Remote Viewing the ISIS Apocalypse and other 21st Century Events by Washington Remote Viewing Group

Remote Viewing the ISIS Apocalypse and other 21st Century Events

byWashington Remote Viewing Group

Kobo ebook | January 22, 2016

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In the 21st century, ISIS will unleash several apocalyptic atrocities that will make 9/11 look like a Sunday picnic. These events will apparently happen despite the efforts of agencies such as the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI-5, MI-6 and the Department of Homeland Security. 

Remote viewing is the telepathic psychic ability to see future, past and present events, objects, people and situations. All Remote Viewers in the Washington Remote Viewing Group use the double-blind Remote Viewing technique. This ensures valid predictions. No front loading is used. To understand more about Remote Viewing, you might like to read the excellent book Mind Trek by Joseph McMoneagle. 

In some ways Remote Viewing may be considered prophesying however it is conducted using scientifically verifiable methods which came out of the US Army’s multi-million dollar Star Gate Remote Viewing program. 

This book outlines some of the viewed atrocities. As a bonus it also includes other viewed events and startling predictions such as natural disasters and events related to space and UFOs. 

The events described in this book are not intended to cause alarm. On the contrary they may be used to help authorities prevent such incidents from ever happening, or to investigate such incidents, because it is possible to change the future through our actions today. 


Cataclysmic Atrocities 
ISIS Nuclear Suicide Ship detonates near New York 
ISIS piloted passenger aircraft strikes the Freedom Tower 
ISIS acquires several nuclear devices from a rogue nation 
ISIS acquires a genetically engineered avian flu virus 
ISIS acquires sarin and genetically enhanced nerve gas 
The era of the ISIS Lone Wolf 
North Korea weaponizes an H-Bomb warhead on an ICBM 
Iran develops a nuclear bomb in a secret underground facility 
Natural Catastrophes 
Two large asteroids slam in to the Earth 
Los Angeles slides in to the ocean 
Earth shifts on its axis 
Yellowstone Super volcano erupts 
Pacific Islands sink beneath the waves 
Europe will enter an ice age 
Earth’s magnetic field flips 
The Sun’s “kill shot” solar flare 
Mars landing 
NASA admits moon landing cover up 
New planet Nibiru discovered 
Eta Carina goes Supernova 
Earth 2.0 is discovered 
NASA Europa probe discovers life in ocean 
Worm hole near Venus 
Disclosure of UFOs 
SETI Contact 
Ancient moon base discovered 
Medical breakthroughs 
Human cloning 
Elvis and Einstein cloned 
Woolly Mammoth and Dinosaurs cloned 
Cancer cured 

Washington Remote Viewing Group 
Washington DC

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