Recovering Leadership: Musings of an Addict Leader

May 18, 2018|
Recovering Leadership: Musings of an Addict Leader
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Who is benefiting from your leadership—you, or the people you serve?

Are you obsessed about and feel the need to control every situation?

Do you feel a constant need to achieve or win?

These are signs of an “addict leader,” which often involves using power, success, and control as a type of “drug,” much the way substance addicts use their drugs. While not as immediately destructive as drug or alcohol abuse, addict leaders exhibit addictive and controlling behaviors that ultimately damage themselves and the people around them. As with all addictions, addict leadership left unchecked will lead to death—including death of relationships and culture.

Recovering Leadership is the story of an addict leader who reached a dead end and had to find a new way to live and work. In his recovery, and in the recovery of the organization he leads, Thomas Hill learned where his real value comes from and how to properly value and care for others.

Thomas’s story is personal, but it is also corporate. Just as people have unmanageable belief systems and lives, organizations often have toxic cultures that suck the life out of their team members. Recovering Leadership offers practical insight into creating a positive workplace culture where people find meaning and connection in their work and relationships. As a recovering leader, Thomas is committed to this new culture—a new life if you will—that is energizing, healthy, and purposeful.

In recovery, people share their stories to help others in their recovery and to remind themselves of the way things were, what happened, and the way things are now. Through the true and inspiring message of Recovering Leadership, readers are invited to evaluate their own beliefs and behaviors so they can open a door of recovery for themselves and the people they lead.

Title:Recovering Leadership: Musings of an Addict Leader
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 18, 2018
Publisher:Monocle Press
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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