Rare Earth and Actinide Complexes by Stephen MansellRare Earth and Actinide Complexes by Stephen Mansell

Rare Earth and Actinide Complexes

Guest editorStephen Mansell, Steve Liddle

Paperback | February 13, 2017

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As the fields of organometallic and coordination chemistry of the transition metals has grown more mature, the under-explored chemistry of the rare-earths and actinides has drawn the attention of research groups from across the globe looking for new fundamental discoveries and access to compounds with unique properties. The rare-earths—the group 3 metals and the 4f lanthanide series—have long shown many interesting properties in the solid state which exploit their unique electronic configurations. However, it is the molecular chemistry of these metals that has expanded dramatically in recent years as researchers identify the differences between—and unique features of—their molecular compounds. Recent highlights include the identification of new oxidation states and patterns of reactivity as well as applications in medical imaging and health care which represent new and exciting areas of research. The actinides show a wide range of different properties as a consequence of their radioactivity and radiochemistry, but this has not stopped recent rapid progress into the exploration of their unique chemistry. Uranium, in particular, shows huge potential with its transition metal-like range of oxidation states (+2 to +6), and in specialised laboratories, the heavier actinides are also beginning to show their unique chemistry. This Special Issue aims to bring together these strands of research in an openly-accessible way to allow better communication of these advances to a wider audience. This is necessary as, despite these exciting advances, the rare-earths and actinides are still much neglected topics in both school and undergraduate curriculums. Contributions in the above-mentioned areas will allow new research in the rare-earths and actinides to inform and influence the next generation of scientists and keep the field as vibrant as it is today.

Title:Rare Earth and Actinide ComplexesFormat:PaperbackProduct dimensions:264 pages, 9.61 × 6.69 × 0.72 inShipping dimensions:9.61 × 6.69 × 0.72 inPublished:February 13, 2017Publisher:MDPI AGLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1) Editorial to “Rare Earth and Actinide Complexes"
2) Catalytic Organic Transformations Mediated by Actinide Complexes
3) Molecular Pnictogen Activation by Rare Earth and Actinide Complexes
4) New Lanthanide Alkynylamidinates and Diiminophosphinates
5) Dinuclear Lanthanide (III) Coordination Polymers in a Domino Reaction
6) Luminescent Lanthanide Metal Organic Frameworks for cis-Selective Isoprene
Polymerization Catalysis
7) Assessing Covalency in Cerium and Uranium Hexachlorides: A Correlated Wavefunction and
Density Functional Theory Study
8) Holmium(III) Supermesityl-Imide Complexes Bearing Methylaluminato/Gallato Ligands
9) Gadolinium(III)-DOTA Complex Functionalized with BODIPY as a Potential Bimodal Contrast
Agent for MRI and Optical Imaging
10) Synthesis and Reactivity of a Cerium(III) Scorpionate Complex Containing a Redox Non-Innocent
2,2′-Bipyridine Ligand
11) Magnetic and Photo-Physical Properties of Lanthanide Dinuclear Complexes Involving
the 4,5-Bis(2-Pyridyl-N-Oxidemethylthio)-4′,5′-Dicarboxylic Acid-Tetrathiafulvalene-,Dimethyl Ester Ligand
12) On the Dehydrocoupling of Alkenylacetylenes Mediated by Various Samarocene Complexes: A
Charming Story of Metal Cooperativity Revealing a Novel Dual Metal σ-Bond Metathesis Type of
Mechanism (DM|σ-BM)
13) Synthesis and Characterization of Cerium(IV) Metallocenes
14) Expanding the Chemistry of Actinide Metallocene Bromides. Synthesis, Properties and Molecular
Structures of the Tetravalent and Trivalent Uranium Bromide Complexes: (C5Me4R)2UBr2,
(C5Me4R)2U(O-2,6-iPr2C6H3)(Br), and [K(THF)][(C5Me4R)2UBr2] (R = Me, Et)
15) Tuning of Hula-Hoop Coordination Geometry in a Dy Dimer
16) A Structural and Spectroscopic Study of the First Uranyl Selenocyanate, [Et4N]3[UO2(NCSe)5]
17) Optical Properties of Heavily Fluorinated Lanthanide Tris β-Diketonate Phosphine Oxide Adducts