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Bestselling Books by Canadian Authors to Read Now

Oh, Canada! While we may be known for our national treasure (hello, maple syrup!), our love of hockey, and the infamous Canadian tuxedo, the country is also home to thousands of incredible Canadian writers. Looking to fill your shelves with some new books by Canadian authors? Read on to find your next favourite read by the best Canadian writers, from up-and-coming storytellers to beloved figures in the literary world.

Bestselling Books by Canadian Authors

Browse for the best fiction and non-fiction from Canadian authors. For a buzz-worthy read, you’re sure to love, pick up Heather Marshall’s debut novel Looking For Jane, which tells the story of an underground abortion network in 1970s Toronto.

In the mood for a memoir? Sit back and savour each heartfelt, honest, and reflective essay in Canadian actor Sarah Polley’s Run Towards the Danger. For fans of Leonard Cohen, there’s Who By Fire by Matti Friedman, which recounts the never-before-told story of the late-poet/singer’s 1973 tour of Israel during the Yom Kippur War.

And if you’re looking for an investigative tome, The Betrayal of Anne Frank by Rosemary Sullivan looks into who betrayed the Frank family in 1944.

Books by Indigenous Authors

Find an extensive collection of great books by Indigenous authors at Indigo. In her award-winning novel Five Little Indians, Cree lawyer/author Michelle Good tells the story of five residential school survivors as they come to terms with the abuse and trauma they’ve endured. Based on her own mother’s experience in a residential school, it explores the impact arising from the harm at residential schools. It’s required reading for everyone.

French Books by Canadian Authors

Francophones rejoice! Discover French books by your favourite French-Canadian authors at Indigo, whatever your go-to genre may be: fiction, cookbooks, graphic novels, memoirs, and so much more.

Teen and YA Books by Canadian Authors

Action-packed fantasy, coming-of-age novels, and books that highlight the Indigenous experience. We’ve got it all. Find top teen and YA books by Canadian authors that are sure to become your new favourites. Your next literary adventure awaits.

Kids’ Books by Canadian Authors

Add some Canadian representation to their mini-libraries with our bestselling kids’ books by Canadian authors. Discover feel-good classics, from Raffi’s Baby Beluga to Phoebe Gilman’s Something From Nothing. Gathering titles for their first library? Be sure to grab My Heart Fills With Happiness by Monique Gray Smith, Little You by Richard Van Camp, and When We Were Alone by David A. Robertson, all featuring the whimsical illustrations of Julie Flett.

Canadian Books by Province and Region

If you’re looking for books by authors specific to a province or region, we’ve got you covered. Discover Canadian authors from your community, whether you live in the Prairies, up north in the Territories, or on the coast in the Maritimes. Choose your region, and from here, you can discover books, from award-winning novels to cookbooks to kids’ picture books, all from local authors.