Rebellious Prince: A Qurilixen World Novel by Michelle M. Pillow

Rebellious Prince: A Qurilixen World Novel

byMichelle M. Pillow

Kobo ebook | March 3, 2015

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Cat-shifter Prince Rafe knows that technically he’s supposed to be traveling to Earth to find a bride, but he doesn’t see the need to rush things. While his dragon-shifter neighbors appear all too eager to claim their mates and settle down, he’s all for putting that final moment off and enjoying his little trips through the portal. Yeah, yeah, eventually he’ll have to marry and set a good example for his people because on his planet females are rare, and they need to have children and blah blah blah. But honestly, cat-shifters are known to embrace their feral side and it would take a very impressive female to tame his.

Then he sees Jenna Kearney and all bets are off.

Shape-Shifter Paranormal, Science Fiction, Alien Romance
Part of the Qurilixen World
Length: Short Novel

Title:Rebellious Prince: A Qurilixen World NovelFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:March 3, 2015Publisher:The Raven Books LLCLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Playboy Var Prince meets his match Prince Rafe is a Cat-shifter who doesn't take things very seriously. He is anti-mating and only wants to keep going to Earth to just play around. He never thought he would find the one woman he couldn't leave behind. Jenna is a woman alone in the world. She hates her job, her boss, and her crappy apartment. She never expected to run into Rafe at a diner while getting take-out for dinner. Rafe is so overcome by her that he has to follow her. She can't take his advances seriously even though he is the most sexy man she has ever seen. Rafe overhears her talking to the waitress at the diner about how much she misses her cat that passed away. She unknowingly asks to she Rafe shift into a cat but freaks out when he shifts along with Finn shifting into a dragon. She is so started that she trips and strikes her head on a light post which knocks her out. Rafe can't leave her alone and takes her through the portal to Qurilixen. When she finally wakes up, she meets Princess Eve who explains where she is. Jenna refuses to agree with Rafe that she is his mate. Rafe's brother, Prince Ivar, declares her to be under his protection. Rafe does everything he can to make Jenna agree to marry him. There is a group that will do anything to prevent the Shifters on Qurilixen from mating with humans. Rafe have to be diligent to protect Jenna from this threat. This is a great continuation of the Dragon Lords series. I really enjoyed the story about Rafe and Jenna and can't wait for the next one in the series.
Date published: 2015-03-14
Rated 5 out of 5 by from OMG Wonderful This review is from: Rebellious Prince (Captured by a Dragon-Shifter Book 2) I was gifted this book as an arc And now this book it now at the top of my list of the funniest books I have read. I loved it. Full of humor, flirting and funny other worldie missunderstandings lol yeah this book is great. And the prince? I would have taken in up in a heart beat lol. Miss pillow has out done her self with story. I could not put this book down. And when i can to the end i sooooo didn't want it to be over it was that good. So if you love shifters and romance with tons of humor then this book is for you.
Date published: 2015-03-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Amazing read again! I couldn't get enough of this one, I had to read it twice through just to make sure I didn't miss anything the first time through! And I didn't, but it was pure entertainment! Jenna is swamped with her life, something most of us can identify with, and has a chance encounter with Prince Rafe. Although, we don't learn that he's a prince until later on. Rafe is running an errand and stumbles on Jenna, and is completely adorable as he tries to convince her to join him. Talk about a language barrier! Hilarious and serious in equal measures, the two come to terms with the attraction that zips between them. Add in a group of zealots that don't want certain things to happen and you have a wonderful story that steals your attention!
Date published: 2015-03-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Read Lots of Laugh I rated this book.5 stars IF YOU NEED A LAUGH THIS IT, : Rebellious Prince (Captured by a Dragon-Shifter Book 2) I received this to read and give a review. This is book 2 in the series Captured by a Dragon-Shifter : Rebellious Prince, This book is absolutely MARVELOUS. I know this is another hit for Michelle. WARNING be prepare to LAUGH until you wet your pants ☺️. The planet Qurilixen is the home of the Dragon Shifters and the VAR the Cat Shifters. Prince Rafe is the youngest Prince of the Var he is foot loose and fancy free the fun loving one, he tries not to take anything to serious. He and his brother and two other princes was selected to find wife's on earth. Prince Rafe intends to be last out of the four to take a wife. Rafe loves the ladies, he tries to be charming to all the women. Jenna Kearey is a serious person, she's not happy with job as a number cruncher and she dislikes her boss and her life is lonely with only her cat for company. As usual she stops at the diner for dinner, when a very good looking man sit down next to her and starts talking, she gets up and seats herself in a booth to get away from but Rafe being Rafe he follows. This one of the most enjoyable book I laughed out loud a number of times and if wasn't laughing I was smiling. This is the kind of book I love to read. There is the miss communication because of language it will make you wet yourself laughing!! The tension between the two brothers and the sexual tension between Rafe and Jenna. Makes This a Must Read so you can laugh your butt off and you know what they say Laughter it's good for everything!!! This particular series features I love the mixture of romance, sci fi and paranormal and can't wait
Date published: 2015-03-04
