Recent Developments in Unmanned Aircraft Systems by Kimon P. ValavanisRecent Developments in Unmanned Aircraft Systems by Kimon P. Valavanis

Recent Developments in Unmanned Aircraft Systems

EditorKimon P. Valavanis

Paperback | April 16, 2014

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) have seen unprecedented levels of growth during the last decade in both military and civilian domains. It is anticipated that civilian applications will be dominant in the future, although there are still barriers to be overcome and technical challenges to be met. Integrating UAS into, for example, civilian space, navigation, autonomy, see-detect-and-avoid systems, smart designs, system integration, vision-based navigation and training, to name but a few areas, will be of prime importance in the near future.

This is an edited book composed of peer reviewed papers presented in the 2011 International Conference on UAS. The papers present the state of the art in UAS, as well as current developments and applications.

This book aims at serving as a guide tool on UAS for engineers and practitioners, academics, government agencies and industry.

This is a spin-off edition also published in the Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems (JINT), Volume 65: 1-4.

Title:Recent Developments in Unmanned Aircraft SystemsFormat:PaperbackPublished:April 16, 2014Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Unmanned Aircraft System Logistics and Policies: 1. Development of a Framework to Determine a Mandatory Safety Baseline for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, by A. Oztekin, C. Flass, X.-G. Lee.-  2. FMS for Unmanned Aerial Systems: HMI Issues and New Interface Solutions, by L. Damilano, G. Guglieri, F. Quagliotti, I. Sale.- 3. Preliminary Assessment of Flying and Handling Qualities for mini-UAVs, by E. Capello, G. Guglieri, P. Marguerettaz, F. Quagliotti.- 4. The Challenges of Unmanned Aerial Transportation and Role of Governments, by Y. G. Özen, A. S. Akgul, B.  Akca, T. Gozutok.- 5. Human Factors Concerning Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Future Operations, by C. Kurkcu, H. Erhan, S. Umut.- 6. An Analytical Approach to the Concept of Counter-UA Operations (CUAOPS): SWOT Analysis of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, by M. Turan, F. Gunay, A. Aslan.- UAV Design, Modeling and Simulation: 7.  MM-UAV: Mobile Manipulating Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, by C. M. Korpela, T. W. Danko, P. Y. Oh.- 8. Model-based Design, Development and Validation for UAS Critical Software, by D. Santamaría, F. Alarcón, A. Jiménez, A. Viguria, M. Béjar, A. Ollero.- 9. Modeling and Simulation of the HADA Reconfigurable UAV, G. Heredia, A. Duran, A. Ollero.- UAV Control Challenges: 10. Attitude Stabilization with Real-time Experiments of a Tail-sitter Aircraft in Horizontal Flight, by O. Garcia, P. Castillo, K. C. Wong, R. Lozano.- 11. Development and Application of Controller for Transition Flight of Tail-Sitter UAV, by Y. Jung, D. H. Shim.- 12.A Harmonic Potential Approach for Simultaneous Planning & Control of a Generic UAV Platform, by A. A. Masoud.- 13. Mini Rotorcraft Flight Formation Control using Bounded Inputs, by J. A. Guerrero, P. Castillo, S. Salazar, R. Lozano.- 14. Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Mini Coaxial Indoor Helicopter, by G. Limnaios, N. Tsourveloudis.- Obstacle Avoidance: 15. Obstacle Avoidance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, by G. Cruz, P.  Encarnacao.- 16. Optimization-based Safety Analysis of Obstacle Avoidance Systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, by S. Srikanthakumar, W. H. Chen.- UAV Motion and Path Planning, Guidance and Localization: 17.Survey of Motion Planning Literature in the Presence of Uncertainty: Considerations for UAV Guidance, by N. Dadkhah, B. Mettler.- 18. Path Planning Strategies for UAVS in 3D Environments, by L. De Filippis, G. Guglieri, F. Quagliotti.- 19. Path planning for UAVs under Communication Constraints using SPLAT! and MILP, by E. I. Grøtli, T. A. Johansen.- 20.Real-time Localization of an UAV using Kalman Filter and a Wireless Sensor Network, by J.-L. Rullan-Lara, S. Salazar, R. Lozano.- UAV Vision Based Challenges and Applications: 21. Vision Based UAV Attitude Estimation: Progress and Insights, by A. El Rahman Shabayek, C. Demonceaux, O. Morel, D. Fofi.- 22. View Planning for Multi-view Stereo 3D Reconstruction using an Autonomous Multicopter, by K. Schmid, H. Hirschmuller, A. Domel, I. Grixa, M. Suppa, G. Hirzinger.- 23. Image Based and Hybrid Visual Servo Control of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, by Z. Ceren, E. Altug.- 24. Road Detection and Tracking from Aerial Desert Imagery, Y. Lin, S. Saripalli.- Quadrotor Challenges: 25. Vision Based Tracking for a Quadrotor Using Vanishing Points, by J. E. Gomez-Balderas, P. Castillo, J. A. Guerrero, S. Salazar, R. Lozano.- 26. Combining Stereo Vision and Inertial Navigation System for a Quad-Rotor UAV, by L. R. García Carrillo, A. Dzul, R. Lozano, C. Pégard.- 27. Comparative Results on Stabilization of the Quadrotor Rotorcraft Using Bounded Feedback Controllers, by N. G. Shakev, A. V. Topalov, O. Kaynak, K. B. Shiev.- Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs): 28. Reactive Path Planning for Micro Air Vehicles using Bearing-only Measurements, by R. Sharma, J. B. Saunders, R. W. Beard.- 29. Design and Analysis of a Gyroscopically Controlled Micro Air Vehicle, by C. E. Thorne, M. Yim.- 30. Inventing a Biologically Inspired, Energy Efficient Micro Aerial Vehicle, by J. Ratti, G. J. Vachtsevanos.- 31. Quad-Tilting Rotor Convertible MAV: Modeling and Real-time Hover Flight Control, G. Flores, J. Escareño, S. Salazar, R. Lozano.- Cooperative UAVs: 32.  Ground Target Detection using Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Systems, by G. York, D. Pack.- 33. A Robust Mobile Target Localization Method for Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Sensor Fusion Quality, by H. Kwon, D. Pack.- 34. Conflict Detection and Resolution Method for Cooperating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, by R. Conde1, D. Alejo, J. A. Cobano, A. Viguria, A. Ollero.- 35. A Modular Framework for Fast Prototyping of Cooperative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, by A. Benini, S. Longhi, A. Mancini, R. Minutolo, M. Montanari.- 36. Adversarial Ground Target Tracking Using UAVs with Input Constraints, by S. Zhu.  D. Wang.- UAS/UAV Applications:  37. An Unmanned Aircraft System for Automatic Forest Fire Monitoring and Measurement, by L.  Merino, F. Caballero, J. R. Martinez-de-Dios, I. Maza, A. Ollero.- 38. Continuous Airborne Communication Relay Approach Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, by O. Cetin, I. Zagli.- 39. Automatic Battery Replacement System for UAVs: Analysis and Design, by K. A. O. Suzuki, P. Kemper F., J. R. Morrison.- 40. Multi-purpose Environment Awareness Approach for Single Line Laser Scanner in a Small Rotorcraft UA, by S. Krause.- 41. Pressurized Structures-Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Research, by H. L. Edge, A. Brown, J. Collins.- 42. A Data Fusion System for Attitude Estimation of Low-cost Miniature UAVs, by L. Di, T. Fromm, Y.-Q. Chen.