing together information from morphological, molecular, cellular, developmental, and genetic investigations of both natural and experimental populations across a diversity of life forms. It provides casestudies that exemplify rapid evolution, and showcases the diversity of rapidly evolving genes and genetic systems, emphasizing the extremely important roles that they play in adaptation, speciation, and the generation and maintenance of a diversity of biological traits and properties.
Rama S. Singh is a Professor in the Department of Biology at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. Jianjping Xu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. Rob J. Kulathinal is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biology at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA USA.
Title:Rapidly Evolving Genes and Genetic SystemsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 9.69 × 7.44 × 0 inPublished:July 19, 2012Publisher:Oxford University PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Richard Lewontin: ForewordPreface1. Rama S. Singh, Jianping Xu, Rob J. Kulathinal: IntroductionPart I: From Theory to Experiment2. Sarah P. Otto: Theoretical perspectives on rapid evolutionary change3. Mihai Albu, Amir R. Kermany, Donal A. Hickey: Recombination reshuffles the genotypic deck, thus accelerating the rate of evolution4. Seiji Kumagai and Marcy K. Uyenoyama: Heterogeneity in neutral divergence across genomic regions induced by sex specific hybrid incompatibility5. Jianping Xu: Rapid evolution in experimental populations of major life formsPart II: Rapidly Evolving Genetic Elements6. Wilfried Haerty and G. Brian Golding: Rapid evolution of low complexity sequences and single amino acid repeats across Eukaryotes7. Weilong Hao: Fast rates of evolution in bacteria due to horizontal gene transfer8. Xuhua Xia: Rapid evolution of animal mitochondrial DNA9. Kevin C. Roach, Benjamin D. Ross, Harmit S. Malik: Rapid evolution of centromeres and centromeric/ kinetochore proteins10. Rebekah L. Rogers and Daniel L. Hartl: Rapid Evolution via chimeric genes11. Manyuan Long, Maria D. Vibranovski, Yong E. Zhang: Evolutionary interactions between sex chromosomes and autosomes12. Dara G. Torgerson and Ryan D. Hernandez: Evolutionary signatures in non-coding DNAPart III: Sex and Reproduction-Related Genetic Systems13. Melody R. Palmer and Willie J. Swanson: Evolution of sperm-egg interaction14. H. A. Lessios: Rates of sea urchin bindin evolution15. Alex Wong and Mariana F. Wolfner: Evolution of Drosophila seminal proteins and their networks16. Timothy L. Karr and Steve Dorus: Evolutionary genomics of the sperm proteome17. Alberto Civetta: Fast evolution of reproductive genes: When is selection sexual?18. Patrick M. O'Grady and Therese Ann Markow: Rapid morphological, behavioral, and ecological evolution in Drosophila: Comparisons between the endemic Hawaiian Drosophila and the cactophilic repleta species group19. Timothy Y. James: Ancient yet fast: rapid evolution of mating genes and mating systems in FungiPart IV: Pathogens and their Hosts20. Brian P. Lazzaro and Andrew G. Clark: Rapid evolution of innate immune response genes21. Ruifu Yang, Yujun Cui, Dongsheng Zhou: Rapid evolution of the plague pathogen22. Wen-Ya Ko, Felicia Gomez, Sarah A. Tishkoff: Evolution of human erythrocyte-specific genes involved in malaria susceptibilityPart V: From Gene Expression to Development to Speciation23. Carlo G. Artieri: The rapid evolution of gene expression24. Artyom Kopp: Rate variation in the evolution of development: A phylogenetic perspective25. Michael L. Arnold, Jennafer A.P. Hamlin, Amanda N. Brothers, Evangeline S. Ballerini: Natural hybridization as a catalyst of rapid evolutionary change26. Annika M. Moe, Wendy Clement, George D. Weiblen: Rapid evolution of pollinator-mediated plant reproductive isolation27. Rob J. Kulathinal and Rama S. Singh: Sexual system genomics and speciationIndex