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Want to take a ride on my spaceship? One pick up line you can’t say you have heard too often! “You will not have to be a good little monkey again.” “I got you kicked in the balls? Get in the bed Rafe.” Just a taste of some of the lines that made me crack right up! Awwww & buwahahaha! Those are my first two reactions when thinking about this story, along with some fanning and gasping and... Of course, not necessarily in that order, but definitely repeated many times over! I truly loved this story! I loved all of the humor in here – because of the language barrier, the differences in customs and behaviours and because of the mischievous Rafe. Ahhh Rafe! What an innocently sweet playboy! I think that this is the first book that I have shed tears for the guy and how he feels! Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound like it would go together, but when you read this book, you will agree that those words describe Rafe perfectly! I am pretty sure that this is the first book I have read that is focused completely on the Var cat shifters and WOW!! It is one fantabulous story! I was amazed, and loved all of the differences, the variety and their histories & customs! Michelle blows me away with each book of hers I read in this universe because no matter the time period, whether it is the dragons, the cats or both, every single book is amazing, fresh, unique and oh so very hot & well….AWESOME! I also think that it is those very reasons and more, that perfectly showcase just how gifted of an author Michelle truly is. With each book I read in the Dragon Lord Universe, I fall deeper and deeper into it and want, no NEED to go and read all of them! I am not sure I will ever be ready to leave this world, regardless if it is past, present, future, same people, new – it is all in this FANTASTIC world that Michelle has created. I love that she can take just a small piece of this Dragon Lords Universe, or in this case the Lords of the Var, and turn it into a terrifically funny, hot & sexy romance that can be read as a stand-alone, but come on! If you are like me, you want to know each & every single Draig and Var and their stories. That is also another clue that points towards the wealth of talent that Michelle has. She can write numerous books in one Universe that no matter if you read one or all of them, they are still fresh and exciting! I don’t want to sell her short here though. Michelle truly is a very talented author who can write a various number of topics, across multiple genres and add in some hot & smexy romance and it all comes out as one terrific read that defies being classified into just one category. AND she continues to do this over and over again! I have read quite a few and have been entranced by every single one. She seems to have come by this gift quite naturally because I have never had one book that started off slow, or had parts that dragged out or even endings that I was disappointed with. Well other than the ending coming too soon for my liking (which is always!) but you know what I mean! All in all, this is another great book in an equally great series that I can’t wait to continue reading!!
Date published: 2015-03-04
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Player to Virtuous! Vivacious and witty shifter romance! Players come in many forms - rogues, bar hoppers, rakes, bikers and even shifters! Prince Rafe of the Var is a player and doesn't plan to change his habits for some time! His parents and brother know it. They want him to wed and start a family. The Var (and the Draig), live on the planet Qurilixian. Women are needed on their planet so they don't face extinction! They've been visiting Earth to find wives. Rafe just wants to have fun. That is until he sees Jenna: A force hit him and he couldn't move." Just seeing her! Jenna's first impression of Rafe wasn't quite the same. She thought him an a sexy fitness model who was, yep a player; and strange from the comments he made. The episodes that follow their chance meeting are exhilarating and amusing! The story and characters were pure enjoyment! I've read several books by Ms. Pillow and this was my favorite. It captured and held my attention from beginning to end! I received this book free for an honest review.
Date published: 2015-03-03
Rated 5 out of 5 by from BUY THIS ONE TODAY! 5 Stars! I just loved this book! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading this book! This book is a MUST READ! I so enjoyed the characters of this story, and the way the author weaved this story into such a great read! Michelle M. Pillow wrote another winner in this book! BUY THIS ONE TODAY!
Date published: 2015-03-02
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Rebellious Prince--Captured by a Dragon Shifter #2 Same planet, same problem, same shifter, different time. Our time. Right, we are back on Qurilixen but now the Dragon and Cat shifters are friends and travel to earth together to find mates. Yep, women are scarce and human women are needed to keep the population growing. Prince Rafe has no intention of actually taking a mate, but he'll play the game. Until he see Jenna. She's gorgeous, he wants her and she likes cats. He's a cat shifter. Perfect match, right? Now he just has to convince Jenna. It is all too much for Jenna, she likes the royal family, but that doesn't mean she wants to get married. However, he is irresistible, she might be willing to play too, at least until she can get back to earth. Their relationship becomes hot, fraught with problems, not the least is that not everyone is delighted with the idea of mating with humans. You'll enjoy poor Rafe's efforts to convince not only Jenna but his family that he is serious and his declaration is not a joke. Humor abounds and the earth women find it way to funny to clear up some misconceptions the guys have. Even so nothing can make these Alpha, hot guys any less than manly—although you might have to think twice during the epilog. Ms Pillow has a wonderful imagination, creating a whole world, races and a unique view point of those people. What makes sense to us, just doesn't come automatically to others. Her sense of humor keeps us in smiles, tension from enemies, jealousy and family loyalty are honest emotions that glue this fun read together and make us come back for the next one. I was provided and ARC for an honest review.
Date published: 2015-02-28