May 7, 2015|


Father Adamo Bianchi returns to Rome to find his mother dying and his sisters on what he sees as the road to self-destruction. He accuses one sister of prostitution, blind to the fact her actions are an act of desperation; the Holy Father has prevented Livia from taking her final vows in order to provide his personal pleasures within the Papal Suite, the threat of excommunication for her family wielded freely over her head. His younger sister, Chiara, in an attempt to keep food on the table, is discovered keeping company with and doing labor for a Jew. The fear that their transgressions will cost Adamo his cassock and collar consumes him. As his vocation progresses to bishop, then cardinal, he is completely unaware of the sacrifices being made by his family. When the Holy Father is murdered, Adamo is forced to face the truth when asked to extract a confession from his sister. Reality blurred by the prestige of his crimson vestments, Adamo chooses his faith over his family.

Redemption is a story of corruption and manipulation within the church. Abuse of power, indulgences, espionage and murder all become integral aspects of Adamo's life while he disregards the moral virtues that propelled his vocation.

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 7, 2015
Publisher:M2K Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780986829123

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