Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes

Kobo ebook | November 6, 2012

byW Brett Wilson

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W. Brett Wilson, Dragons' Den co-star and Risky Business host, often gets asked about his secrets to success. He became one of Canada's top investment bankers because he was driven, willing to take risks and saw opportunity where others saw roadblocks. But along the path to business success, he tripped over a multitude of misguided priorities. For many years, Wilson pursued business with uncompromising focus, working long hours, seven days a week. In the process, his marriage and his health suffered greatly: he was rarely home as his children were growing up, divorce became inevitable and cancer struck at age forty-three. He truly learned the hard way that one can find financial success and the respect of business peers while almost losing what matters most: health, family and friends. Redefining Success details how Wilson was forced to redefine his life, making health and key relationships his first priorities. Through trial and error, he discovered that these simple virtues are foundational for real, enduring success, both in business and in life. Wilson's compelling insights are the basis for Redefining Success. Not just for entrepreneurs and business people, the book outlines how we can change our lives for the better by re-evaluating our personal definitions of success, then reworking them into a life plan that is feasible, lasting and rewarding. Inspirational and paradigm-changing, Redefining Success will help you implement and sustain lasting, positive change in your life—and make your world a little more meaningful—everyday.

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W. Brett Wilson, Dragons' Den co-star and Risky Business host, often gets asked about his secrets to success. He became one of Canada's top investment bankers because he was driven, willing to take risks and saw opportunity where others saw roadblocks. But along the path to business success, he tripped over a multitude of misguided pri...

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Customer Reviews of Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes


Rated 4 out of 5 by from Insightful - worth a read In this book, Dragons Den investor Brett Wilson shares his philosophy on life and business. Through personal stories, Wilson explains how taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes can be extremely rewarding. This book has some valuable tips for those interested in marketing, entrepreneurship, business and philanthropy, or just a glimpse into the life story of this millionaire. If nothing else, this book serves as a warning to those who forget about family and community, when focusing on business success and building your wealth. Learn from his mistakes, and see how he redefined his success before it was too late!
Date published: 2014-04-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from An incredible read It takes an amazing man to recognize the struggles and accomplishments within his own life; it takes a remarkably inspirational man to take that information about himself and educate the world with it.  W. Brett Wilson has not only done a remarkable job in sharing his life truths but speaks openly about his journey to the man he is today.  In his remarkable book “Redefining Success” the reader will be not only be inspired, they will be granted his wisdom and be lucky enough to receive a glimpse into his soul. Any man who can speak openly and honestly about his personal struggles, addictions, disease, his role as a father, and as a husband, has truly conquered the purpose of life. Help yourself first -  then and only then will  you be capable of helping others clearly is the message.  The impact of  Brett 's book has yet to be measured but by learning from his example of sharing his wealth, knowledge, passion, and believing in people it is the only way we will be able to change our world for the better. Brett you have inspired countless individuals and if each of us had even an ounce of dedication to our dreams as you do our world would be a better place. This book is not only a great resource for entrepreneurs but a book of inspiration. Unlike any other author Brett gives us the opportunity to redefine our own success and grants us permission that a mistake as worth making.   A great read.
Date published: 2013-12-21
Rated 4 out of 5 by from An Effective Book Reviews to date for Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes by W. Brett Wilson have been well, gushing. Reviewers are tripping all over themselves to write about how the book has empowered them. Yet if one really reads this book Wilson prefers an ‘upfront and respectful’ approach to life. When writing a review I make notes as I go along because it is hard to remember all the nuances by the time the book ends. When I started Redefining Success words like grandiose and self-indulgent were showing up on my notepad until I suddenly realized while pouring myself a coffee one morning that I had been rethinking my own business for the last few days from a different point of reference. The framework in which I was examining it had changed due to this book and in particular the insights of Chapter 7, Tales from the Den. Redefining Success is multilayered; it’s a biography, one of the best guides for entrepreneurs I‘ve read in a long time and part a reminder of life and business lessons all too often forgotten. Starting on Page 4 with the economic collapse of 2008 the tone of the book is set with a clear perspective on events unencumbered by murky sentiment. Wilson is equally candid in Chapter Three’s Making Choices here he seems to hit his stride. Descriptions of his prostate cancer journey are unabashed and lines like ‘For many entrepreneurs, the journey can be a lonely one’ also find their way into this crucial chapter. One of Wilson’s intentions with the book as well as acknowledging certain key business friends and associates seemed to be to set the record straight on a few issues such as the Fiftieth Birthday Bash and the ‘rumour on the street ‘as to the size of donation per guest being sought for the event. Wilson explains (quite a few times) the difference between a large donation and a ‘meaningful’ donation. For me the numerous accolades and explanations were a bit self-serving but it is his book. You cannot be in business and not read with great interest the rise and challenges of companies such as FirstEnergy but it is Wilson’s perspective on entrepreneurism that defines Redefining Success as a new classic among business books. Phrases such as ‘Entrepreneurs view risk differently’ and ‘Entrepreneurs are innovative thinkers, who are consistently asking ‘how can we make things better’ can only come from someone who has had his breadth of experiences. I was pleased to be one of the ten bloggers/writers chosen to review this book. We received a smart package with two copies of the book but what struck me was the accompanying letter appeared to be hand signed as were the books themselves. In Chapter 9 Brett Wilson writes about hand signing over a thousand letters for his Kilimanjaro fund rising initiative; attention to details is ingrained in everything he does and this left an indelible impression on me. Creatively presented is the photographic art (by Cynthia Robinson) and complementing short essays (written by Aritha van Herk) at the beginning of each chapter. Not every biography could carry off something so unique but this one can. Upon reaching the end of the book I felt as though I had spent a long winter evening sitting in a comfortable yet eclectic living room listening to Brett Wilson talk and then all too soon it is dawn on a cold Alberta morning and I am finding my way home with an awful lot to think about. As I look back on my way out of his front door I think I would have seen Brett sitting quietly with his dog, J. Cash Wilson beside him, perhaps musing on his next challenge but ultimately quiet and content. Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes is authentic – no gushing or superlatives needed.
Date published: 2012-11-21
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Soon to be released Inspirational Gem! In Redefining Success Brett Wilson shares his success in business and candidly reveals errors that caused unbalance with his business and family lives. Brett chose to re-evaluate his priorities and course correct in mid life. He now encourages others to define their own personal legacy of ethical business practices, generous philanthropy and strong realtionships with family and friends.
Date published: 2012-10-15