Relativity and Gravitation: 100 Years after Einstein in Prague by Ji BiRelativity and Gravitation: 100 Years after Einstein in Prague by Ji Bi

Relativity and Gravitation: 100 Years after Einstein in Prague

byJi BiEditorTomá Ledvinka

Hardcover | July 1, 2014

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In early April 1911 Albert Einstein arrived in Prague to become full professor of theoretical physics at the German part of Charles University. It was there, for the first time, that he concentrated primarily on the problem of gravitation. Before he left Prague in July 1912 he had submitted the paper "Relativität und Gravitation: Erwiderung auf eine Bemerkung von M. Abraham" in which he remarkably anticipated what a future theory of gravity should look like.

At the occasion of the Einstein-in-Prague centenary an international meeting was organized under a title inspired by Einstein's last paper from the Prague period: "Relativity and Gravitation, 100 Years after Einstein in Prague". The main topics of the conference included: classical relativity, numerical relativity, relativistic astrophysics and cosmology, quantum gravity, experimental aspects of gravitation and conceptual and historical issues.

The conference attracted over 200 scientists from 31 countries, among them a number of leading experts in the field of general relativity and its applications. This volume includes abstracts of the plenary talks and full texts of contributed talks and articles based on the posters presented at the conference. These describe primarily original results of the authors. Full texts of the plenary talks are included in the volume "General Relativity, Cosmology and Astrophysics--Perspectives 100 Years after Einstein in Prague", eds. J. BiÄák and T. Ledvinka, published also

by Springer Verlag.

Title:Relativity and Gravitation: 100 Years after Einstein in PragueFormat:HardcoverDimensions:590 pagesPublished:July 1, 2014Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Exact Hairy Black Holes.- Black hole formation from a complete past for the Einstein-Vlasov system.- How to measure deviation from the Kerr initial data: recent progress.- From `nothing' to inflation and back again.- Phenomenology of Quantum Gravity and its Possible Role in Neutrino Anomalies.- Hidden Symmetries of the Dirac equation in curved space-time.- A cosmological concordance model with particle creation.- Geometrostatics: the geometry of static space-times.- Quasinormal modes from a naked singularity.- Loop Quantum Cosmology: Anisotropy and singularity resolution.- Tracing a relativistic Milky Way within the RAMOD measurement protocol.- The gravitational equation in higher dimensions.- Scalar fields on anti-de Sitter background.- Canonical superenergy tensors in general relativity: a reappraisal.- Spontaneous breaking of Lorentz symmetry for canonical gravity.- Tensor operators in loop quantum gravity.- The transfer matrix in four-dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations.- Source integrals of asymptotic multiple moments.- Geodesic equations and algebro-geometric methods.- Illusory horizons, thermodynamics, and holography inside black holes.- Is there a flatness problem in classical cosmology?, Phillip Helbig.- Plane gravitational waves and flat space in loop quantum gravity.- Unruh-DeWitt detector on the BTZ black hole.- 2.5PN kick from black-hole binaries in circular orbit: Nonspinning case.- Quantum singularities in conformally static spacetimes.- Regular and Chaotic Motion in General Relativity: The Case of a Massive Magnetic Dipole.- Shape Dynamics.- On the observability of quantum-gravitational effects in the Cosmic Microwave Background.- The fitting problem in a lattice Universe.- Non-Linear Effects in Non-Kerr spacetimes.- The conformal Einstein field equations for trace-free perfect fluids.- Canonical Gravity, Non-Inertial Frames, Relativistic Metrology and Dark Matter.- Gravomagnetic Solenoids.- Hair of astrophysical black holes.- Exact dynamical AdS black holes and wormholes with a Klein-Gordon field.- Granularity in Physical Angle: Observability in Scattering Experiments.- Backreaction effects on the luminosity-redshift relation in inhomogeneous cosmology.- Signature change in loop quantum cosmology.- A reference for the covariant Hamiltonian boundary term.- Gravitomagnetism: From Einstein's 1912 paper to the satellites LAGEOS and Gravity Probe B.- Geodesic deviation in Kundt spacetimes of any dimension.- On a five-dimensional version of the Goldberg-Sachs theorem.- Superradiance or total reflection?.- Evolution of the Einstein equations to future null infinity.- Probability distributions for quantum stress tensors in two and four dimensions.- Cosmology in f(R) exponential gravity.- Increase of black hole entropy in Lanczos-Lovelock gravity.- On the stability operator for MOTS and the `core' of Black Holes.- The twin paradox in static spacetimes and Jacobi fields.- Scalar averaging in Szekeres models.- On the interplay between radial and angular reflection emissivity from the black hole accretion disc.- A class of conformal curves on spherically symmetric spacetimes.- Black hole collisions in asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes.- Quantum fields in gravity.- Classical and Quantum Scattering in Impulsive Backgrounds.- Critical-Curve Topologies of Triple Gravitational Lenses.- Exotic (dark) eigenspinors of the charge conjugation operator and cosmological applications.- Modified gravity theories and dark matter models tested by galactic rotation curves.- Probing the Spacetime structure through dynamics.- Coupling Dimers to CDT to obtain higher order multicritical behavior.- Analytical conformal compactification of Schwarzschild spacetime.- Phase structure of five dimensional black di-ring.- Effective Vacuum Bianchi IX in Loop Quantum Cosmology.- Averaging inside the LRS family.- Variations on spacetimes with boost-rotation symmetry.- The null geodesics in the Black Saturn spacetime.- On the effects of rotating gravitational waves.- Conformal Symmetries on the Horizon and Black Hole Entropy in Generic Dimensions.- Electric and magnetic Weyl tensors in higher dimensions.- Finsler spacetimes and gravity.- Effect of magnetic fields on equatorial circular orbits in Kerr spacetimes.- Lagrangian analysis of `trivial' symmetries in models of gravity.- Quasi-normal frequencies, horizon area spectra and multi-horizon spacetimes.- On Motion of the Magellanic Clouds in the Milky Way gravitational field.- Geodesic chaos in perturbed black-hole fields.- A sheet of graphene -quantum field in a discrete curved space.- Gravitational waveforms for black hole binaries with unequal masses.- Solutions in the 2+1 null surface formulation.- Asymptotically AdS spacetimes and isometric embeddings.

Editorial Reviews

"The book is divided into four parts, with talks and posters on classical general relativity, cosmology and relativistic astrophysics, and on quantum fields and quantum gravity. . Leafing through the volume one encounters also here a couple of nice papers with a historical flavour that are well worth reading. . the volume is a pleasant and rewarding experience . ." (CQG+, Classical and Quantum Gravity,, September, 2015)"There will probably be many books, both conference proceedings and others, appearing soon . . This volume is one of the first, and sets a high standard. . covers current research in the field, shown to be very much alive, and as such is a good starting point for those wanting to know what is happening in the now very broad field of General Relativity." (Phillip Helbig, The Observatory, Vol. 134 (1243), December, 2014)