Regulation Of Photosynthesis by Eva-mari AroRegulation Of Photosynthesis by Eva-mari Aro

Regulation Of Photosynthesis

byEva-mari AroEditorB. Andersson

Paperback | October 3, 2013

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The progress in photosynthesis research has been transduction and expression of photosynthetic genes quite dramatic during the last two decades. The which occur both in the nuclear/cytosol compartment Nobel prizes awarded to Peter Mitchel (1978), to and in the chloroplast. Several chapters are devoted Johannes Deisenhofer, Hartmut Michel and Robert to the transcription machinery and the two plastid Huber (1988), to Rudolf Marcus (1992) and to Paul RNA-polymerase complexes, to the regulation of Boyer and John Walker (1997) have recognized- photosynthesis genes by redox signaling both in directly or indirectly-the structural or mechanistic chloroplasts and in the prokaryotic systems, as well discoveries related to the photosynthetic energy as to the sugar sensing mechanisms. Chapters also conversion. Actually, photosynthesis may be the first cover important regulatory aspects imposed by po- biological process described, not only in molecular transcriptional modifications and degradation of terms, but even in atomic terms. mRNA molecules, and the translational regulation Much of the excitement around photosynthesis is mechanisms operating in chloroplasts. based upon the connection between light and life. Part III-Biogenesis, turnover and senescence- is closely connected to the question of regulation. Light is an elusive 'substrate' that cannot be handled The chapters included emphasize how the c- in the same way as conventional chemical substrates plicated membrane structures, composed of both in biological metabolic reactions.
Title:Regulation Of PhotosynthesisFormat:PaperbackDimensions:613 pagesPublished:October 3, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Editorial. Preface. Color Plates. Part I: Evolution, Complexity and Regulation of Photosynthetic Structures. 1. Thylakoid Biogenesis and Dynamics: The Result of a Complex Phylogenetic Puzzle; R.G. Herrmann, P. Westhoff. Part II: Gene Expression and Signal Transduction. 2. Plastic RNA Polymerases in Higher Plants; K. Liere, P. Maliga. 3. Phytochrome and Regulation of Photosynthetic Gene Expression; M. Malakhov, C. Bowler. 4. Regulating Synthesis of the Purple Bacterial Photosystem; C.E. Bauer. 5. Redox Regulation of Photosynthetic Genes; G. Link. 6. Sugar Sensing and Regulation of Photosynthetic Carbon Metabolism; U. Sonnewald. 7. Editing, Polyadenylation and Degradation of mRNA in the Chloroplast; G. Schuster, R. Bock. 8. Regulation of Chloroplast Translation; A. Somanchi, S.P. Mayfield. Part III: Biogenesis, Turnover and Senescence. 9. Proteins Involved in Biogenesis of the Thylakoid Membrane; K.J. van Wijk. 10. Peptidyl-Prolyl Isomerases and Regulation of Photosynthetic Functions; A.V. Vener. 11. Role of the Plastid Envelope in the Biogenesis of Chloroplast Lipids; M.A. Block, et al. 12. Pigment Assembly - Transport and Ligation; H. Paulsen. 13. Chlorophyll Biosynthesis - Metabolism and Strategies of Higher Plants to Avoid Photooxidative Stress; K. Apel. 14. Transport of Metals: A Key Process in Oxygenic Photosynthesis; H. Pakrasi, et al. 15. Chloroplast Proteases and Their Role in Photosynthesis Regulation; Z. Adam. 16. Senescence and Cell Death in Plant Development: Chloroplast Senescence and its Regulation; P. Matile. Part IV: Regulation of Carbon Metabolism. 17. Dynamics of Photosynthetic CO2 Fixation: Control, Regulation and Productivity; S. Gutteridge, D.B. Jordan. 18. Chloroplastic Carbonic Anhydrases; G. Samuelsson, J. Karlsson. 19. Thioredoxin and Glutaredoxin: General Aspects and Involvement in Redox Regulation; A. Holmgren. 20. The Structure and Function of the Ferredoxin/Thioredoxin System in Photosynthesis; P. Schürmann, B.B. Buchanan. 21. Reversible Phosphorylation in the Regulation of Photosynthetic Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase in C4 Plants; J. Vidal, et al. Part V: Acclimation and Stress Responses. 22. Photodamage and D1 Protein Turnover in Photosystem II; B. Andersson, E.-M. Aro. 23. Phosphorylation of Photosystem II Proteins; E. Rintamäki, E.-M. Aro. 24. Novel Aspects on the Regulation of Thylakoid Protein Phosphorylation; I. Ohad, et al. 25. Enzymes and Mechanisms for Violaxanthin-Zeaxanthin Conversion; M. Eskling, et al. 26. The PsbS Protein: A Cab-Protein with a Function of Its Own; C. Funk. 27. Redox Sensing of Photooxidative Stress and Acclimatory Mechanisms in Plants; S. Karpinski, et al. 28. The Elip Family of Stress Proteins in the Thylakoid Membranes of Pro- and Eukaryota; I. Adamska. 29. Regulation, Inhibition and Protection of Photosystem I; Y. Hihara, K. Sonoike. 30. Regulation of Photosynthetic Electron Transport; P.J. Nixon, C.W. Mullineaux

Editorial Reviews

'I was favorably impressed with the Regulation of Photosynthesis. The chapters are well-written and should be understandable to a broad audience; it will be an invaluable resource in graduate courses.'
Plant Science,162 (2002)