Reducing the Cost of Spacecraft Ground Systems and Operations by Jiun-Jih MiauReducing the Cost of Spacecraft Ground Systems and Operations by Jiun-Jih Miau

Reducing the Cost of Spacecraft Ground Systems and Operations

byJiun-Jih MiauEditorRichard Holdaway

Paperback | December 4, 2010

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Reducing the cost of space program interests people more and more nowadays due to the concerns of budget limitation and commercialization of space technology. The Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Reducing the Cost of Spacecraft Ground Systems and Operations bring together papers contributed by the authors representing the research organizations, academic institutions and commercial sectors of 10 countries around the world. The papers encompass the subject areas in mission planning and operation, TT&C systems, mission control centers, and mini and small satellite support, highlighting the issues concerned by the researchers and engineers involved in a wide range of space programs and space industries.
Title:Reducing the Cost of Spacecraft Ground Systems and OperationsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:444 pagesPublished:December 4, 2010Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. Session 1: Mission Operations (MO). The History and Continuing Quest to Reduce the Costs of Spacecraft Ground Stations and Operations; R. Holdaway. Deep space network revitalization-operations for the 21st century; J.I. Statmen. SLE-Services, a Step to Standardisation in Cross Support? M. Pilgram. ROCSAT Multi-Mission Operations Center; C.T. Yang, et al. Minimum Fuel Station Keeping Manoeuvre Strategy for TURKSAT Geostationary Satellites; O. Tekinalp, et al. Session 2: Telemetry Tracking and Command (TTC). Low-cost ground station of KitSAT-3; S.D. Choi, et al. A Generic Method for Transferring Telemetry and Telecommand Data with Various Service Requirements; T. Yamada. The Operation of CK01 GPS Tracking Station; C.S. Ho, et al. Implementation of NSPO Remote Sensing Data Acquisition System; F. Wu, R. Kao. Satellite Ground System Procurement without Software Development; P. Gaffney. Session 3: Autonomous Operations (AO). Autonomous Command Operations of the WIRE Spacecraft; K.D. Walyus, et al. Ground Station Autonomous Operations; P.A. Vaughan, C.H. Perry. Autonomous Procedure Execution: A Means of Reducing Rosetta Operations Cost; M. Warhout, et al. The Spacecraft Emergency Response System (SERS) For Autonomous Mission Operations; J. Breed, et al. The Architecture of Distributed Fusion System for Earth Observation; A.M.D. Shr, A Liu. ROCSAT-1 Science Data Archive and Distribution System; M. Pong, et al. Session 4: Mission Planning (MP). Cost Reduction of Satellite Systems: Lesson Learned from ROCSAT Programs; J.M. Shyu. ROCSAT-1 Mission Planning and Scheduling System; S.H. Huang, C. Csoong. NSPO Multi-Satellites Flight Dynamics Facility For ROCSAT Spacecraft Program; W.T. Shiau, et al. Separated Spacecraft Interferometry &endash; System Architecture Design and Optimization; D.W. Miller, C.D. Jilla. Flying Cassini With Virtual Operations Teams; S.R. Dodd, R. Gustavson. Session 5: Small and Mini Satellites Support (SM). Microsatellites and Minisatellites for Low Cost Missions; M. Sweeting. A Low-Cost Ground Station for the Small Satellite BIRD; H. Kayal. A Preliminary Study on Aeroassisted Reentry of an LEO Microsatellite; J. Shing, D.L. Shu. On-board Restart Program with MS-DOS Function Calls for Small Satellites; I. Nakajim, et al. Session 6: Small and Mini Satellites Support (SM). Design and Analysis of Low Orbiting Fourier Transform Spectrometer Sensorcraft; J.N. Juang. Micro Star Tracker and Attitude Determination System; T.C. Pollock, et al. To Reduce the Size of Satellites; J.N. Juang, et al. The Ground System and the Mission Support For ROCSAT Space Program; J.J. Lee. Design Concept for a Miniaturized, High-Resolution Fourier Transform Spectrometer; D.E. Hinton, M.C. Abrams. Session 7: Data Processing (DP). Development of ROCSAT-1 PROGRAM; F.H. Chu. Low-Cost, High-Rate Data Processing; C. Mirchandani, D. Nguyen. Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission Data Base Supports; C.S. Hsieh. Low Cost Archives; P. Vaughan, C.H. Perry. Using Data Archive Standards for Cost Reduction; D. Giaretta, et al. Space Technology Education and Training Through a Low Cost Amateur Satellite Ground Station Development; F.B. Hsiao, et al. Session 8: Mission Control Centers (MCC). Introduction to the ROCSAT-2 Program; H.C. Wang. Monitoring and diagnostic Expert System for Mars probe `NOZOMI''; M. Hashimoto, et al. Designing a Commercial Ground System to Reduce the Cost of Mission Operations; T.C. Sorensen, et al. Tools for Operations Preparation and Automation: The OPSWARE Approach; F. Lecouat, D. Jean-Michel. The SCOS II Mimics System, an Advanced Display facility for Mission Control Systems; A. Baldi, M. Freschi. Session 9: Development Tools (DT). Introduction to ROCSAT-3 Program; C.W. Liu. A Cost Saving Project: Adapting a Modern Satellite Control System to Replace an Outdated Ground Support System (GSSS); N. Li. Spacecraft Attitude Control Law Design Using Low Cost PC Base Real-Time Simulator; Y.Y. Lin, et al. Rosetta Common Check-out and Control system: A challenge and a way to reduce cost; M. Warhaut, et al. Session 10: Mission Operations (MO). JPL''s Approach to Low Cost Mission Operations &endash; Overview; R.K. Wilson. Tasking System for an Episodic Spacecraft; R. Dragonette, A. Bowman. Onboard Spacecraft Software Maintenance &endash; An Effective Approach which Reduces Costs and Increases Science Return; E.M. Shell, et al. Lessons Learned During Implementation and Early Operations of the DS1 Beacon Monitor Experiment; R. Sherwood, et al. Reduce Cost by Combining the Bench Test Software, Integration and Test Software with the Mission Operations Software; M.I. Chu, W. Mitnick. Reducing Operations, Data Flow, and Cost &endash; The Relationships on One Program; G.E. Baer. Navigation Results From Prototype Components of an Automated Real-Time Spacecraft Navigation System; L.A. Cangahuala, T.R. Drain. ROC''s Space Ground system toward 21st Century; C.Y. Tsay. Satellite Communication Using a Novel Symmetric Cryptography Based Upon Chaotic Masking Scheme With HAAR Wavelets Approach; K. Hwang, et al. Index.